Thursday, March 31, 2011

Game 1 Recap 3/31.....

Holy crap.  How awesome was that?  You kind of saw it coming at the end there.  Axford was only throwing fastballs on the outside corner.  Ya he dropped a curve on Bruce, but other than that he was only throwing outside heaters.  Oh wait, Hernandez ONLY swings at outside heaters.  He was probably licking his chops on that one.  He is super clutch. 

But in true Curt Goodwin form I have to stay on par.  One game is only one game.  Nice to be 1-0 but its a long haul.  Lots of players had good games today.  Bullpen did a very good job and kept the Reds in it, and their best bullpeners didn't even pitch.  Pretty much every hitter looked good except Gomes and Janish.  And their problems were obvious, pulling their shoulders and heads like crazy.  That'll be fixed by Saturday.

Volquez gets off the hook.  Like I said, it wasn't a good game by him by any means but it wasn't so bad that I have bad vibes about him or anything.

Next game is Saturday.  Wood on the hill.  Lets hope for a first inning homer since we'll be at the cocktail hour and I want to see some fireworks on the river. 

And of yeah, I'd like to officially welcome back the 75,000 bandwagon jumpers that left after the first few innings.  Welcome back, losers, ha.  Til next time....


Opening Day 4...

Not sure who called that pitch, Hernandez or Smith.  Someone looks stupid.  McGehee has looked stupid on curveballs outside.  So throwing a 2-2 pitch as a fastball inside?  Not too bright.

Opening Day 3....

Volquez done after six.  Could have been worse.  Ya, he got hit, but I think I would rather see him give up some hits then go out there and walk people around the bases. 

Opening Day 2

Ok all you 75000 fans that jumped off the bandwagon already.  I'll allow you to come back twice this year, thats it.  After that, you're off and not allowed back.  1457 innings left in the season.  Lets all calm down. 

Good call by Dusty with the bunt there.  You have to get one run back to calm the nerves.  Hopefully it works. 

Mabye Volquez will get the ball down here and pitch a good game.  Not holding my breath though.

Bonus thought, I think Stubbs could outrun anyone in the whole major leagues.

Opening Day 1

Brian McKnight and his two sons huh?  I always said if Brian McKnight sings the National Anthem on your Opening Day, you are destined to win it all. 

Brewers have a very very good lineup.  If their pitching can hang this year, they might be in the running.

Five minutes until first pitch.  Here we go.......


Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Reds 3/30...

Landed in Columbus earlier this afternoon.  Ha, snow and sleet?  Give me a break.  Looks like the high for Opening Day is suppose to be 48.  That's cold, but I think it has been colder recently on a couple of Opening Days. 

Munch, thanks for the wedding advice.  Don't be an idiot is the best advice I've gotten so far.  I'll let Schellhause break that rule.

Burton to the DL.  He becomes the fifth guy on the DL currently.  Jordan Smith was brought up in his place.  Smith had a good year last year and has a ton of confidence so I feel good about him on the team.

Bailey and Cueto are both due to come off the DL by Friday of next week.  Hopefully they will only miss the two starts that they were originally scheduled to miss.

Opening Day lineup will be exactly as it should be....


Look for the Reds to finally get an Opening Day win.  Gallardo is good, but he isn't dominant like the starters the Reds have faced in the last few years.  Hopefully they can get some runs right out of the gate and hang on for the victory.  Yes, this is only the first game, but all 162 games count equally, so this is a big game just like all the rest.

Who is going to the game?  We'll be at the game Sunday afternoon.  Hopefully it's near 60 degrees so I don't freeze to death.  Enjoy one of the top five sports days of the year.  Til next time...


Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Reds 3/29....

Two more nights before the season starts.  I don't know when this went down, but Opening Day got changed to 2PM, I like it. 

My official prediction for the season will be for the Reds to finish first in the Central with a 88-74 record.  Second place and hot on the Reds heels will be the Brewers.  I think the Cubs will hang in until the final month and finish over .500.  I kind of see a very down year for the Cardinals.  Yes I hate them and am kind of biased, but I just don't think they can hang with their pitching and depth.  After that I see the Reds winning a game or two in the playoffs but ultimately bowing out without a series win.  Of course I hope I'm wrong, just wanted to get a prediction out there.

Other predictions....

Team MVP
Joey Votto.  I think he has nearly the same numbers as last year.  Yes his numbers were great last year, but they could have been better.  I see him having another dominant year but not exactly getting better and having a memorable year.  But of course if he puts up the same numbers, he will be in the MVP race again.

Team Cy Young
I'm going to go with Volquez.  Easy prediction I know, but I think he comes out and dominates.  He said he wants a big contract but wants to earn it.  What is a better motivator then money?  He'll be in the National League Cy Young race and finish with 18 wins.

Most Improved (Offense)
Most improved from the year before will be Hernandez. He's got a good stroke and had more lineouts then anyone last year.  I see him putting up a lot more RBI's.

