Sunday, February 27, 2011

A10 Bracket as of 2/27/2011...

1. Xavier
would play the winner of
9. St. Bonaventure at 8. Dayton

2. Temple
would play the winner of
10. LaSalle at 7. UMASS

3. Richmond
would play the winner of
11. St. Louis at 6. George Washington

4. Rhode Island
would play the winner of
12. St. Joseph's at 5. Duquesne

Friday, February 25, 2011

8 for Saturday......

Eight big games for Saturday.  Also, standings below, everyone has been pretty ice cold lately, time to pick it up, next to last regular season weekend here, then the fun begins.

Syracuse at Georgetown (-1)
Georgetown to cover.  I know Chris Wright is out, but G'town needs a big win and I don't like Syracuse.  I think Syracuse has proven me wrong about four straight times but I don't care.

Missouri at Kansas State (-4)
Missouri can't win on the road and Kansas State is pretty hot right now.  Not sure if K State will blow them out or not but I think they will cover.

Wichita State at Missouri State (-1)
Big game in the MVC.  Mizzou State to win, don't know much about them, just know they are both good.

BYU at San Diego State (-3.5)
Must watch game.  Jimmer at SDSU, rematch.  I think SDSU holds its own at home.

St. John's at Villanova (-6.5)
St. John's to cover.  Not sure if they'll win but I think they'll keep it closer than seven.

Arizona at UCLA (-1)
UCLA at home.  Use to love to watch this game back in the day.  Bibby, Simon, Terry, Dickerson and the likes vs. Baron, Watson, Bailey, Gadzuric and the likes.  Fun one.

Florida at Kentucky (-8)
Florida plays solid enough to not get blown out.  Florida to cover, still don't like them though.

Duke at Virginia Tech (+4.5)
Delaney and Jones are ballers, they can score it up.  I think they cover this game.  Might not win, but it'll be close, it has to be.

Feel good about those, that has 7-1 written all over it. 

Now for the Standings...

Nagel (52-44)  54.2%
Klose (46-39)  54.1%
Neil (30-32)  48.4%
Curt (51-55)  48.1%
Fiser (6-7)  46.2%
Jason (9-11)  45%
Thobe (4-5)  44.4%
Scotty (3-4)  42.9%
Haley (10-14)  41.7%

Thursday, February 24, 2011

Reds Update

Some Reds notes....

First, this Gomes thing is stupid.  I don't believe he was "singing" about Wainwright being out.  No one would do that.  And you know what, if he did, who cares?  What is said in the clubhouse shouldn't leave the clubhouse.  This is the second time Hal McCoy has reported something like that.  The last time was with Phillips last year talking about the Cardinals.  Is he trying to tick off the players?

Second, first game is finally Sunday.  Can't wait.  Time for the real players to seperate from the minor leaguers.  I like the Volquez, Arroyo, Cueto, Bailey, Wood look right now.  I don't see Leake making the rotation.  Not now, Wood I believe is too good and deserves the spot.  That's why they have Spring Training though.

Here is my pitching staff as of now...

Volquez, Cueto, Arroyo, Wood, and Bailey
Righty Relievers
Masset, Cordero, Arredondo, Ondrusek
Lefty Relievers
Chapman, Bray, Maloney

Willis, Leake, Burton on the outside looking in.  For now of course.

Gomes, Lewis, Stubbs, Bruce

Hermida probably won't make the team, he should, but he won't.  I don't think Heisey will start up in the majors either.  Cairo can play the fifth outfielder in case of emergency.

Rolen, Francisco, Renteria, Janish, Phillips, Cairo, Votto

Valaika will probably stay in AAA, so will Alonso, no reason for them to just sit the bench.

Hernandez and Hanigan

Mesoraco will be waiting for the first inevitable injury.

There's your 25 man roster, as of February 24th.  I'm sure I probably forgot someone and will look stupid when you point it out, but that's who I have right now.  Stay healthy everyone.  Go Reds.


Early MVP Predictions....

To me, the number one candidate for MVP in the AL this season is Evan Longoria.  He is poised to have a big year this year for the Rays.  With Carl Crawford, Carlos Pena, and Matt Garza gone, Longoria is now the face of the franchise.  He needs to put this team on his back and get them back to the playoffs.  He had a big start last year to the season but then tailed off.  The goal this year will be to stay consistent throughout the season.  With the addition of Manny hitting behind him in the lineup and Damon to be a true leadoff hitter, Longoria should have plenty of RBI opportunities.  Another big help will be a healthy BJ Upton.  If Upton can play well at the top of the lineup, Longoria’s numbers could benefit immensely.  Evan showed up in camp with ten extra pounds of muscle.  Hopefully this will help with his power numbers and allow him to battle for the Triple Crown.  Helping his cause will be the fact that he gets to play in a hitter’s park along with other hitter friendly parks in the AL East.  Longoria will definitely have the chance to shine this year, and I think he will rise to the challenge and win the MVP.
In the NL this year, I see the MVP trophy going to a breakout star in Andre Ethier.  Ethier has all the talent to have an outstanding year.  He hits for doubles, power, and average.  Last year he was on his way to putting up MVP numbers until he suffered an injury to his pinky finger.  He admitted he came back too early and just never got his sweet swing back.  This year he is ready to breakout on a team that is ready to breakout.  When the Dodgers get back to the playoffs it will be because of Ethier's season.  Ethier absolutely dominates righties, in a righty heavy league, he will feast on them.  He is getting better at hitting lefties and maybe this is the year he really gets it.  The NL West has a lot of young inexperienced pitching, besides the Giants, and he should be able to take advantage of playing over 50 games against those hurlers.  Ethier will also benefit from playing in the spacious Dodger Stadium.  The huge alleys will certain help his RBI numbers.  Andre should also benefit from some really good hitting protection.  Kemp, Loney, and Furcal have been putting up steady numbers the last few years and should continue to get on base in front of Ethier.  This is the year Andre Ethier becomes one of the best hitters in the league, and shows he is one of the most difficult matchups in all of baseball. 


Georgia at Florida (-6)
Georgia to cover.

Marquette at UCONN (-5)
Marquette to cover but lose, and finally get them off the freaking bubble.  If you don't win, you can't make the tourney, I don't care how many close games you have played.

West Virginia at Pittsburgh (-7.5)
WVU to cover, and possibly win.

Arizona at USC (-1)
Arizona is an underdog??  Why?  I'll take them to win by ten at least.

Wednesday, February 23, 2011


You can't beat the number one team in the nation if you have 8 turnovers in the first half and go 1-5 from the free throw line.  If you are going to pull the upset you cannot do those things.  Then add to the fact that the guy that is always open is Jefferson who has zero offensive skills at all.  I have to imagine that was Duke's plan.  Second half, either Temple plays this down to the wire, or loses by 22.

