Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bengals Schedule Breakdown...

Ok, here goes my breakdown on the Bengals upcoming season.  Just a prediction, don't take it seriously.  Judging by their first two preseason games, there can't be a lot of optimism can there?  But then again, I look at this team, and I think about how they were in a lot of games last year.  If some plays go there way, they could have won about 8.  But then the year before they pulled about five games out of their asses.  So what happens this year?  Who knows, let's see.

Week 1  at Cleveland (L)
Road game in the first week is always a bad thing.  Browns to me will be an improved team.  Don't see the young team doing very well here.

Week 2  at Denver (L)
Definitely can't see a win here.  How many times have the Bengals won in Denver?  Ya, not too many, especially this year with a very improved Denver D.

Home opener after probably getting blasted the first two games, I see a win here.  It's not like San Fran will outscore the Bengals, and if the Bengals D is as good as they can be, this should be a win.

Week 4  BUFFALO (W)
Like a win here too.  Buffalo should be improved a little bit but they have an awful offensive line and not a great defense.  Bengals should be able to keep this one close and pull it out in the end.

Week 5  at Jacksonville (L)
This could be a tossup game.  The Bengals could actually pull this one off.  I'm going to say a loss though, they'll probably get run all over and won't be able to move the ball against the Jags.

Ya, don't even think we need to talk about this one.  Colts own the Bengals.

Week 7  BYE WEEK

Week 8  at Seattle (L)
Usually would say they could win this game too.  But traveling across the county, playing in a hostile environment, just don't see it.

Week 9  at Tennessee (W)
Stop the run, win the game.  I see Tennessee being a bust this year, and this is the one road game the Bengals should be able to steal.  Young players should be improving by now, big win here.

Hate to say it, can't stand this fucking city or their fucking fan base, but ya, Bengals don't win this game.  Hopefully I'm wrong, but for the sake of this exercise, it's a loss.

Week 11 at Baltimore (L)
This might be the biggest beatdown of the year.  They definitely aren't in the Ravens league yet, not even close.

Payback time, I see a whooping here, breakout game for Dalton and Green.  Only division win of the year.

Week 13 at Pittsburgh (L)
Ehhhh, don't want to watch this game.  Even if they play well, they'll get hosed by the refs and won't have a chance.  Ya, I said it.

Week 14 HOUSTON (L)
Could win this game, but I doubt it.  This will be the playoff push for the Texans and they'll probably roll the Bengals.  Their offense is pretty potent.  Now, if there are some injuries, then things could change.

Week 15 at St. Louis (L)
Same thing here, a game the Bengals could win, but the Rams will be a playoff team this year and will probably come out and put a hurting on Cincy this game.  Bradford is as accurate as they come.

Week 16 ARIZONA (W)
Good win here.  Arizona will suck this year I believe.  Kolb and Fitz will have big numbers, but it'll be because they are throwing when behind. 

Another game the Bengals could win, but the Ravens will probably need this game and will roll Cincy.

So where does that leave us?  5-11.  I think if you are a Bengals fan, you should be ok with that.  If this team wins five games and is close in a few games, that's a successful season.  Dalton will have some really bad times, and he'll show some signs.  He's a ginger so he has no soul anyway, so he won't care about what the fans or media says.  Green I think will be a beast.  Benson will have a good workhorse year, contract year.  Shipley and Simpson will be there, but I think the breakout year will go to Gresham.  Dalton is going to need an outlet when he is running scared and Gresham will be the guy.  Look for him to have 70 grabs and 8 TD's.

What do you all think?  I think it's an acceptable prediction. 

Til next time....


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Thursday, August 18, 2011

Thursday Thoughts....

The Reds sure do play a super boring brand of baseball.  How do you just consistently NOT get the job done with RISP?  It's almost awesome the opposite way.  It's like trying to get every pick wrong in streak for the cash.  If you get a great streak, it's almost as impressive as actually picking the right games. 

This Pryor thing is a joke.  WHO FUCKING CARES!?!?!??!?!  Why does ESPN have to make a big deal out of such not big issues?

