Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughts on Manning to the Broncos...

I just wanted to put my thoughts out there on the ongoing Manning soap opera.  It is going to end here this week so I thought I would let you know where I stand.  Here we go.

Do I want Peyton Manning to sign with the Denver Broncos?  Hell yes.  I want the Broncos to go for it and make the deal and go for titles.  With Manning you have a shot to win it all for the next three years.  With Tebow, you have a chance to be mediocre for the next ten years.  Elway isn't going to settle for mediocrity.  They have had Tebow for two years, and he played for four years in college and still doesn't have the abilities that most NFL QB's have.  He just won't ever be great, he just won't, sorry.  So you draft a QB this year in the third round, someone that Elway likes, and let him sit for a couple of years and when Peyton is done, he steps in and takes over.  Once Manning wins a few games, Tebow will be forgotten in Denver.

Why do I think Manning should pick Denver?  Look at their defense?  It's mostly young guys.  Dumervil, Miller, and Ayers are really good.  They have some safeties that are young.  Plus Fox is a defensive minded coach and they just signed Jack Del Rio to be defensive coordinator.  Those two guys are very respected throughout the league, they'll get some good guys to come play there.  They have like the third most salary cap space too.  Look at their receivers.  Demaryius Thomas is a beast, Eric Decker is really good route runner, Matthew Willis is up and coming.  Sign Reggie Wayne and they have one of the better receiver corps in the league.  Manning has to be thinking, "This team made the playoffs and won a game with a hideous offense.  If I put up 24 points a game at least, they would win 11 games easy."  The AFC West isn't exactly a powerhouse either, so the division is there for the taking.

You absolutely have to love John Elway.  How ballsy is this guy?  He knows that he doesn't want Tebow for the future.  I'm sure he likes Tim and wants him to succeed, but he knows he will not get the Broncos to the promise land.  He also knows that if he trades Tebow or brings in a rookie and starts him, his house will probably get burnt down and his legacy will be gone in Denver.  He knows that if any other QB plays and throws one incomplete pass the crowd will be on his ass so hard it will be a joke.  So how does he get out of this?  Sign Peyton Manning.  Brilliant!!!  The best part is what I mentioned earlier, Tebow won't be great.  So it's not like they will trade him and he'll come back to haunt them and be one of the best QB's in the game, it just won't happen.  Ya, maybe they'll trade him to Jacksonville and he'll be an icon, sell jerseys, fill the seats, win some games, but will he win a Super Bowl?  Hell no, not in the NFL. 

So Curt, you obviously hate Tebow, you hater.  Not true, I love Tebow.  Well, not as much as most, but I like him.  Here is what I wonder.  You honestly don't think Tim Tebow couldn't do what Peyton Hillis does?  Sure he could.  He's fast, he's obviously a bad ass and impossible to tackle.  So why not make him a fullback?  Could you imagine a third and one in a big spot and they hand it to Tebow and he trucks a guy for a first down and comes up flexing and screaming?  The place would go nuts.  Just because he isn't the QB doesn't mean he wouldn't have an impact on the team.  How many great leaders in the game aren't QB's?  A ton of them. 

And if they get Manning we will find out who the Broncos fans are, and who the Tebow fans are.  Believe me, there is a huge difference and I want the Tebow fans gone.  You annoy me. 

One last thought, what if Manning signs somewhere else now?  That won't be good.  Elway will look bad and will have to go with Tebow.  Tebow can say all he wants about it not affecting him, but how could it not.  He knows they don't see him in the future.  It could get ugly, and I don't want to see that happen.  I just want the Broncos to win, and that's honestly all I care about.  Do the right thing Peyton, join the good guys and take us back to where we belong.


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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Blog Before the Selection...

Well, we're here, thank God.  I've been unable to blog the last couple days so I'm catching up and breaking it down here before 6PM.  I show 265 teams officially done.  I have 31 automatic bids and 24 at large locks.  That leaves us with 24 Zombie teams and a total of 79 teams that I feel are still alive in the chase for the title.  Here is who I show remaining.