Ramone Moore

Put him back in the game.  It doesn't matter if he has two fouls.  If you wait until later, they'll be down by 20 and it won't matter how many freaking fouls he has.  Cmon now.

Nolan Smith

I officially hate him.  You aren't allowed to touch him at all or it is a foul.  And he can have his hand on you the whole time, which I'm pretty sure is a violation.  And then of course when he gets called for a foul, he can't believe it.  Amazing.

Wednesday's Spreads...

Throw six of them out there today.  Give everyone a chance to make a move...

Wisconsin at Michigan (+4)
Wisconsin to win and cover.  They look good every time I watch them and Michigan just doesn't have enough.

Temple at Duke (-13.5)
Temple is missing their starting center, their starting small forward, and they are going to play seven guys at the most.  I see them losing by 13.

Kentucy at Arkansas (+6.5)
Arkansas to cover.  Kentucky doesn't play well on the road.

Purdue at Indiana (+5)
Indiana to cover.  Tough road game for Purdue.

Cincinnati at Georgetown (-6.5)
Georgetown to win and cover.  No confidence in Cincy.  They are going to have a freefall and it starts tonight.

Kansas State at Nebraska (-1.5)
Nebraska is on fire.  They will win and cover.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Spreads for the Night...

A few good games tonight, not really good games but they have some significance.

Illinois at Ohio State (-10.5)
Illinois to cover.  I really really doubt they win, but I could see an 8 point game or something like that.  Other than Ohio State, Wisconsin, and Purdue, the Big Ten is super weak.  They'll probably get another team in or two, but I wish they wouldn't.

Tennessee at Vanderbilt (-5.5)
Same goes with the SEC.  A few of these teams just aren't good, and I include Tennessee in there.  This might be a close game, but Vandy shoots free throws very well.  I see them making some at the end and covering the spread.

Michigan State at Minnesota (-2.5)
Michigan State to cover.  Both of these teams are not good, but someone has to win.

Reds spring update coming tonight....

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Quick Weekend Thoughts....

Some thoughts on this week....

1.  Lots of top teams going down in college basketball.  1, 2, 3, 4, and 6 ranked teams all lose, any many more in the rankings also lost.  This might be one of the most unpredictable tourneys ever.  I think those top teams are clearly better than most teams so it's not like its all even.  But those mid tier teams are good enough to beat anyone, so who knows what is going to happen.  I would vote Pitt back into the top spot for this week.  Good chance six teams will get votes to be ranked number 1.  Crazy.

2.  Nice All-Star weekend.  Dunk contest has become a little bit of a joke if you ask me.  I mean, it's fun, but the whole idea where you miss your dunk five times and then do it and still get a 48 is just wrong.  You should get three chances or something like that, it can't go on for a whole two minutes, it totally ruins it.  Blake's car dunk was sweet, dunk wasn't that great but the show was awesome.  Writing this with a little time left, but I'm pretty sure Kobe is going to get his fourth All Star Game MVP. 

3.  Another interesting week in the A-10.  Looks like the four byes are pretty much set.  Doubt anyone will catch Xavier, Temple, Richmond, and Duquesne.  I'm calling a win out for the Flyers.  I think they'll beat Xavier next weekend.  I hope they do, it'll give Temple a chance to tie for the title.  Rhode Island all of a sudden looks good and then loses to UMASS.  God they suck, Rhodey chokes every single year, its hilarious.

4.  The Daytona 500 was today and I'm pretty sure no one really cares.  I try to care, I really do.  It's just impossible, it is so boring and so lame.  I'm done with that "sport", forever.

5.  In the world of Sports Entertainment, an awesome thing happened this week.  The Rock returned to WWE.  Been seven years since he last was a part of it.  He did all his patented catch phrases.  The crowd went insane.  I always said, if I was in the arena when the Rock came back, I'd faint.  Good thing I wasnt there, I think I had to wipe away a tear or two.  That doesn't make me a loser does it?  The best phrase was this....Finally the Rock has come back, to Anaheim, which means, Finally the Rock has come back, to Monday Night Raw, which means, Finally the Rock has come back..........home.

6.  Quick Temple take again.  Awesome win against St. Joes today.  It was a hypothetical funeral.  It was the funeral of the St. Joe's hawk.  The students all dressed in black and had shirts on that read, RIP the Hawk.  They passed a coffin down the rows and tried to give it to the Hawk mascot that doesn't stop waving it's wings.  They had a moment of silence for the students and players of St. Joe's that have gone through their pathetic school.  Michael Eric is done for the year, no center.  Scootie Randall has a broken bone in his foot, should be back, but still.  Had to start a freshman and only played seven people today.  At Duke on Wednesday, it is going to get ugly.  Special recognition to Lavoy Allen.  With 12 rebounds he becomes the all time rebound leader in Temple history.  Congrats.

7.  Quick standings for our pickem game....

Klose 56%
Nagel 55%
Curt 52%
Neil 47%
Fiser 46%
Thobe 44%
Scotty 43%
Jason 39%
Haley 33%

8.  Events coming up that need to be mentioned.

21 days until Selection Sunday.
24 days until Vegas time and March Madness
39 days until Opening Day
41 days until the wedding.
49 days until Masters Sunday

Saturday, February 19, 2011

All Star Saturday Night...

My guesses....

Dunk Champion: Blake Griffin
3 Point Champion: Dorrell Wright
Skills Challenge : CP3

Sundays Hall of Fame Induction....

Probably not what you were thinking, but Temple is inducting three players into their Hall of Fame on Sunday at their home game against St. Joes.  Eddie Jones, Aaron McKie, and Rick Brunson will be inducted.  Those guys are the reason I love Temple.  Heck, I even have two Eddie Jones jerseys and am a Laker fan just because he was drafted there.  I can still remember watching at noon every Saturday as they would destroy teams at little McGonigle Hall.  I remember telling Gruebmeyer how awesome they were and he thought I was an idiot, ha.  These three guys deserve it and I for one wish I could be there to see the induction.  Oh well, congrats.  Go Owls.


Friday, February 18, 2011

Saturday's Spreads.....

Duquesne at Dayton (+2.5)
Dayton to win.  For some reason I see them winning out and getting on the bubble with a chance.  Probably will be wrong but I think they win this game at home.

Pittsburgh at St. John's (+3.5)
St. John's to win.  They're hot right now.  Pitt has to lose soon, they'll lose this one, or at least not win by more than three.

Georgia at Tennessee (-4)
Tennessee to win and cover.  Georgia is slumping and doesn't have as much talent.

Notre Dame at West Virginia (-3.5)
Notre Dame to cover.  They may not win but they'll keep it close.  West Virginia can't score enough to win by more than three.

Washington at Arizona (-2.5)
Arizona to win and cover.  They are hot and rolling right now.  Washington is neither.