So this Alonso issue that we are having right now.  I think it's time to give Alonso a chance at first and move Votto to left.  Remember, Votto played left in the minors, he came up as a left fielder.  Votto isn't an awesome first baseman, so it's not like we would be losing a great defender.  Plus, Votto has more speed and a better arm than Alonso so he works better in left.  Just think if it worked and you went into next year with Alonso, Bruce, and Votto as your big lefty hitters?  Sounds nice right?

The funny thing is how the first thing people think is, wait, do you think Votto would go for it?  Who fucking cares?  You're paying the guy 8 figure dollar amounts, he needs to do what you say he has to do.  Pujols moved to third this year for the team, Phillips asked to leadoff to help the team, and we are worried about what Votto might think? Give me a break. 

Another thing is, we all know Votto is going to leave the Reds in a couple of years because he wants more money.  Well there are a shitload of good first baseman out there that are going to get huge contracts.  How many power hitting MVP left fielders are there?  Uh, zero.  So it's not like it would be a bad thing for him.

Looking forward to the next few's a quick list of things I'm pumped for...

Closing on a house
Moving into the house
Two fantasy football drafts
College Football starts
NFL starts

Damn, let's get it going.

Anyone watch the Bachelor Pad?  Great, great, great show.  Hot girls, fucking arrogant people, funny host, just good quality reality tv.  Ya, I know it's pathetic, but if it makes you laugh, then watch it.

Just can't get into this preseason football.  The only thing I really care about is injuries, and even those you don't know what to believe with ten different reporters making assumptions about it.  Wake me when the season starts, please.

Monday we get to play our own game of sports reporters.  It's the keeper deadline in my ESPN fantasy league.  You have to be down to six guys by 5PM.  We cut guys throughout the day and make up stupid stories about how each player handles it.  Stupid?  Hell yes, but it gets us through the day.

Here is how my team looked at the end of last year....

Ahmad Bradshaw
Knowshon Moreno
Pierre Thomas
Ben Jarvis Green-Ellis
Terrell Owens
Steve Johnson
Kellen Winslow

Now here are my six keepers....

Ahmad Bradshaw
Reggie Bush
Brandon Lloyd
Davone Bess
Chad Ochocinco
Kellen Winslow

I would say my team improved, but who the hell knows.  I can't wait to find out though.

Til next time....


Gia from Bachelor Pad
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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Thoughts on 8/14....

Tough loss for the Reds on Sunday, 4-3 compared to 5-2 just seems a lot different.  Doesn't really matter though, zero chance to catch the Brewers.  Wake me up when they lose a game.  I guess if you are the Reds, your goal is to get to .500, then maybe catch the Cardinals for second, and if the Brewers end up losing 15 out of 20 during that stretch, great, but don't count on it. 

You know what the say, every team will lose 54 games and every team will win 54 games, it's just what you do with the 54 games in between.  Reds have lost their 54 and won their 54, so you could say they are 5-8 in those other games.  Need to probably go 31-10 the rest of the way to have a chance.  Ya, that's what I thought.

We went to the games on Friday and Saturday.  Really fun games.  Lots of bombs on Saturday.  Dave Sappelt ruined the game though.  The Reds had 13 runs with ZERO left on base.  Unbelievable.  I don't know what the record is for most runs in a game without a LOB, but I bet that would have been the record.  But of course, with two outs in the eighth, Sappelt singles and gets left on. Thanks man.

What was Votto doing in Sunday's game not going halfway on that popup down the line?  No one was on first, so what are you doing?  Then Phillips not turning that double play cost them a run.  Just a sloppy game all around.

Sat in the stands down the right field line on Saturday.  Got a ball hit to me in BP.  Leaned over the railing, stuck my hand out, boom, right in my hand, dropped it.  So pissed, would have been a highlight reel catch.  I feel like I let the whole family down. 

Broncos played well I think.  I didn't get to watch the game but the stats looked good.  Orton moved the team pretty well.  He will always be able to convert third downs better than Tebow.  If you blitz Tebow, he can't make decisions quick enough to make anything happen.  It's true, sorry.  And the Defense is going to be vastly improved this year.  Dumervil, Von Miller, Ayers...Bunkley and Warren up front.  Some fresh rookies at safety.  Looking forward to it.

