Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Bengals Schedule Breakdown...

Ok, here goes my breakdown on the Bengals upcoming season.  Just a prediction, don't take it seriously.  Judging by their first two preseason games, there can't be a lot of optimism can there?  But then again, I look at this team, and I think about how they were in a lot of games last year.  If some plays go there way, they could have won about 8.  But then the year before they pulled about five games out of their asses.  So what happens this year?  Who knows, let's see.

Week 1  at Cleveland (L)
Road game in the first week is always a bad thing.  Browns to me will be an improved team.  Don't see the young team doing very well here.

Week 2  at Denver (L)
Definitely can't see a win here.  How many times have the Bengals won in Denver?  Ya, not too many, especially this year with a very improved Denver D.

Home opener after probably getting blasted the first two games, I see a win here.  It's not like San Fran will outscore the Bengals, and if the Bengals D is as good as they can be, this should be a win.

Week 4  BUFFALO (W)
Like a win here too.  Buffalo should be improved a little bit but they have an awful offensive line and not a great defense.  Bengals should be able to keep this one close and pull it out in the end.

Week 5  at Jacksonville (L)
This could be a tossup game.  The Bengals could actually pull this one off.  I'm going to say a loss though, they'll probably get run all over and won't be able to move the ball against the Jags.

Ya, don't even think we need to talk about this one.  Colts own the Bengals.

Week 7  BYE WEEK

Week 8  at Seattle (L)
Usually would say they could win this game too.  But traveling across the county, playing in a hostile environment, just don't see it.

Week 9  at Tennessee (W)
Stop the run, win the game.  I see Tennessee being a bust this year, and this is the one road game the Bengals should be able to steal.  Young players should be improving by now, big win here.

Hate to say it, can't stand this fucking city or their fucking fan base, but ya, Bengals don't win this game.  Hopefully I'm wrong, but for the sake of this exercise, it's a loss.

Week 11 at Baltimore (L)
This might be the biggest beatdown of the year.  They definitely aren't in the Ravens league yet, not even close.

Payback time, I see a whooping here, breakout game for Dalton and Green.  Only division win of the year.

Week 13 at Pittsburgh (L)
Ehhhh, don't want to watch this game.  Even if they play well, they'll get hosed by the refs and won't have a chance.  Ya, I said it.

Week 14 HOUSTON (L)
Could win this game, but I doubt it.  This will be the playoff push for the Texans and they'll probably roll the Bengals.  Their offense is pretty potent.  Now, if there are some injuries, then things could change.

Week 15 at St. Louis (L)
Same thing here, a game the Bengals could win, but the Rams will be a playoff team this year and will probably come out and put a hurting on Cincy this game.  Bradford is as accurate as they come.

Week 16 ARIZONA (W)
Good win here.  Arizona will suck this year I believe.  Kolb and Fitz will have big numbers, but it'll be because they are throwing when behind. 

Another game the Bengals could win, but the Ravens will probably need this game and will roll Cincy.

So where does that leave us?  5-11.  I think if you are a Bengals fan, you should be ok with that.  If this team wins five games and is close in a few games, that's a successful season.  Dalton will have some really bad times, and he'll show some signs.  He's a ginger so he has no soul anyway, so he won't care about what the fans or media says.  Green I think will be a beast.  Benson will have a good workhorse year, contract year.  Shipley and Simpson will be there, but I think the breakout year will go to Gresham.  Dalton is going to need an outlet when he is running scared and Gresham will be the guy.  Look for him to have 70 grabs and 8 TD's.

What do you all think?  I think it's an acceptable prediction. 

Til next time....


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