Monday, February 7, 2011

Three 2 End It

Final Thoughts on February 7th.....

1.  Temple finally back in the rankings.  24th in the AP Poll.  This totally means they will lose at Dayton.  If they weren't ranked they would probably win, but this team has a work issue of some sorts.  Meaning they just don't work hard in certain games and they don't seem to care.  Dunphy never seems to care when they are losing either.  Ya, maybe he is just keeping his cool, but I think at times college kids need to see some kind of fire in their coach to get going.  We'll see if it happens.  Either way, we are probably looking at their fourth straight trip to the dance.

2.  8 Big East teams ranked in the top 25, amazing.  8-12 is all Big East.  Four mid major teams are ranked now and probably more to come.  We all know rankings mean nothing more than upping ratings for certain games.  In college football they obviously mean something, but in basketball it just doesn't matter. 

3.  NFL draft is in 75 days, cant wait.  If you want to read something to hold you over until the draft, read this story on the steelers fans and team, hilarious, and very very true.


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