UNC Asheville, Murray State, Belmont, Creigton, Virginia Commonwealth, Loyola (MD), St. Mary's, Davidson, Western Kentucky, Harvard, Detroit, South Dakota State, LIU Brooklyn, Lehigh, Montana, Vermont, Memphis, Norfolk State, Lamar, Colorado, Mississippi Valley State, Ohio, Long Beach State, Louisville, New Mexico State, New Mexico, Missouri, Vanderbilt, Florida State, St. Bonaventure, Michigan State

Wichita State, Gonzaga, Kansas State, Georgetown, Marquette, Iowa State, Temple, Syracuse, Kansas, Purdue, Indiana, UNLV, Notre Dame, Florida, Baylor, Duke, Wisconsin, Michigan, San Diego State, St. Louis, Cincinnati, Kentucky, North Carolina, Ohio State

I am putting these teams in order of RPI with a note on whether they will get in or not.  These are clearly guesses, I'm not trying to act like I know who will get in or not.  A few of these teams we are pretty sure will be in, and a few will most definitely be out.  But would you be surprised if any of them missed out or made it?  Not entirely, so that's why they are on this list.  13 of these teams will get in.

Southern Mississippi (21) Should get in, 9-5 against the RPI Top 100.
Colorado State (30) Should get in, but a 3-9 road record?  Uh oh.
Connecticutt (32) They'll get in, Big East, no doubt.
Alabama (36) Will probably get in, but also a bad road record at 4-7.
California (37) Zero wins over the Top 50 RPI, I think that kicks them out.
Iona (40) Also zero wins over the Top 50 RPI, they are probably out.
Xavier (41) Four Top 50 wins will get them in.
Marshall (44) 13 overall losses and 5-8 on the road.  I think they make it.
BYU (46) Only one Top 50 win but a good road record, probably make it.
North Carolina State (49) Only one tp 50 win, but a 23 SOS, probably make it.
Texas (50) 4 Top 50 wins and a 19 SOS.  They probably get in.
Oral Roberts (51) 2 Top 50 wins but a SOS of 193 will be their downfall.  They're out.
South Florida (52) 12-6 in the Big East, that has to count.  They make it.
Virginia (53) Loss 5 out of last 8, 86 SOS, just not enough, out.
Central Florida (54) 6 losses in CUSA and 3-8 on the road, they are out.
West Virginia (57) Don't deserve it, but they'll make it, probably with 9 Top 100 wins.
Miami (60) Only 3 Top 100 wins and 5-8 on the road.  Out.
Oregon (64) Zero top 50 wins, no way, they are out.
Drexel (66) 19 straight wins at one time, tough Colonial conference, they make it.
Nevada (67) Zero top 50 wins but 13-1 in conference.  Out.
Seton Hall (68) 8-10 in conference, that has to put you out.
Washington (71) High RPI, regular season PAC 12 champs, ughhh, they make it.
Mississippi State (75) 2 Top 50 wins but only 3 road wins out, not enough, out.
Arizona (76) Positive road record, one top 50 win, not enough, out.

This will be an interesting bracket.  I have Kentucky, Syracuse, Missouri, and Michigan State as my one seeds, but UNC is right there too.  Let me know what you think. 


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Saturday, March 10, 2012

Quick Saturday Morning Count

DEAD. 257

Added Zombies from Friday, Virginia, Alabama, Southern Mississippi, Central Florida, Tennessee, Colorado State, Miami, Texas, and California.

At large locks added were, Temple, Ibdiana, Syracuse, Kansas, Purdue, Notre Dame, and UNLV.

Been on the road the last couple of days. Will have a thorough count Sunday morning. Only two days of basketball left before the Selection.

Friday, March 9, 2012

Friday Morning Update

After I went to bed we lost four more teams and added three more Zombies. The breakdown.

Mountain West - Wyoming
WAC - Utah State
Conference USA - UAB
Big West - UC Riverside

PAC 12 - Oregon (They are in trouble.)
SEC-Mississippi State (Seriously in trouble)
Big East - South Florida ( Should be in)

108 still alive. 236 officially done.

Awesome Friday action to come. Go Owls and Bobcats.


Thursday, March 8, 2012

Three Days Left....