Illinois at Michigan State (-2.5)
Michigan State to win and cover.  Both teams suck but Illinois is really bad.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Temple Take

Big win tonight at home against Richmond.  Smacked them by 20.  That is 20 straight home wins and 20 wins this year.  Second place alone in the A10 standings.  Bad note though, Michael Eric is done for the year with a busted kneecap.  He was the starting center.  I like the way they look though without the center.  Just four guards and Lavoy Allen in the paint.  Fernandez finally is playing well after his injury woes, Scootie is on fire, and Ramone Moore is a scoring machine.  Bring Wyatt off the bench and they are looking really good.  Wyatt right now is the front runner for sixth man of the year in the A10.  Couple tough conference road games remain, at UMASS and at GW.  Both should be wins but you never know with college kids.  The last big game before the tourney starts is next Wednesday at Duke.  Well placed non conference game.  I think Temple will get rolled, but if they get hot and play Duke's guards well, you never know.  Obviously they won't get a call so it'll have to be the game of their lives. 

C'mon Dayton, beat Xavier at home so that Temple can have a chance at the regular season title.  Either way, the tourney should be good again.  No one on Temple's roster has ever lost an A10 tourney game, probably will stay that way this year. 


Thursdays Spreads...

Spurs at Bulls (-1.5)
Bulls to cover.  Spurs are really going to start taking their foot off the pedal.  They have nothing to play for with a nine game lead over the second best team in the West.  Spurs will have home court all playoffs.

Richmond at Temple (-6.5)
Temple to cover.  Big game, at home.  19 game home winning streak.  I think they come out and play well.  Probably not a blowout or anything, but they'll get some free throws at the end and push it over 7.

Washington State at Arizona (-8.5)
Arizona to cover.  This team is looking really good.  They keep winning and they could pull a three seed out in the tourney.

Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Wednesday Nights Spreads.....

Georgetown at UCONN (-2.5)
Definitely taking G'town.  They have won 8 straight and UCONN is struggling.  It's a big game so UCONN might come out and play better but I still G'town winning this or at least covering the spread.

Wisconsin at Purdue (-4.5)
Wisconsin is the better team and should make a deeper run in the tourney, but they aren't that great on the road.  I'll still take Wisky to cover, but I don't think they win this game.

Louisville at Cincinnati (-1)
Kind of a must win for Cincy.  They have to finish with an above .500 record to get to the dance, but I don't see them getting this one.  Louisville to win quite comfortably.

Vanderbilt at Georgia (-3)
Another game where I would say Vandy is for sure the better team but I don't see them winning this one.  Georgia to cover.

Dayton at Charlotte (+2.5)
Dayton to win and cover.  They have to win a game eventually right?  RIGHT?!?!?!


Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Buckeyes Game

How fun was that ending?  Spread was OSU by 12.  Up 12 with forty ticks to go.  Try to give Diebler a three, blocked, kick out to a wide open white boy with three seconds to go, slips, lays it up, and it falls in, cuts it to ten, MSU covers. HA.  Nice.  Glad I didn't have any money on that game.

Spreads for the Night...

George Mason at Virginia Commonwealth (-1)
VCU to win.  Big game in the CAA.  These teams need a win to become a lock and not be on the bubble.

Maryland at Virginia Tech (-4)
Va Tech to cover.  Maryland just isn't good and Virginia Tech has a couple of good guards that can fill it up.

St. Johns at Marquette (-6)
St. John's to cover.  I'm not so sure they'll win but they won't get blown out.  This Johnson-Odom guy for Marquette is the real deal though, check him out.

Michigan State at Ohio State (-12)
MSU to cover.  I don't think OSU will be up for this game.  Definitely won't lose, but I don't think it will be a massacre or anything.

Monday, February 14, 2011

Kansas Goes Down

That didn't last long.  Kansas goes down.  Texas will be number one next week if they don't lose.  This is going to be a great year for college basketball, absolutely zero dominant teams.  Only thing is, there really aren't any great mid majors either.  It'll be a really fun tourney.  Maybe a team like BYU or something can get hot and get to the Final Four.  Otherwise here is my Final Four on February 14th....

1.  Ohio State.  Good shooting, post play, and defense, I think they'll be there.

2.  Wisconsin.  Same things.  They have shooters, big guys, don't miss free throws, play tough.  I see them getting there also.

3.  Georgetown.  Playing really well right now and just going to get better.  They play tough and I think they will wax the weaker schools.

4.  Arizona.  This is my reach team.  I think they are good, but who knows, they might not be.  Some team always gets hot and makes it right?  This my choice six weeks early.

Sunday, February 13, 2011

Weekend Notes...

Thoughts on the weekend ending February 13th....

1.  Nice Temple win over Dayton.  Not one senior touched the floor since Lavoy Allen was out.  Good view of things to come next year.  Temple has scorers, big men, guys that play D, and great ball handling.  They aren't that great this year so I don't expect a deep run in the tourney or anything, but they can handle bad teams no problem.  I believe they will win the A10 tourney again.  Big game next week against Richmond and then Duke the week after.  19 straight home game win streak on the line next week.

2.  Wisconsin looked pretty freaking good with that win over Ohio State.  Did I hear a Diebler swallows chant?  I hope that is what I was hearing.  Ohio State looked good too though, not really taking anything away from them.  The announcer said it best though, Wisconsin definitely has the look of a Final Four team.  Carrot Top had some big plays, and their only black guy carried them.

3.  Here is how I would rank the Top Ten to come out on Monday.  This is NOT how it will be, but this is my top ten....1 Ohio State, 2 Texas, 3 Kansas, 4 Pittsburgh, 5 Duke, 6 Notre Dame, 7 SDSU, 8 Georgetown, 9 BYU, 10 Wisconsin.  I know Kansas has only one loss, but they lost at home to Texas, I think Texas should be ranked ahead of them.  OSU still looks the best to me, I would leave them at one.  Notre Dame looks really good, I move them ahead of the Mountain West teams.  The Wisconsin win has to get them in the Top Ten.

4.  Brandon Klose rocked a nice 8-0 on Saturday in the spreads pickem.   If he would have put 10 bucks on that in Vegas he would have won a nice $2.762.73 for his troubles.  That would have meant a pretty sweet night on the strip I have a feeling.  Channel your next big hit like that for Friday night in Vegas, thanks.  Here are our standings as of now...
Fiser 63%
Klose 55%
Nagel 54%
Curt 51%
Neil 47%
Thobe 44%
Scotty 43%
Haley 42%

5.  Edinson Volquez told ESPN that he turned down a longer deal with the Reds.  They were offering him four years just like Cueto but he decided he wanted just a one year deal.  I like this because he wants to have a great year, then sign long term for more money.  Nothing wrong with having a cocky professional trying to have a great year for more money.  That's the best motivation you can ask for.

