Thursday, September 29, 2011

Postseason Prediction...

First off, I'm in the group that thinks last night was the best night in MLB Regular Season history.  The way the night went with four different games being covered by ESPN, it felt a lot like the first round of March Madness.  And of course, that is a compliment.  Baseball is one sport where you don't spend a lot of time watching games other than games involving your favorite team.  Because of this, it's fun to watch guys that you've heard of but haven't seen too often.  That added to the experience last night for me. 

Those collapses by Boston and Atlanta were pretty epic.  I hate the fact that the Braves lost though, damn Cardinals.  Can't stand them.  None of them.  On to the preview.


St. Louis at Philadelphia
The Cardinals are obviously playing well right now so they should have a little confidence going ino this series.  However, I just can't see how the Phillies don't win this series.  Lee, Hamels, and Halladay are not only better than anyone can throw out there, but they are probably the best three pitchers this game has ever seen.  Add in the fact they have good top of the order guys, good RBI's guys, power hitters, guys that do the little things, they just flat out have it all.  Maybe the Cards win game three at home, but that would be all.  I'll say they won't.  It'll be a little bit of de ja vu for us Reds fans as the Phillies sweep.  Phillies in three.

Arizona at Milwaukee
Milwaukee has the better offense and probably the better pitching.  They play well at home and they have some good bullpen guys.  However, they have mental lapses and they don't have very much depth.  This could hurt them if it gets exposed.  Lucky for them, I don't think the Diamondbacks have what it takes to beat them.  Arizona is a nice story this year and they have some young guys that will only get better, but lets not forget the teams they played this year.  Giants can't score runs, Rockies have zero pitching, Dodgers are a mess, and the Padres are a AAA team.  So ya, the D'backs earned their spot, but they aren't winning this series. They'll win a game, but that's it.  Brewers in four.


Tampa Bay at Texas
I want to pick the Rays, I think they have some of the best pitching in the AL right now, but I just can't.  The Rangers can absolutely rake and they have good pitching of their own.  This team beat down the Rays for the most part last year and I think this year will be worse.  Rays are confident and it's a great story about how they came back this year but let's be honest, they don't have the firepower and it'll show in the playoffs.  I think they win a game, but no more.  Rangers in four.

Detroit at New York Yankees
Yankees still have one of the most jawdropping lineups in sports history.  ARod is healthy and ready to go.  Granderson and Teixeira are MVP candidates.  Jeter is playing his best ball of the year along with Cano tearing it up.  I understand they don't have much starting pitching after CC and Nova, but I really don't think you need any more with that offense.  Detroit has Verlander and not much else.  However, if he can steal game one, and maybe get to a game five, heck, they definitely have a chance.  I think this will be the series that goes five and scares the crap out of the Evil Empire.  I think they eventualy win the series though as it goes the distance.  Yankees in five.

I'll get them all right, just might not get the games correct. 

Til next time....


Josh Hamilton

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Baseball Ethics...

As Billy Madison would say...I choose Baseball Ethics.  We all know baseball has a lot of stupid unwritten rules that are blindly followed.  Some are necessary and some are very, ummm, old school to a fault.  Today we had a few issues that need to be talked about.

First is the big one, Jose Reyes.  This one was sad, stupid, and selfish.  Jose was leading the NL in hitting by one one-hundredth of a point.  With all the at bats though, he was up by a couple of hits.  So today in the first inning he laid down a bunt, beat it out for a single, and then left the game.  He left the game knowing that Ryan Braun would have to go at least 3 for 3 that night to catch him.  He didn't want to stay in and take the chance of getting out a few more times and giving Braun a better chance of beating him.  Because heck, who knows if Braun would have just asked to sit and took the title by not playing.  If you ask me this is wrong because it's just a slap in the face to the game.  You play the season out in it's entirety.  Not to mention there is a good chance that was Reyes' last game ever played in NY since he is a free agent after the season.  Just very classless display shown by a guy that usually seems pretty cool.

Another one was Brandon Phillips.  This one isn't being talked about as much but it was very evident.  He is also going to be a free agent after next year if the Reds don't sign him after his option year.  Brandon is the kind of guy that loves his stats and knows where his numbers need to be to capitalize on the big money.  Tuesday night he got a hit in his second at bat that put his average at an even .300.  He immediately left the game with a pulled quad and didn't play in Wednesdays finale.  Cmon now, we know you aren't hurt and that you just wanted to finish at .300.  Look, I get it, but it's just weak man.  Get out there and go for something else.  You are two homers away from 20, go out mashing.  Quitting isn't the answer.

