Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Fantasy Tour de France

Join my league.  Winner gets two tickets to next years Tour de France, with airfare, hotel, all the goods.  Chance at a free trip to Paris?  Cmon, do it for your significant other.

League name: New Bremenites
Password: cardinals

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Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Recap 6/28....

Tough tough loss, that one hurts.  But, it's still only one loss.  41-40, still only 3.5 out of first.  Looong way to go.

Im done with Renteria.  Janish catches that pop 9 out of 10 times.  You have to be on your feet and ready to go at the crack of the bat.  And you don't turn your back and just run to a spot, you have to know where the ball is.  He had no chance, and gave no effort.  He truly pisses me off and needs to go. 

Votto had a big hit.  But before that, he had some awful swings, he's up there guessing again and outthinking himself, he needs to get over that. 

Cueto, what else can you say, the guy is an absolute stud.  He's the ace of the staff and deserved a win there.  He pitches like this the rest of the year and years to come, then the Reds got a great deal on the contract they signed this offseason. 

24-14 in the division with 41 division games to go, that's what I have to keep telling myself.  Lots of possible ground to be made up.  They play well against the division and they'll get it turned around against the Pirates.

Scootie Randall of Temple went down today with some kind of an injury.  Just heard he had surgery today and may play this season.  Awful news, with him, Fernandez, Wyatt, Moore, Eric, and Jefferson, this team was going to seriously take off.  We'll have to see what the damage is.

Nice beard Tiger.  Embrace your oldguyness, you are no longer the young gun.

76 days until Denver Broncos football.  Allegedly.  John Elway's birthday today though. 

Any guesses on Volquez's performance Wednesday afternoon?  If I had to guess, I'd say he'll throw a decent game, three runs or something, but Shields will shut the Reds down and he'll get no love.

Til next time...


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Monday, June 27, 2011

Recap 6/27....

Apologize for not writing anything for a week.  I know some of you come here daily, and finding nothing to read is unacceptable.  We'll get it going again now that the move is over.  Officially a resident of Mason, OH.  Tampa, FL is now a thing of the past, but won't be forgotten.

So of course, as we all know, the Reds were last in Tampa in 2003 and then return two days after I fleed the premises.  Sucks, bad.  I kept saying I would take off of work all of the days they were there so I could go to them, drink, stay out all night, get up and go to batting practice.  Just do the whole thing.  Now, nothing.  Thanks for going Rob and Jeff, I'll live through you guys on this one.

Reds are showing signs of getting it going.  And I'm not just saying that because they have won 2 out of 3.  Just seems like in the last week or so, almost every player on the team has had a good game or two.  If everyone is playing well, they all know they could be the hero on any given night.  From Heisey to Gomes.  From Janish to Bruce.  From Leake to Chapman.  Everyone, except of course Renteria, but cmon, that's just asking for way too much.

As you all know, I'm usually the guy that wants to stand pat as they say.  I don't want any big changes and kneejerk moves and all that.  But I got to thinking.  If Votto really is only going to be here for a couple more years, and it seems like pitchers are a crapshoot with injuries and the likes, then we need to do something now.  So if bringing up Cozart and or making a trade is what needs to be done to get things going, then let's do it.  I'm still a Janish guy and I believe if he played the whole year he would bat .250 and really help this team, but if they want to try Cozart, I'm in, screw it, let's do it.

Who do you trade if you trade someone?  All this talk of trading Volquez and Renteria and Gomes and whatnot needs to stop.  Who are you going to get for them?  A bag of balls?  Just because they suck for the Reds doesn't mean someone else will want them.  If we want to talk trade chips, then Cozart, Mez, and maybe Heisey need to be thrown out there.  Look, I don't want to get rid of the AAA guys either, but I'd rather get rid of guys that I'm not really attached to yet.  Did that sound gay?  Didn't mean it that way.

Need a strong finish before the all star break.  Really anything over .500 from here on out will be fine.  I don't see the Cards or Brewers running away with anything so being 3 to 4 games over .500 at the break wouldn't be the end of the world.  I read today that someone said that if it were September right now, we would say the Reds were in a pennant race.  So why is everyone saying we are done and have no chance with 80 some games to go?  As I always say, you play nine innings for a reason, which also means you play 162 games for a reason.

Big game Tuesday night.  Need a series win.  Let's go get em.  Til next time....


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Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts on Reds and More 6/20...

