Thursday, February 17, 2011

Temple Take

Big win tonight at home against Richmond.  Smacked them by 20.  That is 20 straight home wins and 20 wins this year.  Second place alone in the A10 standings.  Bad note though, Michael Eric is done for the year with a busted kneecap.  He was the starting center.  I like the way they look though without the center.  Just four guards and Lavoy Allen in the paint.  Fernandez finally is playing well after his injury woes, Scootie is on fire, and Ramone Moore is a scoring machine.  Bring Wyatt off the bench and they are looking really good.  Wyatt right now is the front runner for sixth man of the year in the A10.  Couple tough conference road games remain, at UMASS and at GW.  Both should be wins but you never know with college kids.  The last big game before the tourney starts is next Wednesday at Duke.  Well placed non conference game.  I think Temple will get rolled, but if they get hot and play Duke's guards well, you never know.  Obviously they won't get a call so it'll have to be the game of their lives. 

C'mon Dayton, beat Xavier at home so that Temple can have a chance at the regular season title.  Either way, the tourney should be good again.  No one on Temple's roster has ever lost an A10 tourney game, probably will stay that way this year. 


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  1. Nice picks Curt! I hit a $175 parlay taking your picks. Your a beast! Keep it up. Go Redlegs!