On the opposite side of the spectrum is Derek Jeter.  We all know that Jeter is declining and that everyone wants to call him out on it.  Earlier this year people were calling for him to be benched since he just wasn't himself.  Jeter raised his average all the way to .300 yesterday.  He could have sat out tonight's game to stick it to the media and show them that he is still a .300 hitter.  He played the last game and went 0-3 knocking him down to .297.  That shows that he is more of a team player then the others.  Petty?  Yes.  But it is a sure sign of a winner.

Another one is the situation the Phillies and Yankees are in tonight.  They don't have to win, they are already in the playoffs, but they are involved in big playoff implicating games.  Do you sit your starters for the postseason?  Do you start them because it's a big game for the other team?  I think either way someone is going to bitch.  I think you are playing 162 games, you play your best team in every game.  Now if someone is nursing an injury and they normally would play, ok, sit them.  That's common sense.  But don't just put out your AAA team, it's not fair to teams like the Cards and Red Sox that need the other teams to lose.  Ya, fuck the Cardinals, I know.

Ok, I'm going to finish watching this Sox game and Rays game.  We were looking at two play-in games tomorrow.  I'm thinking we won't see any. 

Til next time....


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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Bartman and More....

A couple hot button issues today and then we'll get to the premiere part of the evening, The Bartman Documentary. 

This first thing I wanted to comment on is the Vick thing.  The topic is about how he said the refs were treating him differently and how now he is retracting those comments.  Some are saying this will hurt him and some are saying it will help.  Put me in the help him category.  I know that officials will try all they can to ignore this and just call the game the same as usual, but there has to be a couple times in the game where a close play will happen.  I just can't see the officials weighing off of Vick's side.  They know the head honchos will be watching and they don't want to be on the highlights as the ref that was proven to be treating him differently.  So because of this I'm sure that he'll get a call or two from an official that doesn't want to be wrong.  I don't think the ref will try to make a call to help him out or anything, but he'll accidentally try to save his own ass.  Hope that made sense, I'm sure it did.  Either way, the Eagles will probably roll the niners this weekend.  It's the kind of game a good team doesn't lose.

These wild card races are getting pretty, um, wild.  The Red Sox chokejob right now is of epic proportions.  The Rays are coming and they are going to end up taking this thing.  And if the Rays get to the playoffs, they will be a force to be reckoned with.  They aren't necessarily a great "team", but their pitching rivals anyone and in a short series they will have the best staff in the playoffs.  As for the NL, I really really hope the Cardinals don't make it. They don't deserve to, they suck.  How bad does this thought piss you off?  The Reds were 2.5 games behind the Cards on August 28th.  That could be us right now making a run.  That's why I never want to say it's over, even though it probably is.  You just never know.

Yes, I think John Fox should put a package in for Tebow in the red zone.  You have to use what you have, and he is a good weapon down there.  Sorry, but you need to adjust to the times old man.

Ok, I don't know if you watched it or not, but you really need to.  The Bartman Documentary called Catching Hell is easily the second best documentary I've seen on the ESPN 30 for 30 series.  The best is still Two Escobars but this one is right up there. 

It's just awesome how they get all these people that were there to give accounts of the night.  Some feel for him, some hate him, some are just in awe of the whole night.  I can't believe some of the people though.  Really, you are going to go up to him and throw a beer at him?  You are going to yell, I hope you die at someone you don't know?  I get the chanting asshole and the fear of knowing something awful is happening to your team, but chill out. 

It's really sad to think about how a guys life was just ruined.  He had cops surrounding his house for days because of death threats.  He had to quit his job.  He couldn't show his face in public.  I mean he didn't ask for any of this, it's just awful.  I mean, could you imagine?  Haley asked you think he's watching right now?  I say, absolutely, it's his life.

I think what he did was wrong, but I believe that any of us would have done the same thing if we were sitting there.  I mean look at how many other people were trying to get the ball, if they were in that seat they would be the ones on the documentary right now.  I think things in life are just meant to be, and that was one.  That's definitely one question I'll ask God in heaven.  Hey God, was that planned to screw the Cubs?  I think he'll smirk, nod, and say, Yep, don't you just love sports?