Feel bad for Jason Dufner, he should have had that.  I like the way he handled it though, he seemed in control.  He is just treating it like another tournament, the way you should.  I'm not a Keegan fan, he looks a little bit like a hothead, I hope he never contends again.

I could have won some money in a pool I was in, but my boy Sergio had to dunk two balls in the water on the 18th.  Thanks dude.

Ok, the end.  Til next time.....


Broncos practice at Invesco.

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Thoughts on 8/10....

Reds win, Reds win, one in a row. 

PGA Championship prediction...

My top four guys are Jason Day, Sergio Garcia, Phil Mickelson, and Hunter Mahan.

I think Tiger finishes in the top ten, never really threatens but he'll be a big part of the conversation.  I just can't see him having a bad week and being totally awful.  Although I am definitely not ruling it out. 

Bought my first app today for my IPhone.  PGA Championship app.  It should send me an alert everytime one of my guys gets a birdie or eagle, ha.

Pretty pumped for the Broncos game Thursday night.  It'll be nice to see the jerseys again.  I want to see Dumervil in action again, it's been forever.

Phillips out, Rolen out, Cozart out, the injuries just keep piling up.  When do they run Volquez back out there again?  Will Dusty be back?  How about Renteria getting enough at bats to hit his escalators in his contract?  Will Bruce get to 100 this year?  He has 91 currently. 

Ok, off to bed....

Til next time...


Tuesday, August 9, 2011


This Tebow thing is starting to get kind of comical.  He's not good enough.  Players are saying that if the Broncos made Tebow the starter that the coach would lose the locker room because the players know there is no way Timmy should be starting.  That's good enough for me.  Orton gives you the best chance to win, and there is really no way to dispute that.

Reds suck really bad.  It doesn't even make me sad anymore, they just can't beat anyone.  No clutch hitting at all, like at all.  Willis looked good but sometimes you have to shut a team out to get a win, maybe he'll do that next outing.

If you watched the game...Votto, 0-1 pitch right down the can, fouls it back, come on dude, come through for the team.

How about Real Madrid signing that 7 year old?  Ha, hilarious.

Preaseason football starts Thursday, can't wait.

I can't believe this stuff I'm hearing about the Reds ending the Alonso expirement in left field.  Really?  After three starts?  How stupid is that?  And if you really want to try him at third, then send him back to AAA and bring up Francisco.  He'll get practice that way right?  You can't practice just before the game, you need live action.  I just feel like they are really fucking this shit up right now.

Dusty won't be back, no way.  He signed a one year contract for this very reason, because he wanted to be able to leave.  I just don't see why in the hell he would want to stay, not with the issues they have right now.  This team might look very different next year.

Damn it, we failed.  Brian and I texted the Reds Live show, our texts didnt make it.  Here is what we wrote...
"Fred Lewis starting LF 2012."
"Fireworks Friday night, YES!!!!"
Should have come up with something gayer like, GO REDS, or BRUUUUCCCEEE!!!

Til next time...


Sunday, August 7, 2011


Just some thoughts....

Should be a football game tonight, we are getting jobbed.

Thursday is the first day of Preseason games, how cool does that sound?

Interviewing a caddie on the 18th green?  Really?  I don't even think I have anything to say about that.

PGA Championship this weekend.  Does Tiger even make the cut?  Doubt it.

Shot 10 under this Saturday at the Celina Boosters.  We left a few shots out there, but the winner was -17, we definitely didn't have that in us.  Neil outdrove a couple 330 yard par fours.  How do you do that?

I hate Nick Masset.  Use to like him, can't stand him now.  Throw some strikes dude.

Does Jay Bruce ever NOT strike out with a guy in scoring position?

Good to see Shannon Sharpe in the Hall.  My first jersey my mom ever got me was his.  I now have two Hall of Famer jerseys, Sharpe and Elway.  I need Davis, Atwater, Cutler, and Bailey to get in there to make my Hall of Fame room sweet one day.  I think Bailey makes it.  The others?  Doesn't look like it.