Nice comment by Shulman.  He had a few doozies.  First, he said, lots of fans showing up tonight to see Girardi's Yankees.  Or the Reds dipshit.

Then he said this is the first time the Reds have had the tying run in the on deck circle all game.  Ya, except for the first inning.  Oops.

I don't think I would have wanted to be at the game tonight.  Yankees fans are superduper annoying, and probably not really fans.

You ever notice that there are a lot of fat chicks that are Yankees fans?  And lots of lesbians?  I know you have.

I'm not a fan of Votto trying to hit to all fields.  I already think he is a closet mental case.  So him up there thinking about more than hitting the ball hard worries me.  He tried to take that first pitch to right when it was right down the middle.  Then the next pitch was outside and he tried to pull it.  Just hit it hard Joey, it's what you do.

Hey Hanigan, call better pitches.  Kidding, but it's funny how many people say the catcher should get more credit.  I'm a firm disbeliever in that.

Not a bad start by Wood.  Not great by any means, but a solid start that kept the team in the game.  Just need some damn runs.

That Nunez guy has the straightest hat ever.  Kind of impressive really.

99 K's for Stubbs?  Damn, I didn't know it was that high.  But his production is good enough for him to stay in the lineup.  I don't want him moved down in the order.  We have enough guys killing rallies down there.

We'll keep a running tab on this stat.  Balls squared up by Hanigan tonight.  Another zero.

Lots of swings at 2-0 pitches out of the zone.  A little antsy.  No three run homer with no one on guys.  Just get on base.

Arredondo should just ask the ump to put the first guy on.  Why waste your arm, you're gonna walk him anyway.

Pujols out 4-6 weeks.  Good news.  Haley said you can't root for a guy to be hurt, but once he's hurt, you can be happy he's out.

Lost my ten game streak tonight in streak for the cash.  Fucking Texas.  Shutout in college baseball?  I didn't know that even happened.

Lewis is smoking hot right now.  One thing I noticed is that he doesn't swing at pitches outside of the zone very often.  Something that Heisey and Gomes do quite frequently.

Reds better get it going here.  A 1-5 homestand makes the 5-2 road trip seem pretty meaningless.

Reds should hit Granderson or someone tomorrow night in the first inning.  Payback for hitting Votto.  The Cardinals would do it.  Are they the worst or what?  Throwing at Gordon's head yesterday because Betemit bumped into Pujols.  Give me a break.  What sore losers.

Renteria pinch hitting there?  Really?  If you could have one guy up there to tie the game with a homer, who would you choose?  Ramon right?  Gomes even would have been a decent choice.  But Renteria?  No homers all year.  Has hit about less than ten balls hard all year.  Just a very very weird choice there by Dusty.  And really, an unforgivable choice.  I usually have his back, but not this time.  If he would have left Hanigan in that spot, I might have quit as a Reds fan.

NBA Draft Thursday night.  One of the top five sports events of the year for me. 

The Challenge: Rivals starts Wednesday night.  Going to be freaking awesome.  Don't miss it, we'll be blogging on it for sure.

Ok, til next time....


 - Bullies, yes they exist at some millionaire sport,

 - You sir are screwed

US Open Review....

Well, let's see how I did on my 20 guys...

Cabrera  Missed Cut
Casey  Missed Cut
Kuchar  14th
Donald  45th
Kaymer  39th
Westwood  3rd
Byrd  Missed Cut
Scott  Missed Cut
Stricker  19th
Toms  Missed Cut
McIlroy  WIN
Mickelson  54th
Glover  42nd
Fowler  Missed Cut
Ogilvy  Missed Cut
Sabbatini  30th
Woodland  23rd
Snedeker  11th
Van Pelt  14th
Haas  23rd

7 Missed the Cut
5 Top 15's
1 Winner

My take on Rory's week...

Dude was awesome.  He is always awesome.  Making judgements on a guys career after one win is stupid, but if you had to put money on it, gun to your head, I think you would have to say he'll be great.  If I had to guess, he'll get ten majors.  Why won't he?  He has every aspect of the game and he is young and powerful.  I guess an injury or a porn career, or he ends up in a straight jacket, that might make things differently.  But barring something crazy, I can't see him not having a great career.  In fact, I think I'll go out and guarantee he gets another one this year.