And just a flat out well done documentary.  Great job by the producer.  Not that I know anything about that stuff, but it was great.

Til next time...


Steve Bartman: If you have any more of steve bartman pictures that i don't have ...

Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Thoughts on the World of Sports....

Sorry for not blogging lately.  My loyal followers deserve better.  I feel like I have said a few times that I would get back into this and I keep failing to do it.  But now, with the wife going to bed so early, I'm going to get something in every night, honestly, it'll happen.  If not every night, at least something each day.  So stop by once a day, read something quickly and leave.  I'll try to make it interesting.  Thanks.

First of all, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Brian, Dan, and I each put 30 bucks on the Angels to win it all this year.  We made the bet at the end of June.  They have fallen apart the last few weeks and are still three out with three to play.  If they just play decent ball they would be in the wild card right now because of the Red Sox collapse.  Pisses me off, with their three top pitchers, Haren, Weaver, and Santana they could have done some real damage in the playoffs.  I guess it wasn't meant to be, but dang it, that would have made the playoffs very fun to watch.  Now though, probably won't watch.  Especially if the Cardinals and Brewers start winning.  Can't stand either of those teams.  Come to think of it, I really have no interest in cheering for any of the teams that will be in the playoffs.  Maybe the D'backs, thats about it.

Broncos are really pissing me off.  The fact is, they are very very much improved.  The defense can actually stop the run a little, the pass rush is getting there a little more.  The offense has shown some signs.  You just need to be able to close and win games.  I could not believe that Fox went for that TD on fourth and goal.  You always take the points there and go up seven in the fourth quarter.  I understand you pretty much have one play to win the game, but you have to know your team.  They don't have any power rush game and their defense is very vulnerable.  You go up seven, and if you don't stop, you have the ball to win.  You can't go for it there, a veteran coach should know that.  Not to mention the injuries are brutal right now.  And I'm not looking for Tebow to play, but I'm off the Orton bandwagon.  Guy just does NOT have a clutch gene in his body.  Hate to admit it, but it's true.  With all their issues though, they really could be 3-0.  That's what pisses ya off.

Watched the Bobcats game this Saturday against Rutgers, and damn, they actually looked pretty dang good.  Ya, they lost, but it's because they had some horrendous turnovers.  They moved the ball well, played some good D at times.  Secondary was the most sketchy, but it looked like it might have just been a bad game plan.  Tyler Tettleton looks like the real deal.  If he gets better then he's going to be a stud next year and the year after.  Could OU become the Boise of the East?  Probably not, but they are killing it in recruiting and really starting to build something here.  No question about it though, they are my favorite team in college football.  I haven't had one since, well, probably ever.

Had a ticket for Cal to win it all this year.  Just picked one out of a hat.  They lost to Washington.  Tear that up.

Went to the Cincy game last Thursday against NC State.  I tell you what, Nippert Stadium is probably the second best stadium I've ever been to.  And probably the first if you just go by the looks of it.  I have to give number one to Mile High, but obviously that's biased.  I love the way the stadium is sunken into the ground and the way it is set right in the middle of campus.  I'm not one to give compliments and say nice things, but I seriously really liked it.

Big game for USF Thursday night at Pitt.

Everyone that reads this that has a smart phone and likes to download apps.  Get the Streak for the Cash app.  I'll create a group and we'll have a little competition for most wins in the month.  It's fun.  The app lets you know when your pick is finished so you can make your next one.  The person with the most wins each month gets 2500 bucks.  I was in seventh place, two wins out on the 20th this month.  Super pumped, on the leaderboard and everything.  Then I completely fell apart and gave up, but those first twenty days were awesome.  Can't wait for Saturday to get October started.  I know at least five people that will be in it, hope to add more.

Congrats to Bill Hass.  Pretty cool to not have a top ten year but nail down 11.4 million dollars in one good weekend.  Ha, they need to get the playoff system figured out in the PGA.

My fantasy teams suck.  Like suck.  Damn it. 

Survivor league started off with 248 people and is now down to around 150.  15 bucks each so there is some money to be won.  I took Arizona week one.  Pittsburgh week two.  Chargers week three.  Actually had to sweat two of those out.  Need some easy weeks to calm the nerves.

I have some more things on my mind but I'll save them for tomorrow and the next day, and the next day.  Hope to keep you all as every day readers.  Thanks.

Til next time....


