Friday, June 10, 2011

I've said it once, I'll say it again, Votto just keeps fouling off hittable pitches.  Again, I know he'll turn it around, he's the MVP for christs sake, but let's get it going now bud.

And on cue, that ball was smoked.

Bruce, on the screws, right at the fielder, he'll get one in the eighth.

Bumgarner with one of the slowest, worst moves I've ever seen.  I'm sure he has a better move that he is saving, I mean, I hope he has a better move, ha.

Votto, stranded.

Mavs win.  Lebron with a quiet triple double.  He had a layup with 30 seconds to go, down by 7 for his only 2 points in the fourth quarter.  Ouch, that's all we'll hear about on Friday.  Big game six on Sunday, of course, same time as the Reds game.  Figures.

Man, Cueto's slider is nasty tonight. Huff couldn't get the guy in from third, now we see if this loser can get it done.  Throw that same slider slow and in and he has no chance. 

Great work by Cueto, he's feeling it.  Get that guy another run.  They'll be running him out there for a seventh inning, with only 96 pitches through six.  Unless his spot comes up with a big RBI chance, then Dusty might pull him for Cairo.  We'll see.  On to the seventh.

Reds 1-0

Gomes, Renteria, Hernandez.


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