Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Stanley Cup Preview....

First things first.  Here are the results of my predictions for the Conference Finals...

Lightning vs. Bruins
Prediction...Lightning in six...Actual...Bruins in seven...

I was wrong on this one.  Great series.  Never seen two teams so evenly matched.  Great season by the Lightning, a lot of fun to watch.  This team will be back, good rookies and good veterans.  They just need to decide what they want to do at goalie.

Sharks vs. Canucks
Prediction...Sharks in six...Actual...Canucks in five...

Canucks dominated the series but the Sharks could have taken a few of those games.  Sharks again underachieve, it's just what they do I guess.

Well, so now I'm only 11 out of 14 in my predictions, which I guess isn't all that bad.


2 Boston Bruins vs. 1 Vancouver Canucks
Canucks have the best scorers, the best goalie, the best team.  Bruins suck and are lucky.  Heck, their game winning goal against the Lightning was scored by a guy that should have been suspended.  I don't really have much to say about this series.  I'll probably watch the third period of each game but that is about it.  I'll take the Canucks in five.

Til next time...


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