Most Improved (Pitching)
Cordero.  He'll be a top notch closer again this year.

Breakout Season (Offense)
Stubbs.  I'm seeing .275, 30 jacks and 30 stolen bases.  We all can dream right?

Breakout Season (Pitching)
Homer on the starting side.  It's time dude.  Put a whole season together.  Make us loyal followers proud.  On the relief side, I see Ondrusek just being that dominant guy that most teams have for the seventh inning.  With his tall frame, he is pitching down to hitters and with his slider it'll just drop right down from the sky on them.

Weak Year (Hitting)
I see Rolen really falling off and maybe eventually getting replaced by Francisco.  I like Rolen and when he is hot, he can really rake.  He just seems like he is on his last leg and the second half of last year left a lot to be desired.

Weak Year (Pitching)
I think the dropoff starter will be Leake.  I like the guy and hope I am wrong again, but he has to hit his spots and once teams start to figure out his pattern they'll start tattooing him.  As far as the bullpen, look for Bray to finally get exposed.  When he does, hopefully Willis will be ready to step in as the early inning lefty.  Chapman will dominate the eighth so if Bray falters, it won't hurt us too bad.

Stat Predictions...
Homers   Votto
RBI's      Votto
Avg.        Bruce
SB          Stubbs
K's         Gomes
BB's       Votto

Wins       Volquez
ERA       Arroyo
K's         Volquez
GS          Arroyo
Saves     Cordero

Send in your predictions.  Put yours in writing so we can compare later.  Til next time...


Monday, March 28, 2011

Reds 3/28....

Roster set.  It's a good thing, but it was so easy because so many guys were put on the DL.  Currently Bailey, Cueto, Arredondo, and Lewis are all on the DL.  All are minor injuries and shouldn't keep them out too long, but it's worse then them not being on the team.  Official 25 man roster starting on Thursday...

Ryan Hanigan
Ramon Hernandez
Joey Votto
Brandon Phillips
Paul Janish
Scott Rolen
Edgar Renteria
Miguel Cairo
Juan Francisco
Jay Bruce
Drew Stubbs
Johnny Gomes
Chris Heisey
Edinson Volquez
Bronson Arroyo
Travis Wood
Mike Leake
Sam LeCure
Francisco Cordero
Nick Masset
Aroldis Chapman
Jared Burton
Bill Bray
Matt Maloney
Logan Ondrusek

Volky will start the first game, Wood the second, and Arroyo has the Sunday game. 

Finally got to watch a game today on the MLB Network.  Stubbs hit a freaking shot to right field for a three run dinger.  Gomes also hit a scorcher to left center.  Leake looked very good and threw 5.2 innings.  Good sign, I wasn't feeling too good about him.  Obviously it's only one game but it's his last spring start so hopefully he'll have some confidence going into the season.  Burton had a nice inning again, but the trainer came out and he left the game, hopefully there is nothing wrong there.  The best part about him is that he has longer hair growing out of the back of his cap then Leake did last year, ha.  Another nice surprise was Francisco making a few pretty good plays in left field.  Right now he would be the fifth outfielder if one was ever needed.  I like that, he can pinch hit and play infield or outfield, much better utility guy with Cairo, as far as upside goes.

Only one more spring game left then the real thing starts on Thursday.  It'll be interesting to see Dusty's lineup since he always tries to overthink things.  If I had to guess, with Gallardo on the hill, Dusty will go with....

Stubbs   LF
Phillips   2B
Votto     1B
Rolen     3B
Bruce    RF
Gomes   LF
Hernandez  C
Janish    SS
Volquez  P

The record stands at 16-14, through the spring.  Obviously it doesn't matter, but it's better than a bad record.


Sunday, March 27, 2011


Sorry, haven't really posted anything on my feelings on the tourney.  Once again, great tourney.  Lots of close games, lots of bad calls, lots of buzzer beaters, same old show.  I personally don't like the lower seeds making the finals, just doesn't seem right.  But of course they earned so good for them. Some highlights on the tourney....

Temple buzzer beater, awesome.  Juan Fernandez is a stud and will only get better next year along with the rest of the Temple team.

Butler has to have a sore ass, I don't think they can pull any more games out their ass in one year, not possible.

Notre Dame and Texas suck and blew up every one of my brackets.

Buckeyers falter again along with Duke.  Both of those teams are better than everyone else, along with Kansas, but if you have an off game, you need someone to step up, and neither of them did. 

UCONN is on freaking fire, when will they slow down?  They might win the whole freaking thing. 

Out of all the upsets, the two brackets on the left with Duke and Ohio State had ONE, count it, ONE, total upset in the first round.  Marquette over Xavier.  Crazy right?

My predictions for the remainder are Kentucky over UCONN and Butler over VCU.  Kentucky to win it all.  Calipari's first title and in one of the seasons that no one would have thought it would happen.

Prediction for next year.  UCLA to be number one.  Lots of talent coming back along with the Wear twin transfers from UNC. 


And On Cue...