6.  A couple big NBA games today.  Heat go down to the Celtics, they just cannot beat them.  Celtics retake the best record in the East and I think they'll continue that and the East will have to go through them.  Magic handle the Lakers.  Not really a big deal, Lakers are playing well, that was the fourth game on a seven game road trip, you'll have off nights.  I like hearing Chris Paul, Deron Williams, and Dwight Howard will all be free agents next summer, the next two years will be interesting.

7.  I am going to say that Tiger Woods will not win this year.  He can't make clutch putts anymore.  It's almost like all of his luck has run out.  The dude is probably the greatest golfer ever so I'm not saying he is lucky, but how many teams during his domination did he have putts fall that no one would ever make?  And shots bounce right at the pin, and just other wacky stuff like that.  That stuff isn't happening now and there are too many other good golfers.  I'm calling another Ofer for him.

8.  Anyone doing the Streak for the Cash?  I love this game.  You just pick games daily and try to create a streak.  The longest streak for each month wins 50 grand.  Doesn't cost anything.  How could you not do it?  I had a 12 game streak going last month, it was sweet.  Start doing this and let me know where you stand.

9.  This NFL labor thing is going to get really bad.  I didn't believe that they would actually lockout, but now it looks inevitable.  I'm just wondering how long it will go.  I'm guessing it will get done after the first preseason game or second preseason game.  I don't think any regular season games will be missed, but who knows.  Right now there is no sense of urgency so no one is willing to negotiate.

10.  For all you Jersey Shore watchers, I'm glad that bitch Sammi left.  She has to be the worst person I have ever not met.  I am starting to think she is just a really good actor, because no one could be that big of a piece of shit, no one.  Does she not realize how awful she is?  Just listen to her talk, she twists everything that is said into a whoa is me type thing.  Why do you do this to me?  I dont deserve this.  Blah blah blah blah. It's pathetic.  God I hate her.

11.  Haley and I watched Just Go With It Saturday night.  You know, the new movie with Adam Sandler and Jennifer Aniston.  It was pretty good, I've always been a big fan of Sandler so I knew I would like it.  Brooklyn Decker is in it.  Of course she is hot, but there is just something about her that doesn't make her drop dead gorgeous or anything.  I would recommend seeing it if you needed to go watch a chic flick.  Aniston looks good for being so old.  She's probably older than Schellhause. 

12.  Four weeks until Selection Sunday.  Three days until pitchers and catchers report.  32 days until we leave for Vegas and March Madness begins.  46 days until Opening Day.  Eight weeks until the Masters.  And many many more things coming up, I love this time of year.


Friday, February 11, 2011

Saturday's Big Game Spreads....

8 big games on the horizon for Saturday.  Big day, let's rock.

Syracuse at Louisville (-2.5)
Zero, zip, nada faith in Syracuse.  I'll pick against them the rest of the year.  Louisville to cover.

North Carolina at Clemson (Even)
Clemson to win.  I think UNC is good but I think they'll lose this one on the road.

Kentucky at Vanderbilt (-1)
Vandy to win.  Great home team and I don't like Kentucky.

Temple at Dayton (+2.5)
Temple to cover.  They are due for a big win at UD, and this is the year to get it.

Ohio State at Wisconsin (-1.5)
Wisconsin to win, and cover.  I think OSU is really good, but it's just time the luck runs out.

Tennessee at Florida (-5.5)
Florida hater here, Tennessee to cover.

San Diego State at UNLV (Even)
UNLV to win, big upset in sin city.  This will catapult UNLV into the tourney so we can party with some locals in the first round in vegas.

Pittsburgh at Villanova (-3)
Pitt to win and cover.  They are tough and will handle 'nova.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 10th....

1.  How pumped are you for March Madness this year?  I love what the NCAA has done with the tourney.  Not so pumped up about the 68 teams, but everything else is awesome.  A.  They are showing games on four different channels now, so you're game cannot be interrupted by "regional" play.  Games will be shown on CBS, TNT, TBS, and TruTV.  B.  They have decided to stagger games so that there aren't games coming down to the end at the same time, so you shouldn't miss one.  How awesome is this?  You could have endings at 2:15, 2:45, and so on until midnight.  Are you kidding?  Insane.  C.  They will have primetime games on Sunday's.  Usually one Sunday they have all the games finished by like 6 at the latest, but now they'll save a few for 8 PM starts.  Again, awesome.  We'll look at this ten years from now and think, why in the hell did they ever do it the old way?

2.  Good win by the Lakers.  The player that impressed me the most was Lamar Odom.  He is bringing it this year.  The dude can rebound, shoot, slash, play D, everything.  If he was on any other team he would be a perennial all star.  He is the Scottie Pippen of Kobe.  Kobe also just took over in the fourth like only he can do. 

3.  Demaryius Thomas out with an achilles injury for 6-8 months.  The dude is a walking injury.  Who would have thought Tebow would be the best player out of that draft class?  Oh, and the NFL owners just walk out on the players?  This is going to get super ugly, and there is nothing we can do about it.



Alabama at Vanderbilt (-6.5)
I'll take Bama to cover.  They looked good when I watched them vs. Tennessee.  On the other hand, Tennessee looks bad.  We'll see I guess.

Illinois at Minnesota (-2.5)
Both of these teams are bad.  Home team to cover.

Lakers at Celtics (-2)
You all should watch this game.  NBA haters, watch it, it will be good.  I'll take the lakers to cover. They need to, they haven't beat anyone good this year.  This game means a lot to them compared to the Celtics. 

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 9th....

1.  Cmon Temple.  Up 37-12 on a team that is 0-36 in their last 36 A10 games and they cut the lead to 53-50 in the second half??????  Wow.  Dayton falls again, hopefully they'll lay down on Saturday.  I hope so.  Lavoy Allen might be out, left with a sprained ankle, I hope not, Temple has no other big men.

2.  Big Ten is a laugher again.  Second best team has to go to overtime to beat one of the worst teams.???? 

3.  Look, Duke won, they are good.  But it's amazing how when Duke gets on a run they can hack all they want on D and never ever get called for it.  And if you touch one of their guys, you better believe it's two shots or an and one.  Like I said, they are good and they play good D, but it's obvious how the refs swallow the whistle.  Nolan Smith is really good.   Heels may be a good team in the tourney with the size they have, Zeller and Henson can work the glass.  Heels just need one more good shooter to be a real threat.

Klose and I lay a nice 4-0 on ya bitches, ha.  That's what you get Haley for picking exactly the opposite as me.


Spreads for the Day

Louisville at Notre Dame (-5)
Notre Dame to cover.  They are playing pretty well, it'll be a close game but the outcome will be more than five.

