Sunday, May 13, 2012

Ten Things I Think I Think....Reds Edition...

Ten quick thoughts after today's/tonight's huge win....

1. I think you leave the rotation alone for this 20 games in a row stretch that the Reds are on. If either Leake or Bailey becomes totally inept, then you make the change and go with someone else. If that means Chapman, LeCure, Francis, or Tomko, so be it. Just make the decision and go with it.

2. This win seems even bigger because you have to think a 3-4 week here is probably going to happen. You'd rather be .500 after that then two games under.

3. Votto's numbers jumped big time today. It almost looks like he is having a big year now.

4. I feel bad for Dusty. He has to decide every day between Chris Heisey and Ryan Ludwick. Poor guy.

5. Ludwick, Frazier, and Heisey have no chance on any curveball low and away. And every team knows it, they don't even come close.

6. Valdez is a good professional hitter, but other than that, he doesn't give you much. He has zero range.

7. If you put Champan in the rotation and Ondrusek is unavailable some night, are you comfortable with Simon, LeCure, and Arredondo coming in to shut it down in the 7th and 8th? I'm not.

8. This winning every getaway game is getting ridiculous. The Reds are 5-0 on Sunday's now.

9. Votto, Bruce, Cueto, and Chapman should all end up on the all star team. Sounds pretty good right.

10. Only 2.5 games out of the central lead and only 1.5 out of the final playoff spot. The season hasn't gone the way we all wanted, but we are hardly out of it. Season is still young, just over a fifth of the way through.


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