Reds just informed Hermida and Willis that they will be residing in Louisville for awhile, until further notice.  So that puts us to 28.  Those cuts were expected.  More later....


Reds 3/27....

Three more spring games left.  Four more nights of sleep before a regular season game is played.  But, to be honest, I'm starting to get a little worried.  Now, I'm the kind of guy that subscribes to the whole idea that its a 162 game season and I don't get too high or too low during anytime of the year, but the stuff that has happened in the last three days can make anyone worry.  Lets look at the issues at hand...

Bailey DL.  Ya, it may just be two starts, he may be back by tax day, but as someone pointed out, the Reds like to be quiet about their injuries, so we really don't know how long he'll be out.  If it really isn't a big deal, then he should be back strong and he'll be fine.  But who knows.  Either way, it's not good for the team.

Cueto DL.  Sux that you workout all winter, come to camp, and then get tightness in your shoulder.  How does that happen?  Pitching is starting to become the biggest crapshoot in all of sports.  Apparently he is better already and they just need to get him on a program so that he can be strong again.  So Cueto may be back by tax day also, lets hope so.  Can't be without two of your top starters for the first month of the season.

Hernandez Arm Injury.  Reds are saying it's not a big deal and it's just precautionary.  I believe this one though.  I mean, a catcher gets tired throughout the season and the Reds have depth there, so why not give Hernandez a couple days off in the spring.  Saves the legs and he has caught all of these pitchers before so there isn't any need to have him out there.  He'll be good to go and should have a productive season.

Rolen Elbow Injury.  Same thing with Rolen.  He was hit by a pitch so he probably just has a bruise and they are just being cautious with him.  I'm not worried about his elbow, I'm more worried about him in general.  I just have a bad feeling that he isn't going to stay healthy this year.  Francisco I think is maturing and ready to step in though.  If he can stay away from swinging at balls outside of the zone, he could be a force, if not this year, then next year for sure.  I read somewhere that Dusty thinks he has the strongest arm in the organization.  So who knows, I want Rolen to be great again, but if he's not, I'm not totally worried.

Arroyo Mononucleosis.  Isn't that the kissing disease?  HAYOOOOO!!!  Seriously though, he should be fine, but a sickness that makes you weak?  Ya, that can't be good for your one workhouse in the starting rotation.  I think he'll be fine.  He'll be Arroyo.  16 wins, five horribly disgusting games, and 35 starts.  Most teams would take that any day. 

Chapman Getting Rocked.  Not an injury, but not good news to say the least.  Faced five guys, didn't retire one.  He may be one of those guys that needs to have adrenaline and be pitching in a real game to get fired up.  I hope that is the case and I think that is the case.  I have no worries with him in four days.

Current roster with three games left.  30 on the active roster.  Bailey and Cueto on the DL for at least two weeks.

Edinson Volquez
Travis Wood
Bronson Arroyo
Mike Leake
Sam LeCure

Francisco Cordero
Nick Masset
Logan Ondrusek
Jared Burton
Jose Arredondo
Aroldis Chapman
Bill Bray
Matt Maloney
Dontrelle Willis

Joey Votto
Brandon Phillips
Paul Janish
Scott Rolen
Edgar Renteria
Miguel Cairo
Juan Francisco

Jay Bruce
Drew Stubbs
Johnny Gomes
Fred Lewis
Jeremy Hermida
Chris Heisey

Ramon Hernandez
Ryan Hanigan
Corky Miller

Predictions again....

I think Miller will be gone because Hernandez should be ready to start the year.  If not, then Miller will be there with Hanigan, that puts us at 29. 

Dusty said he is going to take 12 pitchers, so that means two relievers need to go before the season starts.  If I had to guess, I'd say it will be Arredondo and Willis.  With LeCure becoming the fifth starter, the Reds will need a solid longman that they can trust.  That man is Maloney.  I think they wished it would be Willis, but it's just not right now, you can't trust him.  Arredondo is the same way right now.  You can't trust him.  Burton, Ondrusek, and pretty much everyone else, are having pretty good springs.  I agree that the bullpen has suddenly become the Reds best part of the team right now.  So that puts us at 27.

So now two guys need to go.  Hermida has had a pretty decent spring, but he isn't on the 40 man roster, doesn't have speed, and has options of course, so he is the logical man out.  Lewis has no options and is on the roster, and can lead off if need be.  He seems like a better option to make the team then Hermida.  One more guy needs to go.  But, even with Lewis not having options, I still think he might be the oddman out.  The reason being is because I think you have to keep Francisco for a left handed bat and protection for Rolen.  Now, Francisco could benefit from more time in the minors and you have Renteria and Cairo to play third if Rolen goes down, but you have no one on the bench as a lefty.  You would have Lewis, but he isn't a power pinch hitter that everyone needs to have at their disposal.  It'll be ineresting and I'm sure we won't know until Tuesday.

Reds vs. Diamondbacks today.


Thursday, March 24, 2011

Reds 3/24.....

