Friday, June 3, 2011

Reds Recap 6/3....

Nice game tonight.  Some thoughts....

1. Still 3.5 games out after the Cardinals win over the Cubs.

2. Good start by Arroyo.  Hopefully this gets him going.

3. Ditto by Rolen.  He has been ice cold lately.  Sometimes it only takes one to get a guy going.

4. Two hits by Stubbs, should have been three.

5. Nice effort by Fred Lewis in the first.  I like that guy, I think he should be the every day starter.

6. My big thought for the night.  I've been thinking this for awhile but just havent said it.  Ryan Hanigan is just not a good catcher.  He can't hit at all.  I have no faith in him when he comes up to bat.  He's decent in the field but not good enough to make him untradeable or unbenchable.  About time to take a look at Mesoraco.  They say Hanigan calls a good game, but I have a feeling he wouldn't be missed. 

7. Thought for sure Votto was going to get tossed in the first.  That was an awful call on that strike but it just looked like Votto was close to losing it.

8.  You all can stick the WAR stat up your ass.  Janish's WAR is apparently bad, and yeah he isn't a great hitter but the dude can play the field.  He probably saves one run a night.  He should NOT be out of the lineup ever, especially when Renteria brings absolutely nothing to the table.

9. Gomes, K, like clockwork.

Til next time....


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