Dayton at Rhode Island (-2.5)
Rhone Island to cover.  I actually think Dayton might win this game, but the way they play on the road, it would be stupid to put my fake money on Dayton on the road.

Georgetown at Syracuse (-5)
G'town to cover.  Syracuse is bad, I don't like them. 

UNC at Duke (-10)
I'll be rooting for the Heels but there is no way they win.  I'll give them the cover though.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 8th....

1.  CFL Stars win 21-4 to move to 2-0.  My coed softball league.

2.  Nice win by Xavier, good win for the A14.

3.  Lebron with a triple double.

Going to bed early.


Spreads for the Day....

Xavier at Georgia (-4.5)
Georgia to cover.  Xavier is going to start falling from the sky now I have a feeling.

Indiana at Purdue (-13.5)
Purdue to cover.

Tennessee at Kentucky (-8.5)
Tennessee to cover.  Don't really have a good feeling about Kentucky and this is Pearl's first game back.

Boston College at Clemson (-8.5)
BC to cover.  Not a fan of Clemson this year or any year.

4-0 today I have a feeling. 

Monday, February 7, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 7th.....

1.  Temple finally back in the rankings.  24th in the AP Poll.  This totally means they will lose at Dayton.  If they weren't ranked they would probably win, but this team has a work issue of some sorts.  Meaning they just don't work hard in certain games and they don't seem to care.  Dunphy never seems to care when they are losing either.  Ya, maybe he is just keeping his cool, but I think at times college kids need to see some kind of fire in their coach to get going.  We'll see if it happens.  Either way, we are probably looking at their fourth straight trip to the dance.

2.  8 Big East teams ranked in the top 25, amazing.  8-12 is all Big East.  Four mid major teams are ranked now and probably more to come.  We all know rankings mean nothing more than upping ratings for certain games.  In college football they obviously mean something, but in basketball it just doesn't matter. 

3.  NFL draft is in 75 days, cant wait.  If you want to read something to hold you over until the draft, read this story on the steelers fans and team, hilarious, and very very true.


Atlantic 10 Update

As of Monday February 7th....

Weird week last week in the A14.  Richmond, Dayton, and Temple were the only teams with a 2-0 week.  UMASS was finally exposed as a fraud, thought it would come quicker actually.  Losing to St. Louis and St. Joes?  Ouch.  Richmond continues to feast on the bottom of the league with wins over St. Joes and Fordham.  They have GW and St. Louis this week, could keep rolling.  Dayton will be either in the race or out of the race with a challenging week.  At Rhodey and home versus Temple for them.  Thoughts on a few games later.

Today in the bracket projections both had Richmond, Xavier, and Temple in the dance.  Temple at a 6 and 7 seed, Xavier at a 7 and 9 seed, and Richmond at a 11 and 12 seed.  Richmond is good enough to get some wins over the bottom of the league so they'll be in it all year until the end.  Temple should become a lock soon.  Xavier will make the dance but you can't be losing to Charlotte and then be down to St. Louis late in the second half.  Like I said, they'll make it but I could see them stumbling to a 10 seed or something. 

Oh, and Temple is ranked again, nice. Ranked 24/RV.

Standings with everyone done with 9 of the 16 league games...

Duquesne and Xavier  8-1
Temple and Richmond  7-2
UMASS, Dayton, Rhode Island, George Washington  5-4
St. Bonaventure  4-5
LaSalle and St. Louis  3-6
Charlotte  2-7
St. Joseph's  1-8
Fordham  0-9

Starting to seperate and the better teams are climbing to the top.  The top four right now really should be the top four at the end of the year getting the byes.  If not, I'd be surprised.  Temple is rolling.  They have ripped off four in a row and Randall and Wyatt are on fire.  Lavoy Allen has awakened and had double doubles in three of his last four games.  This team might be peaking at the right time, but some tough games are yet to come.

This week's big matchups.....

Richmond at George Washington (Wednesday)
This could be a loss by Richmond.  GW plays well at home and Richmond hasn't played a lot of competition lately.  Richmond loses this one and they are in trouble and would be out of all the bracket projections.

Dayton at Rhode Island (Wednesday)
Big game for both teams.  Both are close to the bubble, but need some big wins to put on their resume.  Dayton getting one of the road would be huge for them.  Rhode Island needs to keep racking up wins.  The way Dayton plays on the road makes me think they probably won't be able to win this game.

Temple at Dayton (Saturday)
Temple doesn't win at UD for some reason.  They always play it close but are always too far behind at the start.  They have been stroking it well lately and hopefully that keeps going.  I see Temple taking this and putting Dayton out of it for the year and leaving them in the dust.

George Washington at UMASS (Sunday)
A chance for both teams to really set themselves for the top half of the league.  Like I said, UMASS is a fraud, they suck.  I think GW wins this game gets two wins this week and moves to 7-4 in the league.

Xavier at Duquesne (Sunday)
Marquee matchup of the year so far.  Dukes don't lose at home, they make everything.  I see them taking this game and having a one game lead in the league.  The dominos then could move the Dukes into the bubble discussion.

See ya all next week.


Spreads of the Day

Only two good games today.  We'll mix it up for a few days.  Go with over/unders...

Pittsburgh at West Virginia (128)
I'll go under, and I'm not telling you why.

Missouri at Kansas (155)
I'll go under, because I don't think either team is that good and Kansas will probably blow out Mizzou and slow it down at the end.

Current Standings....

Fiser (5-3)  63%
Haley (5-3)  63%
Nagel (25-19)  57%
Neil (23-23)  50%
Klose (24-26)  48%
Curt (24-30)  44%
Scotty (3-4)  43%
Thobe (2-3)  40%

Funny that the totals from above are 111-111.  I guess that's why they are all coin flips.  50% accuracy.

A10 update and final three to come.


Sunday, February 6, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 6th......

1.  There is a God.  I hate the Steelers so much, I hate everything about them.  Right now there are only three teams that I would never ever root for under any circumstances.  Pittsburgh Steelers, San Diego Chargers, and St. Louis Cardinals.  When there is no football next year, just remember who the last team to lose was, the Steelers.  Good game by the Pack.  If the Packers don't drop those balls it's an absolute rout.  Aaron Rodgers is the man and has a heck of a future to look forward to.  And what's up with all the hate about the Black Eyed Peas?  If they weren't as good as you thought they would be, who cares?  I mean really, who cares?  It's a show, for entertainment, if you don't like it then that is fine, but it doesn't make you cool to hate on things.  Some people never cease to amaze me.

2.  Buckeyes remain undefeated.  They again looked unstoppable.  But again, let me say, the competition they are playing in the Big Ten is not exactly good.  Not good at all actually.  Other than Wisconsin, they have no teams ranked and really have no teams that are any kind of threats this year.  Michigan State is an embarrassment, who would have thought? 