Another loss today, 15-13, lots of runs given up by the pitching staff again.  Wood gave up seven runs in 5 and a third but like I said about Bailey yesterday, he got his work in, stayed away from walks and looked good at times.  He's healthy and will be ready for the season.

Jose Arredondo is starting to look like Jose Acevedo.  I know he missed all of last year, but he is not good right now. He'll be on the next cut list for sure.  His ERA is over 16 right now. 

Burton and Cordero had scoreless innings.  They have had good springs.

As far as the hitting goes, of course with 13 runs, some guys had good days.  Gomes hit his third jack and looks like he might be ready to turn the corner.  He was having a very poor spring and some are wondering why he is just being given the starting spot with Sappelt and Heisey having such good springs.  To me, Gomes should be the full time starter, but by full time I mean maybe 120 games.  Heisey should get a handful of starts too.  I fear that starting Heisey too much could result in a downward spiral for him like Bruce and Stubbs went through in their second years.  Once the opposition gets a book on you they can strike you out more. Then you adjust.  Heisey struck out a bunch last year and he may struggle at the beginning of the year.
As far as Lewis goes, he is struggling really badly.  I don't see him making the team right now.

I gave the 36 guys left in camp in Tuesday's blog.  Here are the 11 that I think will be cut by the beginning of the season.






There are some interesting parts to this roster though.  Arredondo doesn't have any options so he might be put on the DL at the beginning of the season, and then brought up when someone needs replaced, hurt or sucking. 

If Cueto starts the season on the DL then Leake or LeCure could take the 25th spot.

If Dusty wants to carry a lefty pinch hitter then Hermida or Francisco could take a spot, im just not sure who's spot they take.  Cairo?  Renteria?  I don't think Dusty puts those guys in the minors.  I could see Francisco playing a big part this year though, I just don't trust Rolen staying healthy at all.

Then there is the Sappelt factor.  Dude is batting over .530 with another homer to dead center today.  The dude just straight rakes.  How do you keep him off the roster?  You keep him off because he doesn't really have a track record.  He will play a big part once someone eventually gets hurt, just like Heisey did last year.

How do you guys think the roster will shape up?  Let me know.

Five more games until they break camp.  High of 50 and 30% chance of rain on opening day now.  That seems about right for Cincy.  Til next time....


Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Reds 3/23

Eight more nights of sleep before we get to see a regular season game.  It'll be here soon.  Interesting day for the squad though.  Lost 10-7 but some key things happened.... 

Willis walked three guys and gave up five runs in less than an inning.  He hasn't been consistent all spring, and as much as they would like to have Willis on the staff, is he really better than Chapman, Bray, and Maloney as lefties?  Right now, that answer is definitely no.  We all know the worst thing that can happen late in games is walks.  We all know how we feel when we watch and the opponents are getting free passes.  I for one do NOT want to deal with that all year.  That being said, Im not against Willis, I just want him to go to the minors and find what he lost and come back great.  Just not sure if it's in the cards.

Bailey didn't have his best outing, but I don't think it is anything to worry about.  He gave up four runs and nine hits in five innings, but he is just getting his work in.  I'd be worried if he was walking guys but he's not.  Remember in spring training pitchers don't have charts on the hitters like they do in the season, so you really just work on your pitchers and hit your spots, not necessarily pitch to the batters weaknesses.  So again, not a bad outing, just not great.

Fred Lewis might be out of the outfield race also.  I think if you have Heisey out there playing to his potential then Lewis just isn't needed.  If he makes the team, starts, and struggles, he'll be compared to Patterson and Taveras very quickly, and no, that is not a good thing.

Reds picked up Kyle McCulloch today from the White Sox.  Dude was once a first round pick.  Obviously he hasn't panned out, but for basically nothing, why not give him a chance?  It's not like the Reds are short on pitching and need him to step in now.  Maybe with a few years in the minors he'll get a coach that he clicks with and he'll get it.  I guess it's worth a shot. 

Only six more games until the Reds leave Arizona on Tuesday.  Right now the ten day forecast is calling for a high of 55 and cloudy on Opening Day.  Not great but better than the last few years.  But as we know, no one really cares, we just care that the season is back.  Til next time....


Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Reds Update

Just to let everyone know, I have been following the Reds during spring training but not nearly as close as usual.  Been more into college basketball.  But now that the season is over, its all Reds, all the time.  So if you have something to say that you know about, please comment and keep me up to date.  I'll be blogging everyday on the Reds, screw it, let's make it fun and make it ongoing, and make it a fun year.  Onto some notes.... 

35 players still in camp.  Some players playing well and getting regular season ready and others are falling back right now.  Only 9 days from opening day and its time to get this thing going. 

The strong rotation that has been talked about a lot is not looking so strong right now.  Now we all know that spring training isn't a big barometer but health is something that should be good when going into the season.  Right now Cueto looks like he will not be in the rotation when the season starts.  He has inflammation in this shoulder and will be shutdown for a week or so and won't be prepped and ready to start.  Arroyo has been out sick for a week or so and has complained that he hasn't been able to lift and get his work in.  With his history of not missing starts, there should be nothing to worry about. 