The Open as a whole was kind of disappointing because there really wasn't any drama.  I think 20 years from now we will look back and think about how Rory dominated but also how the course played probably the easiest ever for an Open setup.  Ya Rory played great, but 19 other guys were under par, 7 of them at least 5 under.  That just doesn't happen.  When Tiger was 12 under at Pebble, the next best guy was plus 3, which shows you how much he dominated compared to everyone else.  Rory played great, but even when he was in trouble, the course allowed him to get out of it, no punishment.  I think next years course will be impossible, just to make up for it. 

How about Stenson cutting his hand?  Ha. 
How about them showing Rory's dad and he was standing right next to Shane OMac?  Here comes the money!!!
How about Westwood looking exactly like Ryan Opperman?
How about YE Yang getting his Sunday shirt from Wal Mart?
How about Sergio not practicing before he tees off?  Ha, awesome.

Only a month until the British, thank God, I love the majors.  There are too few of them and they go way to fast.

Til next time....


Wednesday, June 15, 2011

US Open Fantasy Golf

To anyone who reads this tonight.  Just throwing it out there. Major Challenge.  You pick one guy out of ten sets of ten players.  They take your five lowest scores in each round.  Looks like you can win some decent things.  Decent I said, I said nothing more than decent ok?  Anyway, check it out.  You know you'll be sitting around watching it this weekend so why not have some fantasy action to go with it?

And just for the hell of it, here are sixteen guys that I would think could win this thing.  I said could.  If someone isn't on this list then I don't think they have a chance.  Why?  I don't know, it's golf.  No one knows...

In no particular order...

Angel Cabrera
-steady, has won it before, walks like a duck, smokes on the course
Paul Casey
-solid game, due for one, bad teeth, nerdy, choke artist
Matt Kuchar
-top five golfer in the US right now, can make birdies in bunches, doesn't get fazed
Luke Donald
-#1 in the world, hottest golfer on the planet, people yell LUUUKKKEEE and he smiles
Martin Kaymer
-german, riding the dirk hot streak right now, can putt with anyone, awful masters makes him due
Lee Westwood
-super bad teeth, due for one, funny accent, hits it super straight, would piss off the US if he won
Jonathon Byrd
-2 wins this year, top 5 American, super bald, doesnt seem to like his job, good golfer
Adam Scott
-teen heart throb, Stevie Williams caddying, one of the best without a major, aussie's are good at golf
Steve Stricker
-dominated at the memorial, putts lights out, good guy, steady, american, whats not to love?
David Toms
-a couple great tourneys this year, should have won the players, killer iron hitter, due for another
Rory McIlroy
-one of the best talents in the game, always there, hot girlfriend, cabbage patch kid hair
Phil Mickelson
-biggest name on the tour now, needs a couple more titles to secure legacy, needs this one
Lucas Glover
-has a win this year, hometown not far away, has a US Open, great beard
Rickie Fowler
-dating a hot chic, has a good game, due, would be great story, full of confidence
Geoff Ogilvy
-could get hot and birdie like crazy, has won before, aussies are good, tall and lanky, looks like gumbi
Rory Sabbatini
-kind of my pick to win, has an edge, can score, mean streak, F you type game, hot right now

Four sleepers for the hell of it....

Gary Woodland
Brandt Snedeker
Bo Van Pelt
Bill Haas

Have fun. 


Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Recapping 6/13....

How about Lebrons comments about haters going back to their lives?  Ha, awesome, I mean it's true a little.  Some people just like to hate so much and it's all they do.  You need to get over it sooner or later.  BUTTTTTTT, you cannot say that if you are Lebron.  You have to know that.  Like someone was saying, Lebron is 26, looks like he's 36, and acts like he's 16. 

Jason Whitlock is so pathetic.  How does this guy even have a job?  Does anyone read his articles?  Today he comes out with one saying, Blow Up the Big Three.  Really?  Two wins short of a title and you are blowing it up?  Wow, couldn't come up with a better topic than that?  You suck.

Random thought.  Do you think Pat Riley and the Heat at least pick up the phone and call Phil Jackson?  I mean, he wouldn't come down there, but what if he did want to?  They'd win three more and Jackson would never come close to being caught in the title count.  He'd get those guys heads screwed on straight, no doubt.

Didn't watch the hockey game but from the looks of it, Vancouver didn't want any part of that game.  They just decided, lets not get hurt and let's win this at home.  Game seven in hockey, for the Cup, can't wait to watch that.