3.  Five weeks from today is Selection Sunday, can't wait.



Tonight we find out if there is a God.  God wouldn't let the shitty Steelers win another Super Bowl, no way.  They don't have a good offensive line, don't have great cornerbacks, and don't have good seperation receivers.  They win by getting lucky and being opportunistic.  It all ends tonight.  I believe that the Packers were better than their record all year and just have way too much firepower indoors.  Their D line and linebackers will reek havoc on little Benjamin.  I actually see it being a little bit of a blowout, Steelers will appear to be making a good comeback but never quite get there.  Calling a 31-17 Packers victory.  MVP will be either Rodgers, who will have a good game, or a guy like Matthews or Woodson if they have a strip sack TD or a pick TD or something like that.  Goat of the game will be the Steelers nickel back guys, they are going to get lit up.  Jennings, Driver, Nelson, and Jones are too good.

There is an absolute shitload of prop bets, more than I ever could imagine.  I just picked out a few good ones for us to pick from.  Make your picks, try to spell them out so I can keep track.

Hope everyone enjoys the game and doesn't end up being mad the whole time like a few of the last Super Bowls.  Please God make the Steelers fans suffer, please, I'm begging.

1.  Packers -3 in the game.
Packers to cover obviously.

2.  Who will the winning coach thank first?  God, Family, fans or city, team, staff, or nobody.
I'm going to go with the team.

3.  Coin Flip.  Heads or Tails.
I'm feeling tails.  Feels like a tails game.  Scientific pick.

4.  Will there be a field goal over 43.5 yards?
I'm going to say yes.  Crosby from 52.

5.  Which color will the Gatorade be that is poured on the winning coach?  Green, yellow, orange, red, blue, or clear?
I'm going to go with yellow.

6.  Will the National Anthem go more or less than one minute and 57 seconds? 
I'll go under.

7.  First to score.

8.  First penalty.
I'll say on the Packers

9.  First first down will be either a pass or run.
I'll say passing play.

10.  Will the first replay but overturned or will the play stand?
I'll say overturned.

Hopefully this will help me get back in the race for the title.


Spreads Update through February 5th

Fiser (5-3)  63%
Nagel (19-15) 56%
Klose (21-19)  53%
Neil (17-21)  45%
Curt (18-26)  41%
Scotty (2-3)  40%
Thobe (2-3)  40%

Spreads for the Day

Just these two basketball games for now.  In a little while I'll put one up for the Super Bowl with all the weird props...

Ohio State at Minnesota (+4.5)
Ohio State to cover.  Some are saying they could lose this one but Minny has no offensive firepower so I don't see them doing enough.

Florida State at North Carolina (-7)
UNC to cover.  Florida State is overrated like every year and UNC is playing well. 

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 5th....

1.  Lots of college basketball today.  151 division one games.  Guess nobody wants to play on Super Bowl Sunday.  I'm sure there were a few upsets and such, but really, it was chalk all day, the teams that should have won did.

2.  Watched that movie Untraceable tonight.  Not bad, I'd recommend it if you needed something to watch. 
Also watched the Jersey Shore.  Sammi has to be the worst person ever, like really ever.  I really hope she is acting, no one can really be that much of a piece of shit.   

3.  My boy Shannon Sharpe elected to the Hall of Fame.  Totally deserves it, the dude changed the position and was a beast.  Remember when he use to flex when he scored a TD?  Dude was HUGE.  First jersey I ever owned was his. 

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Saturday Spreads

Saturday's Games...

Rhode Island at Temple (-11.5)
It's Hooters birthday and Temple hasn't played a weekend game at home in a month, so I actually see them playing well, but 12 points is a lot, so I'll go with the Rams.  But Temple wins comfortably.

Kansas at Nebraska (+6)
Nebraska to cover for sure.  They are the sneaky Big 12 team of the year, like Baylor last year.

Cincinnati at Pittsburgh (-9)
Cincy to cover.  I doubt they'll be in this game at all but the score will be less than nine.

Kentucky at Florida (+1.5)
I hate both these teams.  I think they are both overrated.  I actually think Florida will cover though because they play well at home, that's it though, they suck.

West Virginia at Villanova (-5)
Villanova to cover in a big win.  They are good and will probably be a final four team.

Dayton at LaSalle (+1.5)
LaSalle in a rout.  Sad, but true.


Three 2 End It

Greetings to Curt's 15 followers.  Its Fiser.  Curt is taking a break this evening from blogging so Im signing in as a special guest.  Im down in Tampa for business and stayed the night to hang out with Jeff and Curt.  Went out for dinner and beers....and then Curt wanted to know if we wanted to watch his high school basketball games.  Only 13 years later.....

Anywho, here we go:

1.  I'm taking the Packers in the Super Bowl, think its going to be close, but think they will win probably 27-21.  I'd take the over if its in the 40's.  The Steelers have a decent passing game, but not good enough and I think that will ultimately be there weakness - the Pack defense is much better and secondary is good.  The Packers, except for parts of the Bears game, have played the best football during the the postseason.  Expect Aaron Rodgers and the Packer offense to come out strong. 

2.  Some ok basketball games this weekend - Ohio State has struggled on the road all season and that could continue at Minnesota, though they are coming off  a lost to a now pesky Hoosier basketball squad (with their upcoming recruiting class, the Hoosiers will make the Big Dance next year).  Looking at the top 5, i would expect some movement by the end of the season, but my four number 1s right now are Ohio State, Kansas, Texas and Pitt.  I know they are the top four right now, but I think they will probably be there by the end of the season.  The only sub I might be wiling to make is Duke for one of the Big 12 teams, but Im not completely sold on Duke.

3.  So some people have compared LeBron James joining the Miami Heat to Hulk Hogan joining the NWO in WCW.  What I've wondered is who are the other characters.  I would say Dwayne Wade is Kevin Nash and Chris Bosh is Scott Hall.  They were in first in and James was the mighty finish to the triumverate that made them a force.  Wade is Nash because he could carry a faction by himself and someday Wade and James will "beef" much like Hogan and Nash did.  Pat Riley is Eric Bischoff - brought them all together and created the story line.  Udonis Haslem, Eddie House, and James Jones are the crappy NWO Virgil and the Disciple.  Dan Gilbert is Vince McMahon.  He lost his high priced salty....and will probably be back some day better than ever.  The Lakers and the Celtics are the Four Horsemen - a tight faction full of veteran talent that can rival the powers....talking the talk and walking the walk.  The question is who plays Sting....who silently overcomes the "villaneous" NWO / Heat.  Candidates:
-  The Spurs
-  Kevin Durant
-  Derrick Rose and the Bulls 

- Fiser

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 3rd...