Another 35 teams were eliminated from the title race tonight.  A few more will lose tonight, but I'm going to bed at midnight.  The others will be updated in the morning.  That leaves us with 112 teams left at Midnight of Thursday night.  We also added 2 Zombies to the list along with 4 At Large locks.  Here is the breakdown.

Big 12 - Texas A&M, Oklahoma State
Big 10 - Penn State, Illinois, Northwestern, Nebraska
Mountain West - Boise State, TCU, Air Force
ACC - Wake Forest, Boston College, Clemson, Georgia Tech
SEC - Arkansas, South Carolina, Auburn
Conference USA - East Carolina, Tulsa, UTEP
SWAC - Prairie View A&M, Alabama State
WAC - Idaho, Fresno State, San Jose State
Big West - Pacific, Cal State Fullerton, UC Davis,
MEAC - Delaware State, UNC Central
Pac 12 - UCLA, Stanford
Southland - Stephen F Austin, Texas Arlington
MAC - Western Michigan, Toledo

Big 12 - Kansas State, Iowa State
Big East - Georgetown, Marquette

Big East - UCONN (They have a handful of top 50 wins, and road wins, they should be in.)
Pac 12 - Washington (RPI is horrendous, nothing is good, but they won the Pac 12 regular season crown, have to at least be in the conversation.)

Total Breakdown...

ALIVE                         112 
AUTO BID                    15 
AT LARGE LOCK         6
ZOMBIE                         8

DEAD                          232

TOTAL                        344


Ucla Basketball

Championship Week 3

Four days left, 147 teams remain in the hunt. Wednesdays games saw 25 teams lose out, 3 earned auto bids, and 2 were added to the Zombie column. Here is the breakdown.

Big East – Pittsburgh, Villanova
Conference USA - Rice, Southern Methodist, Houston, Tulane
Southland - Sam Houston State, Northwestern State, Nicholls State, UTSA
SWAC - Alabama A&M, Jackson State
PAC 12 - Washington State, USC, Arizona State, Utah
MEAC - Savannah State, Howard
Mid American - Northern Illinois, Central Michigan
Big 12 - Oklahoma, Texas Tech
Northeast - Robert Morris
Patriot - Bucknell
Big Sky - Weber State

Northeast - LIU Brooklyn (Didn't look very good and Spike Lee was their biggest fan.)
Patriot - Lehigh (Good team and beat a good team in Bucknell. They'll be a tough out.)
Big Sky - Montana (Going to be a super tough out. They won a game in 2006 over Nevada.)

West Virginia - Probably will be in, but I would hardly call them a lock. Not a good team, but has some decent wins.
Seton Hall - Have lost 10 or 15 and have beat the bottom feeders of the Big East this year. Doesn't look like this team will make it, but they are squarely on the bubble.

ALIVE                           147
AUTO BID                      15
AT LARGE LOCK           2
ZOMBIE                           6 (BYU, Iona, Oral Roberts, Drexel, West Virginia, Seton Hall)

DEAD                           197

TOTAL                         344

Last six tourneys start on Thursday. Here are my quick predictions.

North Carolina is the class of the league and honestly, the only good team. Duke has big holes, Florida State can't score, and the others just aren't good. I got UNC.

BIG 10
Same thing with this league, I think OSU and Michigan State are good. The others? Just not sure about any of them. Indiana and Michigan are overrated. Wisconsin can't score. Purdue is short handed. Just not sure about this conference. I think Ohio State wins it.

Long Beach State is going to run this one. Only loss came in the last game and probably got them refocused.

Tourney is on UNLV's home floor. For that reason I'll take them. No other team in the conference has really stepped up either.

Can you really pick anyone other than Kentucky? I don't think so.

Idaho Vandals for the win. They beat New Mexico State and Nevada this year, so they can do it again.

No title games Thursday. Just a few important games...


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Tuesday, March 6, 2012

Championship Week 3!!

Well, after another 19 went down tonight, we now have 172 alive and 172 dead.  We have reached the top of the hill, and are on the way down.  Here is the breakdown from Tuesday night.

