Thursday, June 9, 2011

Won that one...

Damn, thats five out of six K's for Votto.  Cmon kid.

Five shortstops to win World Series MVP.  Hmmm, I'll agree with them so far Renteria, Dent, and Jeter.  Just guessing without looking here....Eckstein?  And I don't know, Concepcion?

Ya Jay, that was a strike.  Get em next time.

There you go Gomes, fastball down the tubes, hit it up the middle, it's easy, don't make it too hard.

You think Renteria has hit more than one ball hard in the last 30 days?  I would bet under.

We'll see what happens here, but I hate when you score a run and then give one up the next inning.  Let's hope it doesn't happen.

Big cheer by the Giants fans on that flyout to move the runner to third.  Sounds like they know the game.  Teams that play small ball have their fans cheering for that kind of game.  Not sure Reds fans react like that, which is fine, just pointing it out.

Wow, killer changeup by Cueto, so killer that Ross about impaled someone with his stick.

Hate when you have to groove one to get a strike call. Oh well, Cueto battling again.  On to the fifth.

1-0 Reds

Hernandez, Cueto, top.


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