1.  Lebron with 51 on the road.  Very impressive.

2.  Ohio State prevails again.  They don't look very good though.  Love to see the Buckeyes fans complaining when they were clearly getting every single call.  And the talk of Sullinger as player of the year is hilarious.  The dude is good, really good, but he isn't winning that over Jimmer.  Jimmer is a God.

3.  Read the NBA Update.  Do it for me.  Thanks.


NBA Update II


1.  San Antonio.  Spurs are the best "team" in the West.  The thing is though, they are the best team, right now.  They have been hit by zero injuries and they are getting old.  They beat teams because they play well together, play smart, and they have a good coach.  In the playoffs, stars take over, and right now they don't have one star that can just take over a game.  They are really good, but I'm not handing them the title by any means.

2.  LA Lakers.  Uninterested.  Kobe is still Kobe, hasn't slipped at all.  Same with Gasol, he is fine.  Odom is playing better and probably having his best year as a Laker.  Artest is a shell of himself, he doesn't have a lot left and is very uninterested.  Fisher is really old, and really not good.  His flopping makes me sick.  The kryptonite of the Lakers is going to be their bench.  There are no Horry's, Fox's, Harper's, or others coming off that bench.  Barnes, Brown, Blake, and the likes are not good.

3.  Dallas.  Good team.  Now that Dirk is back, they are back on track.  Losing Butler for the year really hurt.  But Marion is playing great complimentary ball.  Kidd is back to being good and Terry is a big shot maker.  Chandler is a huge huge improvement over Dampier.  Dirk is a star and can carry a team, and he just might be able to do that again this year.

4.  Oklahoma City.  In a league with multiple studly point guards, Westbrook sometimes plays like the best one.  With him driving and kicking and Durant scoring at will, this team will be tough to beat.  Their big thing is glue guys.  Jeff Green, Sefolosha, and Harden all bring it on D and play tough, that stuff gets you through a season.

5.  New Orleans.  Paul is another one of those guards.  They just don't have enough.  West is a good low post player, but they won't be able to win a series in the playoffs.

6.  Denver.  Not a team.  Have some good scorers but they also won't be able to win a playoff series.  They should probably unload Anthony and get something for him.  JR Smith also needs to go.  He has talent but he needs a fresh start.

7.  Utah.  Jekyl and Hyde.  Huge wins, bad losses, good players, bad players.  Who knows what you are going to get.  Other than Williams, they don't have any stars.  I actually don't see them making the playoffs.

8.  Portland.  Injury plagued team.  But with Miller and Camby playing well and finding the fountain of youth, I think they'll be able to make the playoffs.  Aldridge is a stud and is showing why he was such a high draft pick.  He'll be an all star for years to come.

9.  Memphis.  This team is hard to figure out.  Mayo, Gay, and Conley are good guards and shooters.  Zach Randolph somehow just puts up ridiculous numbers.  I see this team making the playoffs, they win at home and have stars that can take over games.

10.  Phoenix.  Poor Nash, he's old, still good, but doesn't have a good team.  Vince Carter is awful, he doesn't help.  Channing Frye is just a shooter, they don't have any inside play.  This team will continue to plummet and won't sniff the playoffs.

11.  Houston.  I don't think I can name hardly any players on this team.  Aaron Brooks is good and Luis Scola is one of the more underrated players in the league, but other than that, they have no stars.  They try to put their team together with only glue guys, eventually that doesn't get the job done.  They should trade a bunch of their pieces for Melo.

12.  Golden State.  Fun team to watch but don't have enough talent.  Montay Ellis is a stud and can score better than almost anyone in the league.  He looks like he should be playing in the park.  Every time I watch that Biedrins dude play I think he is the worst player in the league.  David Lee is good and Curry can score.  But they just have scorers and not much else.

13.  LA Clippers.  Some great talent.  Gordon is turning out to be good along with Deandre Jordan.  Baron is starting to play better but is still a waste of money and ruins young talent.  Blake Griffin is definitely my favorite player to watch right now.  The dude brings it on every play, tries to dunk everything, and takes it personal when he gets scored on.  If the Clippers wouldn't have started out so poorly they might have a chance to make the playoffs.  Not this year, but next year they'll be there if they bring in some veteran presence.

14.  Sacramento.  Cousins and Evans are going to be good for awhile. Other than that, they have nothing and are thinking of moving the team.

15.  Minnesota.  Another weird team.  Love and Beasley are studs and Milicic is actually playing well.  Too bad Rubio didn't go there, doesn't look like he will either.  They are really far away from competing.

Regular Season Predictions....

1. Spurs
2. Mavericks
3. Thunder
4. Lakers
5. Hornets
6. Blazers
7. Nuggets
8. Grizzlies

Again, if you made it this far, you are awesome.


NBA Update

Cliffnotes version.....


1. Celtics.  They have the best record in the league.  They are the best "team" right now.  Clutch players, good bench, good low post players, and they have been there.  They are the team to beat in the East right now.

2.  Bulls.  They are playing really well and getting healthy.  Rose, Boozer, Noah, and Deng are a hell of a core with Korver as the shooter.  Do they have enough bench though?  Do they have enough experience?  I don't see them beating Boston right now.

3.  Heat..  I don't like the Heat at all, but they are pretty dang good.  The more I watch Wade the more I think he is easily a top three player in the league.  Same with them though, are they deep enough, do they play well enough together.  What if one of the stars gets injured or gets in foul trouble?  This won't be their year.

4.  Hawks.  Bunch of individuals and not enough core players.  Some great athletes though.  Crawford and Johnson can score like crazy and Smith and Horford are good power guys.  They could upset someone and get to the East finals, but thats it and that would be kind of a miracle.

5.  Magic.  Top four team for sure.  They are still gelling.  I think they are the deepest team and have the best center in the league.  Redick is a dead eye and Nelson is a good player.  They have shooters everywhere so they can spread teams out.  I see it being them and Boston in the Finals.

6.  New York.  Big fan.  Gallinari is sweet.  Felton is like Nash in that offense, and Stoudemire is a good one on one player.  They are missing some bangers down low and they need to gel.  They could beat Atlanta or Chicago if they draw them in the first round, otherwise they'll be in and then out.

7.  Philadelphia.  Igoudala is super overrated and Brand is so injury prone.  They won't make the playoffs.  Lou Williams is a good young player, they just don't have enough.  They are further off then most of these teams even though they have the seventh best record right now.

8.  Charlotte.  Don't see them making the playoffs either.  Augustin is turning into a stud and Diaw, Wallace, and Jackson are good players, but they just don't have it.

9.  Indiana.  I like this team.  Collison, Granger, Dunleavy, and Hibbert could gel and make this team good.  Hansbrough is a good glue guy too.  This team obviously isn't good but with the East as week as it is, they'll make the playoffs, then get rolled.

10.  Milwaukee.  I like this team to make the playoffs too.  Bogut is a stud.  Salmons and Jennings are scorers.  They'll make a run and get in, then get rolled.