Random movie quote of the night...
Pain heals, chicks dig scars, glory lasts forever - Shane Falco

Some Reds notes:
-Nice job by Fox catching Votto yelling FUCK when he K'd in the first.
-How about Stubbs not going after that liner in the first.  Starts going in, stops, then takes a couple quick steps, stops, and it lands by his feet and he gets it on a hop.  Cmon dude, a little more aggressiveness.  Have fun out there, come in and give it a dive, even though on that one you wouldn't have had to.  Cost the Reds a run too.
-I like the way Janish is swinging.  Doesn't try to do too much, just tries to hit it level up the middle, that's all you need from your 8 hitter.  He's just below .240 now, that's all the Reds want.
-Great play by Janish in the field too.  Not sure how that WAR stat works, but his WAR should be 100% because his replacement (Renteria) does nothing better than him, nothing.
-Stubbs at times just looks absolutely clueless, especially on anything but a fastball. 
-Votto gets robbed twice, then goes way deep.  Bout time he gives one a shot like that.
-Good game by Heisey, he's not stupid, he knows this is an audition.
-How about that tag by Hanigan on that throw home by Heisey?  Catching it behind the plate while the guy just slides in to home.  Where the hell did you learn that?  Just not a fan of Hanigan.  Had three more missiles at the plate today, Not.
-3.5 out after this win.  Closest they've been in awhile.  Need to win this series and go home and go to work.

Til next time....


Sunday, June 12, 2011

Recap 6/12....

Congrats Dallas Mavericks.  Made a lot of peope happy with that win.  What is wrong with Lebron?  I feel like we are going to find out someday that he was fixing games.  He didn't even look at the hoop some of those possessions.  He just caught and passed.  Hey man, they need you, score, go to the hoop, do something.  If you do all you can and still lose then you won't get as destroyed as you will now.  Just an odd finish.

And I just wanted to point out that I picked the Mavs in six and Nowitzki as my MVP in my preview post.  Got one right, nice.

Brewers sweep the Cards and take over first.  I'm not writing the Cardinals off, but I was saying earlier this year that I don't see them being there in the end.  Bullpen sucks.  They only have two good starters and Berkman can't do it all year.  They'll falter and end up somewhere around .500.

I got hot wax from a candle thrown on me at a wedding Saturday night.  Don't worry, I didn't get burnt.  Just ruined a shirt and ruined my night.  Ha, kidding. 

Reds pitchers with 7 more walks tonight.  It is getting so frustrating to watch.  The not capitalizing on opportunities is frustrating too.  Get Renteria out of here, please.  4.5 back now with three at the Dodgers coming up.  I don't have to tell you how that usually goes.  Hovering around .500 really isn't the worse place, but if you go below, it's going to be bad. 

I'll have a 40% of the season breakdown on the Reds sometime tomorrow.  Til next time....


 - OMG....A Bug!!! Quick Kill it....KILL IT!!!

Friday, June 10, 2011

Renteria with another laser, ha, NOT.

Heisey, great pinch hitter.  That's what he is, for this year at least.  You fans just settle into that thought, it'll make you feel better. 

Two out scoring again?  Hopefully.  Up to Phillips, remember I said he would come through?  Now we find out.

This game has slowed to a complete stop. 

Phillips reaches out and drills one to right, RBI single.  And Cordero is shaking in his cleats.  One more hit by Votto and the save is gone.  Dude has lost so many save chances this year late.  13 total save chances in 61 games?  Damn, that's pretty ridiculous really.  He's praying for a pop up, believe it.

Cordero with a 1-2-3 ninth.  His 12th save of the season.  Second Reds shutout of the season.  Still five games out of first.  2.5 in the wild card.

Tonights player of the game?  Gomes 3 for 4?  No.  Phillips RBI single, two hits?  No.  Renteria?  Ha, no.  Definitely goes to Johnny Cueto.  Great start, just looked awesome.  That's at least four straight good starts for him, and this is the first one that results in a win.  Good win to start the road trip.  Really only need to go 3-3 the rest of the way to deem it successful.  Was fun typing all night, kept me from falling asleep.  Hope everyone enjoyed it, all 22 of you followers, ha.  Night.


Adding to the lead...

Hopefully with that ground out, Stubbs ends his hit streak.  I say hopefully because the only way he is getting up again is with extras, and we don't want to see that.

Another thing I've said a million times, Brandon Phillips is NOT fast.  Maybe from first to third or something, but down the line on some close plays, he's never even close.  Maybe he just gets a bad start out of the box, who knows.