Big East - Depaul, St. John's, Providence, Rutgers
MEAC - Morgan State, North Carolina A&T, Maryland Eastern Shore, South Carolina State, Coppin State
Atlantic 10 - Richmond, Charlotte, George Washington, Duquesne
Sun Belt - North Texas
Big Sky - Portland State, Eastern Washington
Ivy - Pennsylvania
Horizon - Valparaiso
Summit - Western Illinois

Sun Belt - Western Kentucky (Congrats, now make your plans for Dayton for the Opening Round.)
Ivy - Harvard (First time in the dance since the 1940's.  Has to feel good.)
Horizon - Detroit (McCallum staying in Detroit with his dad has paid off.  Nice win.)
Summit - South Dakota State (Going to the dance for the first time.  They'll be a tough out.)

Where we stand with five days of basketball left until the committee selects....

ALIVE                          172
AUTO BID                     12
AT LARGE LOCK         2
ZOMBIE                         4 (BYU, Iona, Oral Roberts, Drexel)

DEAD                           172

TOTAL                         344

Five more tournaments start on Wednesday.  Here are my quick predictions.

I'll go with the two seed Texas Southern in this one.  Mississippi Valley State has dominated the league but Southern lost to them in OT once and by three the other time.  The tourney is in Texas and I think they get the job done here.

Texas Arlington was undefeated in the conference until the last game.  That loss probably makes them hungry, they'll take this crown.

PAC 12
Always been an Arizona fan.  Bad loss for them at Arizona State last week.  They know they need this tourney to make the dance.  They will have Washington in the semi's and they lost to them twice.  Arizona doesn't go down the third time.  Arizona to win it.

Memphis has won 8 out of 9.  Tourney is in Memphis.  I think they take this one.

BIG 12
I don't see how it won't be Kansas vs. Missouri III for this title.  Missouri I believe has the better individual players, but Kansas has the better team.  But in these kind of playoff games, it seems like the team with the better players wins.  I'll take Missouri.

Five tourney champs so far, I've picked 5 correct.  Just going for 50%.  A good 20 or so teams could go down on Wednesday.  Business is picking up.  See ya tomorrow.


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Monday, March 5, 2012

Championship Week 2

Monday is in the books.  Six more days to go until the dance.  Nine more teams saw their dreams dashed, four got automatic bids, one is now considered an at large lock, and two were added to the Zombie list.  Here is the quick breakdown from Monday's action.

Mid American - Miami, Oh, Eastern Michigan, Ball State, Bowling Green
Sun Belt - Arkansas State, Denver
Metro Atlantic - Fairfield
Southern - Western Carolina
Summit - Southern Utah

Colonial - Virginia Commonwealth (Hoping to repeat their Final Four run)
Metro Atlantic - Loyola, MD (24-8 this year, team plays hard, good coach)
West Coast - St. Mary's (Great win over Gonzaga.  This team will be in the Sweet Sixteen.)
Southern - Davidson (Dominated their conference this year.  Will be a tough out like usual.)

West Coast - Gonzaga (Once again will be a tough out in the dance.  Probably a better team than the one's they have had in recent years.)

Colonial - Drexel (It would be hard to see them not make it, but crazier things have happened.  They won 19 straight in a pretty good conference before the championship loss.  27-6 overall)
Summit - Oral Roberts (Brutal loss for them in the semifinals.  RPI of 49 and 3-3 against the top 100.  I can't see them making it, but again, we've seen stuff like this happen so I'll keep them in the conversation.)

Updated count...

ALIVE                      191
AUTO BID                 8
ZOMBIE                    4 (BYU, Iona, Drexel, Oral Roberts)

DEAD                       153

TOTAL                     344

Four more auto bids could be had on Tuesday.  Championship games in the Horizon, Summit, and Sun Belt conferences.  Also, with a Penn loss, Harvard would clinch the Ivy and get a bid.

Two more tourneys get under way on Tuesday.  Here are my predictions.

Temple all the way.  They have a first team, second team, and third team all conference player.  The coach of the year is on Temple.  They won the regular season, have the highest RPI in the conference, the best profile, and Atlantic City is dang near home for them.  They are definitely the team to beat.

Syracuse.  Not because they are the top seed, but other than Marquette, they are really the only good team in the conference.  Georgetown, Louisville, Cincinnati, and Notre Dame are your other good teams?  Sounds like an all overrated list.