11.  Detroit.  Prince and Hamilton are getting old.  They are turning this team over to Stuckey and Daye.  They have a long way to go. 

12.  New Jersey.  Really bad.  Lopez and Harris are the only real pro players.  They may be able to swing a trade for Melo.  Although I don't think he is that stupid, is he?

13.  Washington.  0-25 on the road???  What?  How is that possible.  I think it would be awesome if they didn't get one road win.  Wall is good, he'll be a star in the league.  And so will Nick Young, that dude can play and he is just getting better.  Blatche is turning into a good big man, but this team is awful.

14.  Toronto.  Lost 13 straight.  If it wasn't for the Cavs, they would be getting ripped on hardcore too.  Ed Davis is looking good, and other than maybe Calderon, they don't have much.  Barnagni is a bust. 

15.  Cavs.  Hilarious, debacle, atrocious, any word you want.  Other than Jamison they don't have anyone that could start on another team in the league.  It's the truth.  Lebron made this team and I don't think anyone thought he meant THIS much.  Wow.  I hope they lose 70.

My regular season predictions for the playoff seedings....

1. Celtics
2. Heat
3. Bulls
4. Magic
5. Knicks
6. Hawks
7. Bucks
8. Pacers

WEST to come.  If anyone made it this far.  Thanks for reading, ha.


Spreads for Today

Not too many good games at all, a couple of these suck but I wanted to get five out there.  Thank God for a couple good NBA games tonight.

Michigan at Ohio State (-15.5)
Michigan to cover.  I don't know why, just a coin flip I guess.

Tennessee at Auburn (+8)
Tennesse to win by more than 8.  Auburn is really bad, but again, who knows.

Arizona at Stanford (+2.5)
Arizona to win and cover.  The one time I watched them they looked pretty good.  Some good pro athletes.

Spurs at Lakers (-3.5)
Lakers to win and cover.  They are due, Kobe is pissed.

Heat at Magic (-1)
Magic to win and cover.  They play well at home and I don't like the Heat, althought Wade is freaking really good.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 2nd....

1.  Super bad losses of the day.  Xavier loses at 1-6 Charlotte.  That's embarrassing.  Road games are tough but cmon.  Michigan State loses by 20 at 8-13 Iowa.  Michigan State is cashed.  They have nine losses now.  They are in serious danger of not even making the tourney this year.  Baylor losing at Oklahoma.  They might be missing the tourney too after being really close to the Final Four last year.  Memphis losing at home to Tulsa.  That puts them firmly on the bubble and probably off of it actually.

2.  Anyone watch Minute to Win It tonight?  Or ever watch it?  The host is sooooo annoying.  They had a family on there and I had to actually pause the show and then fast forward through the parts when he talked about family and stuff like that, it was just awful.  Those shows are so good during the competition, but the other theatrics make me want to throw up.  That's what killed Deal orNo Deal too.

3.  Temple prevails.  Big game on Saturday at home against Rhode Island.  It's Hooters birthday.  Also, Dayton prevails.  Oh how they have fallen.  Home win by two against St. Bonaventure?  Ouch.  Time for Gregory to go.  Too good of a fan base to just accept mediocrity.


Spreads Update

Fiser (5-3)  63%
Klose (16-13)  55%
Nagel (10-13)  43%
Neil (14-19)  42%
Thobe (2-3)  40%
Scotty (2-3)  40%
Curt (13-20)  40%

Spreads of the Day

Marquette at Villanova (-6)
I'll take Marquette here.

Syracuse at UCONN (-3.5)
UCONN to cover.  No faith in Syracuse right now.  They aren't good, and after this week they might find themselves no longer ranked.

Temple at LaSalle (+9.5)
LaSalle to cover.  Don't see Temple blowing them out at all.  And hoping my awful luck will in turn make Temple blow them out.

St. Bonaventure at Dayton (-9)
Bonnies to cover.  Until Dayton can show they know how to play basketball, I'll be against them.

Duke at Maryland (+5)
Duke to cover.  Won't be rooting for them, but I feel a blowout coming.


Fiser (5-3)  63%
Klose (14-10)  58%
Neil (13-15)  46%
Nagel (8-10)  44%
Thobe (2-3)  40%
Curt (9-19)  32%

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final thoughts on February 1st....

1.  Manny and Damon officially introduced as Tampa Bay Rays.  I love these moves.  They traded away guys and lets guys walk in Free Agency.  But they have a lot of good prospects and something like 12 of the first 70 picks in next years draft.  Now they get two potential Hall of Famers to fill the seats and resurrect their careers.  People forget that the Rays are defending AL East Champs.  I don't think they will repeat but it is hard to fathom them being totally out of it.  I see Manny having a big year, and it'll be a fun big year.

2.  Games like this Wisconsin Purdue game are the reasons I can't wait to go to Vegas.  Spread was Wisconsin by five.  They were up eight at half, then Purdue goes up seven in the second half.  Wisconsin grabs a 6 point lead with about 3 to play.  Anyway, with about 35 seconds to go Wisconsin is up by one, Purdue misses, Wisconsin makes both free throws to go up by 3.  So now the Wisconsin bettors think they have a chance.  Purdue misses, Wisconsin makes one free throw to go up four with about 20 seconds to go.  Purdue misses again and Wisconsin again makes a free throw to go up five with about 15 seconds to go.  Purdue again misses and Wisconsin goes to the line with 8 seconds to go, they knock down both to go up 7.  Purdue runs down the court and heaves up a three, in and out.  That three would have moved it to four and busted the spread back to Purdue to cover.  Being at Ceasars Palace in March to watch that game would have been insane.

3.  Can't wait for baseball season.  15 days until pitchers and catchers report.  58 days until Opening Day.  Who do you think will be in the Opening Day starting lineup?  Here is my first take on it.....

1. Lewis, LF
2. Phillips, 2B
3. Votto, 1B
4. Rolen, 3B
5. Bruce, RF
6. Stubbs, CF
7. Hernandez, C
8. Janish, SS
9. Arroyo, P

Starting rotation of Arroyo, Cueto, Volquez, Wood, and Bailey.


Spreads for the Night...

Let's see how many I can lose tonight.

Purdue at Wisconsin (-5)
I like Wisconsin, they play good D and a smart offense.

Vanderbilt at Florida (-4)
Vanderbilt to cover.  Florida is Jekyl and Hyde, they can't be trusted.

Penn State at Illinois (-8)
Penn State to cover.  They don't get blown out and Illinois can't beat anyone so I think this is the lock of the night.

UNC at Boston College (+3.5)
I'll take Boston College to cover this one at home.  Yes UNC is improved and winning lately, but they haven't exactly beat anyone and they are young, which means trouble on the road.

Four for four, Im feeling it.