And on the non-injury front, Leake has been strugggggling.  If Cueto won't be in the rotation then Leake should step in but right now, he isn't ready.  LeCure has been on top of his game except for his last outing, so don't be surprised if he gets the nod.  Also on fire is Ondrusek, something like 7 scoreless innings in a row.

As far as the hitting goes, Votto is starting to turn it on.  He'll be ready to go along with most of the starting lineup.  Stubbs is struggling again but he's a slow starter.  Sappelt is obviously on fire and is going to help make the AAA team one of the best in the US.  Only injured player right now is Hernandez, he has a sore shoulder but can still swing the bat fine. 

Here are the 35 guys still in camp.  Expect cuts daily now or at least by Friday. 






Lets call this DAY ONE!!!!!!
(And sorry if there is some rambling, mother in law and sister in law are running their mouths, and I'm about 70% concentrating, you are sooooo jealous, ha)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Saturdays Preview

Lots of Championship games and other games.  Spreads weren't out when I posted this so you can just pick winners, no spread.  Our biggest pickem day ever.  Hopefully you get your picks in....

Michigan vs. Ohio State
Have to go with OSU.  Better team, more size, better coaching.  OSU doesn't like to blow teams out, but I still have them winning this one easily.

Clemson vs. North Carolina
Don't like either of these teams personally, both have lots of holes.  I see UNC winning it, but barely.

Kentucky vs. Alabama
I see bama winning this game.  Not sold on Kentucky and Alabama plays a tougher game.  Plus they need this game more to make the dance.  Bama in a close one.

Memphis vs. UTEP (Conference USA Championship)
This game is on UTEP's home court.  Have to believe they will win it.  Memphis has been awful on the road and haven't shown up for big games.  UTEP for the W.

Stony Brook vs. Boston University (America East Championship)
Boston is the higher seed and should win.  A lot of the times, when these small schools play, the better team usually comes out on top.  I think it will happen again.  Terriers for the W.

St. Joseph's vs. Dayton
Pretty sweet that Dayton is in this game.  I hate Xavier.  Most underrated thug university in the USA.  Glad to see them lose.  Pretty funny how Dayton gets a big win like this and then pulls the 12 seed in the semi's.  Couldn't ask for a better day really.  I see Dayton winning this game but it will NOT be easy.  Saving Gregory's job?  I hope so, ha.

Morgan State vs. Hampton (Mid Eastern Athletic Championship)
Top seeds.  No clue about either team.  Coin flip says, take Hampton.

Harvard vs. Princeton (Ivy Championship)
Ivy league title on the line.  Huge game, good teams too.  I got Harvard.

Texas San Antonio vs. McNeese State (Southland Championship)
McNeese, better team and higher seed.  They have been to the tourney a few times lately.  I'll go with experience and take State.

Kansas vs. Texas (Big 12 Championship)
Should be a good game.  Texas won at Kansas earlier in the year.  It was the day after the Kansas players parent died so they weren't totally focused.  I think Kansas is the better team and Texas is a little overrated.  Jayhawks in this one.

Louisville vs. UCONN (Big East Championship)
Very unpredictable championship game here.  On one hand you have Walker who can take over a game.  On the other hand you have Louisville who has all kinds of solid role players.  I like the way Louisville is playing.  Cardinals to win and maybe pull a two seed out of this.

Duke vs. Virginia Tech
Duke to win.  Big loss since Nolan Smith got injured.  No one really knows how long he will be out, but I don't see how he plays this next game.  I don't think Va Tech is that good and Duke has some revenge for them.  Dukies.

Michigan State vs. Penn State
Wow, no one, and I mean no one saw this matchup coming.  Are you telling me MSU might pull a Big Ten title out of their ass?  Give me a break.  The PSU win was ridiculous.  35-33???  Did they forget to play the second half?  I think MSU wins this in a rout.

Florida vs. Vanderbilt
Vandy will take care of the Gators.  They are due to beat them.  Florida has a really good team though.  They win the SEC and they coudl be looking at a 3 seed and maybe even a 2.

Grambling State vs. Alabama State (SWAC Championship)
Who knows, and who cares.  One of these teams will be playing in Dayton on Tuesday or Wednesday, that's for sure.

Akron vs. Kent State (MAC Championship)
Awesome matchup.  One of the biggest rivalries in the league.  These teams hate each other, hopefully there is a sweet fight or two.  KSU is the better team and I think they'll pull it out.

Richmond vs. Temple
The biggie.  Winner gets a spot in the finals against a not so great team.  Rematch of last years title game.  Of course I'm going to pick Temple.  If they shoot like they shot Friday, they won't be even close to getting beat.  Remember they are still playing without two of their starters, and are only playing seven guys.  Shouldnt bother them, but if they get in foul trouble, you never know.