Strike out string is now behind Votto.  Two straight lasers.

Gomes, 3 for 3 on the night, one hard hit ball.  We'll take one more, I don't care how.  Hell, we'll take a walk even.  And you better believe it, Thom about to explode if he comes through.

That'll do.  Seems like that always happens against the Reds.  This time for the Reds, nice.

Good inning, one hit, two walks, one wild pitch, whatever it takes.

Wow, nothing more to say other than Masset just straight mowed them down.  Great great great trade by Jocketty.  Griffey's carcas for Nick Masset?  Uh ok, where do I sign?

On to the ninth....

Reds 2-0

Renteria, Hernandez, Pinch Hitter

Ha, like I said, Gomes is feeling it now, sometimes they fall, sometimes they don't, they're all falling now.  You have to run that out though, we've all done it so I'm not going to sit here and rip on him.  If the Reds were done one, then I'd be calling for his head.

Hey, a bunt hit for Renteria.  Maybe there is something that he can to help the team.  Dusty, make him the designated late inning sac bunt guy.  You have to use him somewhere right? 

I don't bunt here.  I let Cueto hit to let him pitch the seventh.  Tough call, but it's one way or the other.  Hopefully Ramon just takes care of it himself.

He takes care of it alright, now it doesn't matter.  Fuck.

Damn, hardest ball Cueto has hit all year, ha. 

Bottom part of the order for the Giants.  Let's make this an easy one.

Cueto is almost pitching like a video game now.  I'm going to throw a heater on the black, boom.  I'm going to throw a slider down and in and he'll swing over it, boom.  Whatever he wants, wherever he wants, he does it.  Beautiful thing to watch right now.

Cueto, seven innings, 110 pitches, four hits, two walks, eight K's.  Have to imagine he's done for the night.  Dominate.  Probably Masset and Cordero for the close.

On to the eighth.

1-0 Reds

Top of the order, need an insurance run.

I've said it once, I'll say it again, Votto just keeps fouling off hittable pitches.  Again, I know he'll turn it around, he's the MVP for christs sake, but let's get it going now bud.

And on cue, that ball was smoked.

Bruce, on the screws, right at the fielder, he'll get one in the eighth.

Bumgarner with one of the slowest, worst moves I've ever seen.  I'm sure he has a better move that he is saving, I mean, I hope he has a better move, ha.

Votto, stranded.

Mavs win.  Lebron with a quiet triple double.  He had a layup with 30 seconds to go, down by 7 for his only 2 points in the fourth quarter.  Ouch, that's all we'll hear about on Friday.  Big game six on Sunday, of course, same time as the Reds game.  Figures.

Man, Cueto's slider is nasty tonight. Huff couldn't get the guy in from third, now we see if this loser can get it done.  Throw that same slider slow and in and he has no chance. 

Great work by Cueto, he's feeling it.  Get that guy another run.  They'll be running him out there for a seventh inning, with only 96 pitches through six.  Unless his spot comes up with a big RBI chance, then Dusty might pull him for Cairo.  We'll see.  On to the seventh.

Reds 1-0

Gomes, Renteria, Hernandez.


Thursday, June 9, 2011

Uneventful, which is good...

I like Hernandez talking to the ump there, it'll get him a strike or two for Cueto.  For the most part, the umps aren't going to just call worse to piss you off, if anything they'll give you a call to kind of say, "See, I'm calling them for you too."  So I like it, it can't hurt, unless you call him a cheesebag or something.

Cueto's swing is so funny.  It's worth it for the comedy.

Super easy inning for the Reds there.  Clinging to the one run lead now.  Bottom of the order for the Giants.

Cueto just dealing.  Dialing up 95 on the gun and just straight snapping off that slider.  He's about unhittable right now.  Need a couple insurance runs. 

1-0 Reds

Phillips, Votto, Bruce, lets go.


Won that one...

Damn, thats five out of six K's for Votto.  Cmon kid.

Five shortstops to win World Series MVP.  Hmmm, I'll agree with them so far Renteria, Dent, and Jeter.  Just guessing without looking here....Eckstein?  And I don't know, Concepcion?

Ya Jay, that was a strike.  Get em next time.

There you go Gomes, fastball down the tubes, hit it up the middle, it's easy, don't make it too hard.

You think Renteria has hit more than one ball hard in the last 30 days?  I would bet under.

