Sunday, March 27, 2011

Reds 3/27....

Three more spring games left.  Four more nights of sleep before a regular season game is played.  But, to be honest, I'm starting to get a little worried.  Now, I'm the kind of guy that subscribes to the whole idea that its a 162 game season and I don't get too high or too low during anytime of the year, but the stuff that has happened in the last three days can make anyone worry.  Lets look at the issues at hand...

Bailey DL.  Ya, it may just be two starts, he may be back by tax day, but as someone pointed out, the Reds like to be quiet about their injuries, so we really don't know how long he'll be out.  If it really isn't a big deal, then he should be back strong and he'll be fine.  But who knows.  Either way, it's not good for the team.

Cueto DL.  Sux that you workout all winter, come to camp, and then get tightness in your shoulder.  How does that happen?  Pitching is starting to become the biggest crapshoot in all of sports.  Apparently he is better already and they just need to get him on a program so that he can be strong again.  So Cueto may be back by tax day also, lets hope so.  Can't be without two of your top starters for the first month of the season.

Hernandez Arm Injury.  Reds are saying it's not a big deal and it's just precautionary.  I believe this one though.  I mean, a catcher gets tired throughout the season and the Reds have depth there, so why not give Hernandez a couple days off in the spring.  Saves the legs and he has caught all of these pitchers before so there isn't any need to have him out there.  He'll be good to go and should have a productive season.

Rolen Elbow Injury.  Same thing with Rolen.  He was hit by a pitch so he probably just has a bruise and they are just being cautious with him.  I'm not worried about his elbow, I'm more worried about him in general.  I just have a bad feeling that he isn't going to stay healthy this year.  Francisco I think is maturing and ready to step in though.  If he can stay away from swinging at balls outside of the zone, he could be a force, if not this year, then next year for sure.  I read somewhere that Dusty thinks he has the strongest arm in the organization.  So who knows, I want Rolen to be great again, but if he's not, I'm not totally worried.

Arroyo Mononucleosis.  Isn't that the kissing disease?  HAYOOOOO!!!  Seriously though, he should be fine, but a sickness that makes you weak?  Ya, that can't be good for your one workhouse in the starting rotation.  I think he'll be fine.  He'll be Arroyo.  16 wins, five horribly disgusting games, and 35 starts.  Most teams would take that any day. 

Chapman Getting Rocked.  Not an injury, but not good news to say the least.  Faced five guys, didn't retire one.  He may be one of those guys that needs to have adrenaline and be pitching in a real game to get fired up.  I hope that is the case and I think that is the case.  I have no worries with him in four days.

Current roster with three games left.  30 on the active roster.  Bailey and Cueto on the DL for at least two weeks.

Edinson Volquez
Travis Wood
Bronson Arroyo
Mike Leake
Sam LeCure

Francisco Cordero
Nick Masset
Logan Ondrusek
Jared Burton
Jose Arredondo
Aroldis Chapman
Bill Bray
Matt Maloney
Dontrelle Willis

Joey Votto
Brandon Phillips
Paul Janish
Scott Rolen
Edgar Renteria
Miguel Cairo
Juan Francisco

Jay Bruce
Drew Stubbs
Johnny Gomes
Fred Lewis
Jeremy Hermida
Chris Heisey

Ramon Hernandez
Ryan Hanigan
Corky Miller

Predictions again....

I think Miller will be gone because Hernandez should be ready to start the year.  If not, then Miller will be there with Hanigan, that puts us at 29. 

Dusty said he is going to take 12 pitchers, so that means two relievers need to go before the season starts.  If I had to guess, I'd say it will be Arredondo and Willis.  With LeCure becoming the fifth starter, the Reds will need a solid longman that they can trust.  That man is Maloney.  I think they wished it would be Willis, but it's just not right now, you can't trust him.  Arredondo is the same way right now.  You can't trust him.  Burton, Ondrusek, and pretty much everyone else, are having pretty good springs.  I agree that the bullpen has suddenly become the Reds best part of the team right now.  So that puts us at 27.

So now two guys need to go.  Hermida has had a pretty decent spring, but he isn't on the 40 man roster, doesn't have speed, and has options of course, so he is the logical man out.  Lewis has no options and is on the roster, and can lead off if need be.  He seems like a better option to make the team then Hermida.  One more guy needs to go.  But, even with Lewis not having options, I still think he might be the oddman out.  The reason being is because I think you have to keep Francisco for a left handed bat and protection for Rolen.  Now, Francisco could benefit from more time in the minors and you have Renteria and Cairo to play third if Rolen goes down, but you have no one on the bench as a lefty.  You would have Lewis, but he isn't a power pinch hitter that everyone needs to have at their disposal.  It'll be ineresting and I'm sure we won't know until Tuesday.

Reds vs. Diamondbacks today.


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