UC Santa Barbara vs. Long Beach State (Big West Championship)
Dirtbags for the title.  I use to be a big fan.  Wore LBSU hat for many years.

Washington vs. Arizona (Pac 10 Championship)
Arizona will win this.  Way better frontcourt and better athletes.  Huskies will probably dance by getting to the title game but I don't see them pulling this out.  Derrick Williams is a stud and will probably be a top five draft pick in June.

Boise State vs. Utah State (WAC Championship)
Utah State is the better team and the nationally ranked team.  Boise State will beat them.  The Aggies don't seem to be that good, just have a good record, nothing more.

BYU vs. SDSU or UNLV (Mountain West Championship)
BYU if it is against SDSU, they have already beaten them twice this year and kind of own them.  If they play UNLV, the Rebels will knock them off.  It's on UNLV's home court.  But how about Jimmer's 52 friday night?  Wow.

Vegas in five days.  Brackets come out in 41 hours, most anticipated thing of the year.  Can't Wait.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Thursday Nights Spreads....

A few games for Thursday night.  Remember, all neutral site games....

Cincinnati vs. Notre Dame (-2)
I'm actually turning into a Cincy believer.  But I can't see them beating ND.  So ND to cover.

Ohio vs. Ball State (+3)
Bobcats to win and cover.  Repeat here we come.

Marquette vs. Louisville (-4)
Marquette to cover.  I think Louisville will win but Marquette will keep it close and it will be one of those close tourney games.

Missouri vs. Texas A&M (+3)
First off, both of these teams will be opening round losers.  Neither are good.  I think A&M covers, and probably wins.  Mizzou can't win on the road.  So bad, that if they lose here, don't be shocked if they miss the tourney based on road record.  Pathetic.

Washington State vs. Washington (-5.5)
Both teams need this to help their cause.  I say WSU to cover.  Not sure who wins, just think it will be close.

Monday, March 7, 2011

A10 First Round Prediction

LaSalle at St. Bonaventure
I think LaSalle wins this game but I hope they don't.  The Explorers have been playing pretty well lately and have give Temple two close games.  St. Bonaventure has had a good year by their standards but it is a 5:00 games so I doubt they have the big home court advantage.  I take LaSalle to win this one.

Dayton at UMASS
Dayton to win.  UMASS lost to Fordham who hadn't won a league game is 41 tries.  Dayton has to be able to beat them right?  Right???

St. Louis at Rhode Island
This will be a good game.  I don't think the Rams are a better team but I think they will be able to pull it off at home.

St. Joseph's at George Washington
GW in a rout.  They are a sleeper team.  I could see them getting by this game and then getting by Richmond in the second round.

Conference Tourney Predictions

Predictions for the Ten Big Conference Tourneys.  So really, you can guarantee these outcomes won't happen...

Duke over North Carolina
Duke is just a little better of a team and should be able to win on a neutral floor.

Temple over Duquesne
Xavier chokes every year.  They'll lose somewhere along the way.  Temple will have a tough one with Richmond, but of course I'm not going to pick against them.

Big 12
Kansas over Texas
Kansas has a tough game against Kansas State, but other than those three teams, none of the other teams are very good.

Big East
Notre Dame over St. Johns
ND looks good right now, but lets be honest, who knows about this league.

Big Ten
Wisconsin over Ohio State
Guessing that OSU's depth will have them tired and Wisconsin will wear them down in the final.  But Wisky will have to get by Purdue first.  OSU has a cakewalk to the final.

Conference USA
UTEP over Memphis
No idea, just a guess.

Kent State over Miami
Of course I want to pick OU, but I don't want to jinx them.

Mountain West
I'm picking UNLV to know off SDSU.  Then BYU won't be able to handle the Rebels on their homecourt.

Pac 10
USC playing better than Arizona and Washington right now.  This will be a good underrated tourney to watch.

Kentucky over Florida
I just hope Tennessee gets beat and misses the tourney, they suck.  Really hate Florida but they just seem to win.

Monday Nights Championship Games...

Four Championship games tonight.  Since these are all suppose to be the top teams of their various conferences, we don't need spreads to pick them.  Two kind of big games in the Colonial and West Coast Conference.  Tomorrow the big conferences get going, and we'll see some afternoon games.  Got to love those.

Virginia Commonwealth vs. Old Dominion (Colonial)
VCU has been playing well as of late and they are a good team.  They probably won't be able to get into the tourney without winning this game.  ODU on the other hand should be a tourney lock.  Because of that you would think VCU has more to play for.  Probably true, but ODU could get themselves a nice seed if they can win this game.  I think ODU takes it.

St. Peters vs. Iona (Metro Atlantic)
Don't really know much about these teams.  Iona has been in the tourney more so maybe they have some experience.  They are the higher see.  I say they win.  Actually no, I'm saying this is the upset.  St. Peters will beat Iona.