We'll see what happens here, but I hate when you score a run and then give one up the next inning.  Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Big cheer by the Giants fans on that flyout to move the runner to third.  Sounds like they know the game.  Teams that play small ball have their fans cheering for that kind of game.  Not sure Reds fans react like that, which is fine, just pointing it out.

Wow, killer changeup by Cueto, so killer that Ross about impaled someone with his stick.

Hate when you have to groove one to get a strike call. Oh well, Cueto battling again.  On to the fifth.

1-0 Reds

Hernandez, Cueto, top.


Missed Chance...

Ramon loves the outside and up heater.  He looks for it, unlike anyone I've ever seen. 

Bumgarner has a nice cutter, looks like it drops right at the end, Renteria and Hernandez both have swung right over it.

God I hope Cueto yelled three or something right when he hit it.  Whether he did or not, I am going to believe he did.  That was nice.

Just so you all know, Thom Brennaman definitely would have moved the guys over in that situation.  He doesn't screw up, ever.  But for the record, I would have had Stubbs bunt, but I like to play for a run, Dusty doesn't and that's fine.

Ouch, that ended quickly, like Terrelle Pryors career.

Matt Kemp a single short of the cycle.

Brewers lose to the Mets.

When Cueto has that slider working, he's super tough to hit.  Throws what they call a heavy ball, doesn't seem to get hit hard very often.  Strikes out the side.  And we go to the third.  Scoreless still.


Votto, Bruce, Rolen, Gomes, someone just go deep.


Another boring inning...

421 to right center?  Christ.  Even Nagel couldn't put it out with a softball and he can hit it out of every park.

Two weak fly outs and an easy K.  Nothing doing that inning.  I guess Gomes got a jam shot to fall.  Maybe it's turning for him.  When it's not going well, those are caught, maybe they start falling.

Let's see if Cueto can pepper the strikezone like only he can.  These guys aren't going to rake tonight, so just put it in there and stop the free passes.

Phillips, don't use your glove, barehand everything.  Never seen a guy make so many plays barehanded.  And not only does he do it a lot but he never ever drops it, amazing.  Best play I ever saw made with the barehand, Aaron Schmitmeyer catching the pop up in foul territory where he overran it and reached back and caught it barehanded, lucky as shit.

Good inning by Cueto.  He'll get it going tonight.


Hernandez, Cueto, Stubbs.  Get on for Votto, he's due.


End of the First...

Remember that game last year when the Reds had a HUGE lead and then blew it?  Then somehow pulled it out in extras?  I remember it being an afternoon game, about gave me a heart attack.

Well the top half of that inning wasn't very exciting.  Phillips with a rip, sitting on that first pitch curve, good game plan.  That's four K's in Votto's last five at bats.  That's a funk, he'll snap out, especially because he's probably super pissed right now.  Bumgarner throws like Dave Williams use to throw.  Slow, from the side, and like a wuss.  Hopefully someone squares a few up tonight.

Four pitch walk, well, it can only get better from here.

Wow, thanks Giants.  You definitely don't steal there, unless you make it of course, then it's a good play.  DUH.

Wow, this ump is NOT giving Cueto the inside strike, had at least one there against Huff, if not two.  But as usual, Cueto is a battler.  Scoreless.


Bruce, Rolen, Gomes, Hernandez, sounds like runs, ha.



Rolen back in the lineup.  Last time he got a break he came back and went on a tear for a week. We'll take great weeks from Rolen whenever we can get them.  He's like a Gomes, but obviously better.  Bad weeks, good weeks, just hope the good weeks come when needed and get wins.

Cueto on the hill.  Hasn't really had a bad game all year, should be able to keep that going against a weak hitting team.

Bumgarner has a bad record but a good ERA.  Need to capitalize on opportunities, unlike yesterdays game.  Can't be leaving guys on third with less than two outs, kills momentum.

My pick to click today will be Phillips, he's due.  He's a streaky player as they all are so he is bound to bounce back, I see it happening this series. 

Renteria back in the lineup.  WHY??!?!?!  That's what I say.  I mean I know why, because Dusty likes to play guys in their old parks.  Ok, hopefully this is the only game he plays.  He just can't play D or hit, so what exactly does he do? 

Go Reds.


Live Blog....

We'll try to blog each inning tonight, break down as much as we can, and we'll do it during a super late game.  We'll see how much the NBA Finals breaks into the action though.


Monday, June 6, 2011

Reds Recap 6/6...

