Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thoughts on Manning to the Broncos...

I just wanted to put my thoughts out there on the ongoing Manning soap opera.  It is going to end here this week so I thought I would let you know where I stand.  Here we go.

Do I want Peyton Manning to sign with the Denver Broncos?  Hell yes.  I want the Broncos to go for it and make the deal and go for titles.  With Manning you have a shot to win it all for the next three years.  With Tebow, you have a chance to be mediocre for the next ten years.  Elway isn't going to settle for mediocrity.  They have had Tebow for two years, and he played for four years in college and still doesn't have the abilities that most NFL QB's have.  He just won't ever be great, he just won't, sorry.  So you draft a QB this year in the third round, someone that Elway likes, and let him sit for a couple of years and when Peyton is done, he steps in and takes over.  Once Manning wins a few games, Tebow will be forgotten in Denver.

Why do I think Manning should pick Denver?  Look at their defense?  It's mostly young guys.  Dumervil, Miller, and Ayers are really good.  They have some safeties that are young.  Plus Fox is a defensive minded coach and they just signed Jack Del Rio to be defensive coordinator.  Those two guys are very respected throughout the league, they'll get some good guys to come play there.  They have like the third most salary cap space too.  Look at their receivers.  Demaryius Thomas is a beast, Eric Decker is really good route runner, Matthew Willis is up and coming.  Sign Reggie Wayne and they have one of the better receiver corps in the league.  Manning has to be thinking, "This team made the playoffs and won a game with a hideous offense.  If I put up 24 points a game at least, they would win 11 games easy."  The AFC West isn't exactly a powerhouse either, so the division is there for the taking.

You absolutely have to love John Elway.  How ballsy is this guy?  He knows that he doesn't want Tebow for the future.  I'm sure he likes Tim and wants him to succeed, but he knows he will not get the Broncos to the promise land.  He also knows that if he trades Tebow or brings in a rookie and starts him, his house will probably get burnt down and his legacy will be gone in Denver.  He knows that if any other QB plays and throws one incomplete pass the crowd will be on his ass so hard it will be a joke.  So how does he get out of this?  Sign Peyton Manning.  Brilliant!!!  The best part is what I mentioned earlier, Tebow won't be great.  So it's not like they will trade him and he'll come back to haunt them and be one of the best QB's in the game, it just won't happen.  Ya, maybe they'll trade him to Jacksonville and he'll be an icon, sell jerseys, fill the seats, win some games, but will he win a Super Bowl?  Hell no, not in the NFL. 

So Curt, you obviously hate Tebow, you hater.  Not true, I love Tebow.  Well, not as much as most, but I like him.  Here is what I wonder.  You honestly don't think Tim Tebow couldn't do what Peyton Hillis does?  Sure he could.  He's fast, he's obviously a bad ass and impossible to tackle.  So why not make him a fullback?  Could you imagine a third and one in a big spot and they hand it to Tebow and he trucks a guy for a first down and comes up flexing and screaming?  The place would go nuts.  Just because he isn't the QB doesn't mean he wouldn't have an impact on the team.  How many great leaders in the game aren't QB's?  A ton of them. 

And if they get Manning we will find out who the Broncos fans are, and who the Tebow fans are.  Believe me, there is a huge difference and I want the Tebow fans gone.  You annoy me. 

One last thought, what if Manning signs somewhere else now?  That won't be good.  Elway will look bad and will have to go with Tebow.  Tebow can say all he wants about it not affecting him, but how could it not.  He knows they don't see him in the future.  It could get ugly, and I don't want to see that happen.  I just want the Broncos to win, and that's honestly all I care about.  Do the right thing Peyton, join the good guys and take us back to where we belong.


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