Wofford vs. Charleston (Southern)
Charleston is a good team and will be a team to reckon with in the tourney.  They should win this game but they had to pull one out in the semi's, so we'll see.  I'll Charleston in a route.

Gonzaga vs. St. Mary's (West Coast)
Big game.  Both teams will be squarely on the bubble if they lose this game.  I think St. Mary's will have the best chance to get in if they don't win, but I wouldn't count on it.  I think St. Mary's wins this game, they have better guard play and they played well last year in the NCAA tourney and have a lot of guys returning.  Either way, this should be the game of the night. 

And so begins the second best week of the season.  Next week is the best, then it's baseball season.  Vegas in ten days, Opening day in about 25, Masters in about 30.  Great time of the year.  Cue some stupid pop song as the theme. 

Saturday, March 5, 2011

Saturdays Championship Games

Big South
UNC Asheville vs. Coastal Carolina
Coastal is the pride of the conference but they have lost some bad games lately.  This one is up for grabs.

Atlantic Sun
North Florida vs. Belmont
Belmont is the best team and North Florida actually is 15-18, so we know whouls "should" win this game.

Ohio Valley
Tennessee Tech vs. Morehead State
Morehead has the NCAA's leading rebounder and they are on a tear as of late.  Should be a good game.

Saturdays Spreads

A little late I know.  Just get your picks in.  If one of the games already started then we'll still count it if you didn't look at the score.  We are on the honor system here.  Just not the BYU honor code system.

Louisville at West Virginia (-3.5)
I'm going to take Louisville to cover and this one and probably win.  They looked really good the other day.  Their white boys can crash the glass.

Kansas at Missouri (+3)
Kansas to roll.  I don't like Mizzou.  I think they are two wins from missing the tourney.

Georgetown at Cincinnati (-3.5)
Cincy in this one.  They are playing with some confidence right now.

Notre Dame at UCONN (-3)
Notre Dame for sure.  UCONN only has one player and I think Notre Dame is a pretty good team.  A sneaky Final Four pick.

Villanova at Pittsburgh (-9)
Nova to cover, but no chance to win.  They won't make it through the first weekend in the dance.

Florida at Vanderbilt (-4)
Vandy to win and cover.  Should be a good game, but they play well at home.

Duke at North Carolina (-1)
UNC to win.  Duke is going to get whooped since they don't have the home crowd whistles.

Texas at Baylor (+4)\
Texas to roll.  I know they have been struggling lately, but I just really really don't like Baylor.  They lose way too many games they should win.  They'll probably make the tourney which is laughable.  Thank God they didn't go to 96 teams.

Friday, March 4, 2011

Friday Nights Notes....

At the end of Friday night, there are 92 teams that are done, and have no chance of making the NCAA tourney.  There are 346 Division 1 teams now.  So that means 254 teams still have a chance to win it all.  Crazy, and this number will change rapidly.  Right now there are zero teams that have clinched spots.  Three will clinch on Saturday and one on Sunday.  Another could clinch on Sunday with the Princeton vs. Harvard game.  IVY League doesn't have a conference tourney but these teams have a game on Saturday to determine the league winner.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Thursday Nights Notes....

1.  St. John's goes down.  Lots of talent in the Big East.  Too many players have the ability to score it up at any time.  Because of that, everyone will lose, even a hot team like the Johnnies.

2.  Nice win by the Badgers.  Jordan Taylor is the real deal.  We'll see how he does and how the Badgers do at OSU this weekend.

3.  Heat blow another one at home against a top tier team.  This team doesn't look like a team that is going to win it all this year.  They might not even get a top 3 seed when it is all said and done.  They play something like ten straight games against winning teams, so we'll find out soon.

4.  Big game Friday night in Oxford.  Bobcats at Redhawks.  Winner gets a first round bye in the MAC Tourney.  Bobcats were 1-4 in the league just a month or so ago.  They have been on fire lately.

5  Big South has the first final set for Saturday.  Coastal Carolina vs. UNC Asheville.  Too bad UNC doesn't have that 7'4" guy anymore.  That dude was ridiculous, he could just stand there and dunk, ha.

Thursday Spreads....

Magic at Heat (-5)
Heat to win and cover.  Losing confidence in the Magic lately.  They don't quite have the scorers with Arenas not playing well.

Tennessee at South Carolina (+4.5)
South Carolina to cover and hopefully win.  I can't  believe Tennessee is still in the bubble picture, just shows you how bad the bubble is this year.  Hopefully they lose this and early in the SEC tourney and miss it all together.

UCLA at Washington (-8)
UCLA to cover.  No way they should get blown out.  They rebound too well and have too good of guards.

Wisconsin at Indiana (+6.5)
Going to go with Wisconsin to cover this one.  They don't play as well on the road but they need these wins to maybe sneak out a 2 seed if they win the Big Ten tourney.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Wednesday Nights Notes...