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Sunday, March 4, 2012


Here we are, second best week of the year is here.  Last chance for some bubble teams to make a statement and get in the dance.  Sunday saw another 16 teams lose out on their chance, one punched their ticket, and one more was added to the Zombie line. George Mason was close to the Zombie line but with a 79 RPI, I had to bury them for good.  Here is the rundown on that...

Added to the dead column...

Northeast - Wagner, Quinnipiac
Colonial - Old Dominion, George Mason
Missouri Valley - Illinois State
Metro Atlantic - Siena
America East - Albany, Hartford
Southern - UNC Greensboro, Elon
Sun Belt - Middle Tennessee, Louisiana Lafayette, South Alabama, Arkansas-Little Rock
Summit - North Dakota State, Oakland

Automatic Bid taken by...
Creighton wins the Missouri Valley Conference and should be looking at a top 8 seed in the tourney.

Dead but still alive, Zombie additions....
Metro Atlantic - Iona
(I understand they are a long shot and most have them out, but I'm just not ready to put them in the dead column.  They have a 41 RPI right now and they are 5-3 against the Top 100.  I say they are still in the conversation.)


ALIVE                            200
AUTO BID                       4
AT LARGE LOCK           1
ZOMBIE                           2

DEAD                             144

TOTAL                           344

Two more tourneys start on Monday the 5th.  Here are my quick predictions....

Hmm, I'll go with the Bobcats of Ohio.  Yeah, that's my alma mater, but there is more to my prediction then just that.  They destroyed Akron this year, they beat Buffalo twice, they destroyed Kent, they just play to their competition too much and seem to not be motivated all the time.  Well, with an auto bid on the line, they'll be motivated and they'll get it done and get to the dance for the second time in three years.

Savannah State has ripped off 13 straight and looks to have this one in the bag.  Would take a major upset to knock them off.

Four more championship games on Monday night.  Just a reminder of my predictions from earlier in the week...

Colonial - I took VCU, still think they will win it.
Metro Atlantic - I took Iona, they bowed out, so it'll be Farfield or Loyola, MD.
Southern - I took Davidson and they are still the favorite.
West Coast - My BYU pick fizzled out, so it'll be either Gonzaga or St. Mary's, the best of the West.

Only looking at about 9 teams to go down on Monday, weak day, but still important.  Enjoy.


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8 Days Left....

Saturday ended with 34 teams taking the plunge.  We finally got our first auto bids, first at large lock, and first Zombie Team.  Here is the quick breakdown of what happened on March 3rd.

Teams that died...

Colonial - UNC Wilmington, Delaware, Northeastern, Georgia State
Big South - Virginia Military Institute
Southern - Appalachian State, Wofford, Furman, Georgia Southern
America East - Binghamton, New Hampshire, Maine, Boston University
Ohio Valley - Tennessee State
Patriot - American University, Lafayette
Mid Atlantic - Rider, Marist, Niagara, Manhattan
Big Sky - Idaho State, Montana State
Missouri Valley - Evansville
Southland - Texas State
Horizon - Cleveland State, Butler
SWAC - Southern
West Coast - San Francisco
Sun Belt - Troy, Florida Atlantic, Florida International
Summit - IPFW, IUPUI
Atlantic Sun - Florida Gulft Coast

Automatic Bids Granted....

Big South - UNC Asheville
Ohio Valley - Murray State
Atlantic Sun - Belmont

Zombie team added....

West Coast - BYU
(I think BYU is in, but I could see how they would be left out, RPI of 46 and 5-6 against the Top 100, it's iffy.  Do you think BYU should be moved out of this category and into the At Large Lock category?)

At Large Lock team....

Missouri Valley - Wichita State
(Lost in their conference semifinals.  They are 14th in the RPI and 6-3 against the Top 100, this team is a lock to make the dance.  Anyone not agree?)

Here is our current count....

TOTAL ALIVE           216
AUTO LOCK                3
ZOMBIE                        1

DEAD                          128

TOTAL                        344

Only one title game today and that's in the Missouri Valley Conference.  A win by Illinois State would pop someones bubble come next Sunday.  A total of 16 teams could get the dagger today.  7 days until Selection Sunday, almost there.  Have fun.