4-3 on the homestand, 31-30 overall, five games back.  Not quite 40% of the way done with the season, but dang close.  Where did the year go?  Some notes on tonights game and some thoughts on things to come.  Feel free to comment.  I know someone is reading, would like to know who if possible.  Thanks.

1. Great start by Leake tonight.  8 strong innings, peppered the strike zone.  Reds are leading the majors with walks and that has to stop.  Also had a nice RBI single.

2. How much credit does Hanigan deserve for the start?  I say none.  I hate the argument that certain catchers call great games and help the pitchers.  Bottom line is, pitchers throw the pitches, pitchers hit the spots or don't.  I agree that a certain catcher can make a pitcher feel more comfortable than another, but that shouldn't have anything to do with how they pitch that day.  Great start by Leake, coincidence that Hanigan was behind the plate.

3. If a month ago I told you that Jay Bruce would be one hit away from being a .300 hitter on June 7th how hard would you have laughed at me?  I would have been laughing at myself.  It just doesn't seem like it's really happening, but it really is.  I like the Votto comment, he said Jay just finally started hitting like he knows how.  Basically said screw it to trying to hit to all fields and crap like that.  Instead just hit the ball hard middle in and do what you do.  It's working.

4. Thom's love of Gomes is getting worse.  Saying that Gomes has the ability to carry the team more than any other player is just stupid.  When he got that RBI single Thom says, EVERYBODY is pulling for Gomes right now.  Hey Thom, are we rooting for the Reds or for Gomes?  You're confusing me.

5. Is Sean Casey getting a little kickback from Skyline every time he mentions them?  Damn.  I like Casey, he's a good dude.  Not the greatest announcer, repeats a lot, but it's ok.  I read a few tweets about how some want to make him the full time colorman.  I disagree with that, I'm still a Welsh fan.

6. Janish's WAR has got to be creeping upwards right?  Renteria should NEVER be in the game.  I realize Janish isn't the greatest shortstop in the league, but Renteria brings nothing to the table above Janish.  Let him do his job.  Guarantee you pitchers love having him in there.  They just said on Baseball Tonight that some of the sybermetrics have Janish as the best defensive shortstop in the majors.  Good to hear.

7. Reds draft a high school pitcher today in the first round.  Robert Stephenson from California.  High school player of the year in California, that has to be a good thing.  Already signed with Washington though, will be tough to get him to sign with the Reds.  We'll see I guess.

8. Just had to get this off of my chest.  How in the heck has Fukudome played 46 games, has a batting average of .310 but only has 6 RBI's?  6???  How does that happen?

9. Volquez Tuesday night.  I for one think he is going to come back strong.  His financial future depends on it.  ERA under 2 in his two starts in Louisville.  I bet he is saying a prayer or two tonight asking God to not let him give up a run in the first inning.  If he doesn't, the monkey will be removed.

Til next time...


Friday, June 3, 2011

Reds Recap 6/3....

Nice game tonight.  Some thoughts....

1. Still 3.5 games out after the Cardinals win over the Cubs.

2. Good start by Arroyo.  Hopefully this gets him going.

3. Ditto by Rolen.  He has been ice cold lately.  Sometimes it only takes one to get a guy going.

4. Two hits by Stubbs, should have been three.

5. Nice effort by Fred Lewis in the first.  I like that guy, I think he should be the every day starter.

6. My big thought for the night.  I've been thinking this for awhile but just havent said it.  Ryan Hanigan is just not a good catcher.  He can't hit at all.  I have no faith in him when he comes up to bat.  He's decent in the field but not good enough to make him untradeable or unbenchable.  About time to take a look at Mesoraco.  They say Hanigan calls a good game, but I have a feeling he wouldn't be missed. 

7. Thought for sure Votto was going to get tossed in the first.  That was an awful call on that strike but it just looked like Votto was close to losing it.

8.  You all can stick the WAR stat up your ass.  Janish's WAR is apparently bad, and yeah he isn't a great hitter but the dude can play the field.  He probably saves one run a night.  He should NOT be out of the lineup ever, especially when Renteria brings absolutely nothing to the table.

9. Gomes, K, like clockwork.

Til next time....


Game 2

That was one of the greatest games I think I've ever seen.  Wade and James were running like crazy, getting athletic dunks, doing things we could never dream of.  They also did some of the dumbest shit ever too.  If this was baseball, they would be drilled every time they came up for showing up the opposition. 