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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Broncos Bengals Game....

Quick take on this NFL Game.  I don't think it was NFL caliber, but hey, they all get paid the same right?

Obviously I'm happy with the outcome, but damn, didn't feel like a win. 

To all you Bengals fans out there.  You didn't deserve to win this game.....but you should have won this game.

Some Notes....

Both teams are tied for first in their division.  Have to look at the positives right?

What is up with the commercials?  Brutal.  That one time there was a end of the quarter, commercial, come back, time out, commercial, one play, punt, commercial, then back.  I mean, two actual plays in about 12 minutes of real time.  I think that's why people really don't like to go to games anywhere.  Tv timeouts are insane.

Some really questionable calls by the Bengals coaching staff today.  Not trying field goals in three different situations.  Declining that offensive PI call on the Broncos.  I know it worked out, but you would rather a team have a third and seven other than a second and 20?  Interesting.  Going for that fourth and one with a bootleg?  I honestly didn't hate the call, but damn, just jam it down our throats.

Another annoying game by the Broncos fans.  Didn't hear any booing this time, but the cheers for when Tebow came in?  Cmon.  It sounded like women having orgasms up there.  And the worst part is, most of them were probably guys.  Grow up.

Dalton had a good game, and I do think that guy is going to be good, but I swear until the fourth quarter his jersey looked like he hadn't been touched once.  Cmon pas rush, do something, it's pathetic.

Some questionable calls by the refs.  You have that in any game anymore so I don't really get too excited about it.  But the call for not coming back into the playing field on the 82 yard punt?  Cmon, that is a judgement call, it doesn't need to be called.  Is the sideline hot lava?  Does he need to stop and jump back in, or can he run ten yards?  What does the rule actually say?  That call cost us 45 yards and should have cost the game.

Broncos injuries are insane right now.  Ty Warren, Champ Bailey, Marcus Thomas, and DJ Williams all starters on the D are out.  Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno, and Demaryius Thomas are out.  Then Royal goes down, only two healthy receivers left.  How about when McGahee trucked his own man Willis on that run?  If he would have gotten hurt, we would have had one receiver, ha.

How exciting were kickoffs in that game?  Crickets.  Fucking boring.  Took that part of the game right out of the game.

Andre Goodman is the worst tackler in the world.

Joe Mays was absolutely sticking people.  It seemed like Benson got a lot of yards after contact, except when Mays hit him.  He was about ready to knock people out.  Love that guy.

Eric Decker is going to be a stud.  Ed McCaffrey 2.0

Bengals should win next week.  Broncos probably won't unless somehow everyone comes back healthy.  Going to be a long season.  I just hope this gift win for the Broncos doesn't cost them Andrew Luck.

Til next time....


A Day at Kings Island.....

Today my wife and I went to Kings Island.  It was Procter & Gamble day so it wasn't that packed and we could get on any ride without a line.  Like seriously, the longest line I was in all day was when we went through the drive thru at McDonalds on the way home.  I tell you what, this made the experience great but also will make me never go to KI again unless it is on this weekend.  The weather was kind of crappy, the people watching wasn't what it could be, but overall, I give the experience a nine. 

We arrived at 10:00AM on the dot.  Rode 11 rides, had a funnel cake, and left at 1:05PM.  Below are the rides we rode and what I thought of each.  From the worst to the best.  If you have any opinions, let me know, I'd like to know if you all agree.  Enjoy....

11.  Adventure Express
We all know that this ride is pretty much a kiddy ride.  It's sort of enjoyable because of the atmosphere it has, but it doesn't really have any excitement.  It's slow, it's short and the worst part is how it just ends abruptly after the statues are pounding their fists saying "You'll pay."  Well statues, I most certainly didn't pay, and I didn't have fun on the ride.  Worst ride I rode today. 

10.  Racer
Up, down, up, down, turn, up, down, finish.  We all know the story.  The thing is, it's a classic, it's a good ride, but it is more rocky then I remember.  When you aren't scared, or feeling great about the ride, the last thing you want to feel is beat up from the ride.  Still like the ride, just wasn't better than the others the park has to offer.  Every time I ride it I remember the time my hat flew off and someone went under the ride to go get it.  I honestly don't remember who went and got it, I just know I didn't and they told us we couldn't get it.  Mad props to the friend that rescued the Buzz hat. I love you.  Ha.