Less than three weeks until we are homeowners.

Good luck Brandon Klose.  Finally going to do something you want to do, good for you.

Get well soon Johnny Nagel, it'll be over before you know it.

When is it going to cool off around here?  I'll probably regret saying that in a couple months.

Watched Hall Pass and Hot Tub Time Machine Saturday night.  Actually both were pretty good.  I'll give Hall Pass the nod, really funny.

Ok, that's enough for today.  Sorry it took so long to post, I'm killing my loyal readers.  I'll make up for it.  At least four a week from now on, I promise.

Thanks for reading.


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Reds Burial...

Well, 2-4, could have been worse.  Although, I'm not really sure it could have been worse.  That was awful.  They are toast.  9.5 out?  You kidding me?  This team is quitting before our eyes, might as well see what we might have for next year.  How about this lineup for next year?

Sappelt LF
Phillips 2B
Votto 1B
Mesoraco C
Bruce RF
Alonso 3B
Stubbs CF
Cozart SS

Looks pretty good right?  And that's not even including Frazier or Free Agent A or B.  Reds have some pieces, thats for sure.

But ya, pour the dirt on them, it's over. 

Maybe my negativity will allow them to rip off 7 straight at home here, ha, right.


Monday, August 1, 2011

August Preview....

Let me start by saying that I'm still frustrated with the Reds, and I'm not happy, but I never completely jumped off the bandwagon, so don't say that I'm a flip flopper. 

I think the Reds are going to throw up a nice 18-10 August and get back into this thing.  First place?  No.  But maybe be only three games out or something like that with a month to go.  That would be considered a pennant race in September. 

As most of you know, the Reds only play three against a winning team (Pittsburgh) until the last three days of the month.  So that is 22 out of 25 against teams with losing records.  Now we all know that doesn't mean shit for the Reds since they have always underachieved against the bad teams.  But, we all have been saying all year that this team is going to get hot sooner or later and start getting lucky and pulling out close games. Well, if that happens now against poor teams, they can really get going.  Yes I'm hoping that happens, but the fact of the matter is, it really could.

Right now only a few guys are seriously scuffling.  Phillips, Votto, Cairo, Bruce, Stubbs, and Renteria have all had pretty good games since the all star break, if they stay consistent, the production could be there.  The bullpen has shown signs of life.  Cueto and Leake are dang near automatice right now.  Arroyo is usually a second half guy.  Ya, I know he has sucked recently, but when you are a second half guy, I think you should be given a chance to do that again before given up on.  No?

The Pirates are done, they'll be playing to finish over .500 this year, not to challenge for the division. 

The Cardinals still lack the good starting pitching if you asked me.  Although the Furcal addition scares me, he always kills the Reds.

The Brewers are in the same boat.  Ya they can hit and they can win at home.  But other than Greinke, they don't have a real tough pitcher to go against.

Astros and Cubs are must wins right now, you have to not only win the series, but feel like you can sweep them.

I'm ok with the Reds not trading away people.  Do you really think this team is one guy away from being a contender?  No, absolutely not, so in that case, why mortgage the future?  BUT, I think I would have made a move simply because I was looking at it like this.  Let's say the Reds could have gotten Jimenez with a package of Alonso, Mesoraco, and Wood and throw in Burton or someone like that.  Ya you are giving up two studs but you could go into next year with Cueto, Jimenez, Bailey, Leake, and Arroyo.  And heck, that's not even mentioning Volquez who I believe still has the game.  You trade him for a decent bat and next year looks good.  Trade deadline deals aren't always for that season, they can be for the future too.  That's why I think they should have made a move.  Oh well, we'll never know what could have been, although the same trade could be made in the offseason.

I know it sounds dumb, but one game at a time.  Tonight's game is big.  They lose this one and the same demeanor comes out of everyone.  But they win this one they make truly start to believe that the hot streak has arrived.

Enjoy the rest of the month, hopefully it's fun, I'm not quite ready for football.  Til next time....


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