I've said this a bunch of times, but there needs to be a committee that watches games after the fact and fines players for flopping, screaming at refs for fouls when they didn't get fouled, and screaming at refs that they didn't foul when they clearly did.  It is getting way out of control and Wade is leading the way with his antics.  Jumping into a guy, sticking your elbow out, screaming, flopping and you get the call.  I mean come on man.

If Dirk does this one more time he is going to go down as a top ten player ever.  Seriously, the dude can't be stopped.  He can make anything and can score at any time.  Unbelievable player. 

The poise that the Mavs show is amazing.  They never panicked, just got some stops, hit some shots and finished the game.

I've said it a million times.  This is why they play 48 minutes, always have, always will. 

Awesome game, this will go at least six, maybe seven.  Classic series.

Oh, and Reds within 3.5, ha.

Til next time...


 - Every time a blonde has an ideia, someone die.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Reds Notes 6/1...

First I would like to say....THAT IS WHY YOU PLAY NINE INNINGS!!!!  Great win by the Reds.  Much needed.  Only counts as one, nothing more, but it just feels way bigger, that's what she said.  Especially feels better going into an off day. 

Just a few notes on what has happened in the past few weeks.

1. Of course Jay Bruce is playing out of his mind right now.  He is going to win the player of the month for May no doubt.  Never seen a guy get so many RBI's in a month.  I know it has happened before but it is ridiculous right now.  It's almost like he had a big routine change.  Like for whatever reason he thought it would always be a good idea to drink three Mountain Dews before each game or something and now he stopped doing it.  He just seems so much more calm in the box.  When he is striking out and taking bad swings he just looks so antsy.  Now it's a much more calm state with more of a plan and idea of what he is going to do.  And he is just not missing mistakes.  Some guys foul those off, some don't.  Right now Bruce isn't missing.

2. Votto's power numbers and clutchness have been way down lately.  We knew it was only a matter of time for him to break out.  Hopefully this gets him going.

3. Renteria is just pathetic.  He can't hit, he can't field, he can't run bases, I'm just not sure what exactly he does well right now.  If Janish is your starter then he should be in there every game, especially when there isn't a better player, and no way is Renteria that guy.  I say call up Cozart, make a trade, and cut Renteria.

4. Stubbs looks lost again.  He gets it, then doesn't get it, then is hot, then is pathetic.  Get use to it.

5. Don't want to hear any more crap about the bullpen being taxed Dusty.  Ok?  You have an off day and they haven't been used much the past couple of days.  That excuse is cashed, let's win some games now.

6.  Starters need to go deep into some games.  They have received three good outings of the last four.  Hopefully that continues this weekend.

7. Tonight's game ends the 20 game stretch without an off day.  Reds finished that stretch at 9-11.  Not good of course, but in the middle of the season, it's salvagable, especially with that killer road trip mixed in.  It also included ten division games that saw the Reds go 7-3.  That's something that needs to continue all year for the repeat to happen.

8. Reds have won 2 out of 3, and that's really all that matters right now.  All the rest is in the past.

9. Was just about to say the Reds were five games back, but the Giants just tied it up in the top of the ninth against the Cardinals.  I'm not going to stay up to see the outcome, so it's either four or five games when you wake up on Thursday. 

10. That's all, no number ten today worth mentioning.  Til next time.  


Stanley Cup Preview....

First things first.  Here are the results of my predictions for the Conference Finals...

Lightning vs. Bruins
Prediction...Lightning in six...Actual...Bruins in seven...

I was wrong on this one.  Great series.  Never seen two teams so evenly matched.  Great season by the Lightning, a lot of fun to watch.  This team will be back, good rookies and good veterans.  They just need to decide what they want to do at goalie.

Sharks vs. Canucks
Prediction...Sharks in six...Actual...Canucks in five...

Canucks dominated the series but the Sharks could have taken a few of those games.  Sharks again underachieve, it's just what they do I guess.

Well, so now I'm only 11 out of 14 in my predictions, which I guess isn't all that bad.


2 Boston Bruins vs. 1 Vancouver Canucks
Canucks have the best scorers, the best goalie, the best team.  Bruins suck and are lucky.  Heck, their game winning goal against the Lightning was scored by a guy that should have been suspended.  I don't really have much to say about this series.  I'll probably watch the third period of each game but that is about it.  I'll take the Canucks in five.

Til next time...