Could have used him last night...

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Saturday, March 3, 2012

Championship Week Status?!?!?!

Well, we are finally here, Championship Week.  A possible four champions could be crowned today with automatic bids going with them.  Championship games to be played in the Atlantic Sun, Big South, and Ohio Valley Conferences.  Harvard also has a chance to win the Ivy League with a win and a Pennsylvania loss.  But we also have to recognize the teams that lost their title chances on Friday.  A total of 24 teams blew their chance yesterday.  Those teams are:

Missouri Valley - Indiana State, Northern Iowa, Drake, Missouri State
Southern - College of Charleston, The Citadel, Samford, Chattanooga
Colonial - James Madison, Towson, William & Mary, Hofstra
Atlantic Sun - East Tennessee State, Mercer
Horizon - Youngstown State, Milwaukee
Ivy - Princeton, Yale
Ohio Valley - Tennessee Tech, Morehead State
Mid Atlantic - St. Peters, Canisius
West Coast - Loyola Marymount, San Diego

That puts us at a total of 94 teams out and 250 remaining in this thing.  We have yet to add a zombie team.  No team has lost in their tourney but still have a shot at making the big dance.  That's probably a good thing for your "bubble teams" because no one has stolen a bid yet.  Don't worry though, it'll happen soon, and probably frequently.  Here is your breakdown for your records...

ALIVE                     250
ZOMBIE                    0
AUTO BID                0

DEAD                       94

TOTAL                    344

Three more tourneys kick off their tourneys today.  Here are my quick predictions....

I'll go with Montana in this one.  Weber State is really good and can definitely win it, but Montana beat Weber State in the last game of the regular season to capture homecourt for this tournament.  Because of that advantage, I see Montana taking care of business as the one seed.

Not much insight here, just going to take Denver.  I watched them play Middle Tennessee State a few weeks ago and they worked them pretty good.  It was at home though, and Denver is only the three seed in this tourney so maybe they aren't the favorite.  But beating the top seed earlier in the year should give you some confidence, we'll see.  Oh, and I'm a Broncos fan, so I have a soft spot for Denver.

Oral Roberts is the one seed but South Dakota State beat them earlier in the year and they play this tourney in South Dakota.  For that reason I'll go with SDSU. 

And to update my predictions so far.  I have UNC Asheville winning the Big South today.  I also have Murray State in the OVC.  But I had Mercer in the Atlantic Sun, they were ousted yesterday.  Hoping to shoot over 50% in the 30 tourneys, probably won't happen.  Enjoy Saturday's games, full slate.


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Friday, March 2, 2012

Dead, Alive, or Zombie?!?!?!

Thursday's action saw another 16 teams go down.  That brings us to a total of 70 teams now completely out of the National Title picture.  274 still can say they have a shot.  Although after watching Kentucky, does anyone other than them really have a shot?  The 16 that went down Thursday were....

North Florida
Sacred Heart
Southeast Missouri State
St. Francis, NY
Central Connecticutt State
Southern Illinois
Jacksonville State
USC Upstate
Charleston Southern

Updated count....

ALIVE                    274
ZOMBIE                   0
AUTO BID                0

DEAD                      70

TOTAL                   344

Tourneys starting on Friday....

Davidson is the class of this conference for sure.  They should be able to win this one going away.  They don't have homecourt or anything so they could get upset, but don't count on it.

This is going to be one of the more exciting tourneys in the NCAA this year.  George Mason and VCU are good just like they usually are.  Drexel has won 17 straight games.  Old Dominion can never be counted out.  Although I'm counting them out because they haven't beat any of the top teams this year.  I'll say Drexel is due to lose a game and I'll pick VCU to take this one.  Anyone's guess though.

Iona is the team to beat here.  They are number one in the nation in Points and assists.  They are second in the nation in field goal percentage.  These guys can score, they can't guard, but when you can put up that many points, you are definitely in every game.  I'll take them.

Possible 23 more teams could go down Friday.  And maybe we could even get to add one to the zombie section tonight if a bubble team falters.  Only 10 days of basketball left until the committee chooses their teams.  Enjoy.


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