1. Biggest thing I noticed tonight.  The utter embarrassment that is Dayton Flyer basketball.  Talk about ugly.  Senior night, getting smacked by an 11-17 St. Louis team by 18 points?  Ouch.  That might be the final goodbye for Gregory.  If not, it should be.  Somehow with a win on Saturday they can still get a home game in the first round of the tourney though.

2.  Temple wins a tough game on the road at UMASS and clinches the two seed in the A14.  Temple is
10-1 in their last 11 games and the main reason is Lavoy Allen.  He has come to play.  In his last ten games he is averaging 13.6 points and 12 rebounds.  Domination.

3.  BYU getting smashed.  How funny is that story about their third leading scorer being suspended for the remainder of the year for breaking the honor code.  Rumor has it he got caught having sex.  Premarital sex is not allowed at BYU.  Ouch.

4.  New teams that have no reason being in the tourney discussion.  Memphis?  Get out of here.  Clemson?  See ya.  Minnesota?  Is anyone still talking about them at all? 

5.  Big wins.  UTEP and UAB got some nice wins.  They are on top of CUSA.  I know, who cares, but that league should get two teams in so it's worth noting. 

6.  Conference tourney updates.....nothing.  No upsets to speak of tonight. Small conferences, not big news.

7.  Why hasn't someone taken out Kyle Singler?  I don't mean cheap shot him and hurt him.  But he's always flying around and making loose ball plays and rebounding and stuff like that.  How has someone not bumped him in midair, shoved him out of bounds, knocked him to the floor, something?  Let him know he can't get away with that shit.  Put him on the ground.  And hearing the announcer say that Duke is being victimized by the inconsistencies of the officials made me laugh pretty hard.  Hope he was kidding.  Worst chant ever was by the Duke students tonight.  "You let the whole team down."  Wow, awful.

Wednesday Nights Spreads.....

North Carolina at Florida State (+2)
Florida State to cover.  They need a big win.

UCONN at West Virginia (-5)
West Virginia to win and cover.  They'll beat up UCONN.  UCONN is weak.

Cincinnati at Marquette (-5.5)
Marquette to cover.  They are getting hot at the right time and I see Cincy losing and spiraling into missing the tourney.

Texas A&M at Kansas (+13)
Texas to cover.  Should keep this game close.

Clemson at Duke (-13)
Same thinking, Clemson to cover.  Clemson sucks but I think they'll keep it within reason.

Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Tuesday Nights Notes

Plan on doing some notes everyday if I can through March.  March Madness is upon us and the excitement is about to begin.  Conference Tournaments started today and the action won't stop until April 4th.  Some teams are trying to get in the tourney, some are trying to win their tourney to get in.  Bottom line, everyone has a chance.  For some, it only takes ten straight wins to be National Champions.  Lets do this.

1.  Go Bobcats.  OU has now 8 out of 10 league games and have moved to 9-6 in league.  They play at Miami on Friday night.  A win could get them a first round bye in the MAC Tourney.  Never could have seen that coming a few weeks ago.  DJ Cooper is a stud.

2.  Virginia Tech, ha, they suck.  So funny how Vitale said like five teams Saturday after the Duke win that the Hokies are a lock since they beat Duke.  Uh, no, you aren't a lock with a 19-9 record in a weak ACC and you lose at home by 15 to Boston College.  You're still on the bubble, but hardly a lock.

3.  Didn't watch the OSU game, but I can see by the score that they are the real deal.  They probably have the best starting five in college basketball.  People say they arent deep, I say who cares.  If you can stay out of foul trouble, then you are good.  You don't get tired in college basketball when there are tv timeouts every four minutes. 

4.  Baylor, give me a break.  You're done.  Book your NIT tickets.

5.  Illinois.  Do they deserve to be in?  I don't think so, but some do.  8-9 in the Big Ten and 12 losses overall?  Seems like a reach for me, but who knows.

6.  Big South and Horizon league tournaments kicked off.  Only upset of note was #2 Liberty going down to #7 High Point.  Ya, no one cares, but it's interesting to see some of these teams because one of them will pulll a big first round upset in the dance.

7.  Haley Snodgrass dropped a nice 5-0 today in the spreads picks.  She's still below .500 overall, but she has won five straight, no denying that.  Congrats.

Tuesday Nights Spreads...

Alabama at Florida (-6)
Florida to win and cover and expose Alabama as a fraud.  They just are not a good team.

Illinois at Purdue (-9.5)
Purdue to cover and expose  Illinois as a fraud.  I can't believe they are still considered in the tourney on a lot of these projections.  They aren't good and can't beat anyone.

Missouri at Nebraska (-1.5)
Nebraska to win and cover.  Mizzou is one of the worst road teams in the country.  Can't see them pulling this one out.

Ohio State at Penn State (+6.5)
Penn State to cover.  Not callling the victory here, but I think they will keep it closer then seven.

Vanderbilt at Kentucky (-8)
Vandy to cover.  In fact, if there was a time to pick a straight up road upset, I think this would be my pick.  Kentucky's home win streak is going down tonight against the 'dores.

15 days everyone, can't wait!!!!