9.  Firehawk
This ride is very interesting.  A whole different concept that I have never seen before.  When you are sitting there ready to go, they lay your seat down.  So here you are lying on your back on the ride.  When you go around the track, at times you are basically lying on your foot holds and your shins are on it the whole ride, suspended facing the ground.  This is probably the worst concept I've ever seen.  I mean, I can understand why people would like it, but I didn't.  In fact, this ride officially goes in the "Never again" category.  My wife says she really liked it, but she likes to just disagree with me, so she probably didn't like.  Maybe you'll like it, but I'm never riding it again.  Worst fast roller coaster there if you ask me.

8.  Flight Deck
This ride was once called Top Gun.  Apparently Paramount sold this park and they aren't allowed to use the movie titles anymore.  I like this ride but it is too short and doesn't really go that fast.  Look, I know you aren't going to hit any poles or tunnels or anything like that.  But on this ride, I swear you are going to hit a pole when you are swinging in your seat.  Because of that I like the ride since it is suspenseful.  So, good ride, just doesn't provide that much excitement.  Much more exciting when they use to pump songs from the Top Gun soundtrack while you are walking up.  Not anymore, lame.

7. Invertigo
This is the ride that use to be called Faceoff.  Your feet dangle and you face other people riding the ride.  We went on the end so we were facing no one but the sky.  We went up and fell backwards and went through all the loops and turns backwards facing nothing but the gray Ohio horizon.  Well, again, I could see how people would enjoy this, but for a guy that gets motion sick, this was brutal.  Sometimes I don't feel great after the ride, but this one was pretty bad.  Not knowing at all where you are turning just doesn't do it for me.  I don't think I would ride this one again unless I was somewhere in the middle and knew where I was going.  Ya, I'm a pussy, but hey, it's my blog and I didn't like the ride, ok?  Moving on...

6.  Backlot Stunt Coaster
This was another one of those rides that wasn't super fast.  But boy does it catch you off guard.  You take off really fast and then go up and down some sharp turns.  A tunnel or two and at one point you are going right at a walkway and then go under it.  Probably not the best ride, but it was way better than I expected, and I was pleasantly surprised by it.  We got off the ride thinking, "Damn, that was pretty sweet."

5.  Diamondback
I haven't been on this ride before.  I've heard some good things about it.  We walked by it and I thought, ya, let's definitely ride that one.  When I sat down on my seat I was really surprised that the only thing holding you in was a snake looking thing on your lap.  Ok, not a big deal I thought.  All you do on the ride is go up and down, suppose to be like I snake I was figurin'.  Well, again, a ride I could see why people enjoy, but, and this one is a big but, I felt super unsafe.  Every time we were on our way down a hill my body was off the seat and I was being held down only by this little lap thing.  I kept thinking, please end this ride, please, where is the finish?  I'm still surprised I didn't end up catapulting into a lake somewhere.  I don't want to ride this ride again.  Top five though with it's potential and little enjoyment it provided.  Oh, and Haley disagrees with me on this one again.  Figures right.?

4.  Drop Tower
Classic ride.  Not a coaster, but definitely a must ride.  Going slowly up in the air made me feel a little queasy but overall I love this ride.  I like the fact that you don't know when you are going to drop.  When you finally do, you feel your stomach not only go up in your throat, it feels like it flies out of your mouth.  At the end my ears locked up and I felt like I was going to explode.  For some reason, I thought it was pretty sweet.  This ride left everyone laughing, and wide-eye surprised.  Just one of those rides that everyone loves no matter who they are.  Could have been top three, but it had to be outside the top three because it wasn't a coaster.  Played some good music while waiting too.

3.  Vortex
Use to be my favorite ride there.  The thing I always hated about this ride is the shoulder protectors.  They don't go wide enough around your shoulders, they kind of just sit there so every bump and turn you feel it.  But, the journey makes up for it.  Upside down, fast turns, big drop, swirly type moves, love it.  If you didn't feel like you just got done with a prized fight afterwards, it would be the best ride in the park. 

2.  The Beast
We all know the story.  Biggest wooden roller coaster ever made.  It's a little slower than I remember at the beginning and on the initial drop, but it makes up for it at the end.  A lot rockier then I remember though.  Still one of the longer rides, which is a plus.  This ride just brings back memories.  I feel like I've ridden this ride a million times, and every time I enjoy it.  Funny how they haven't upgraded it at all, just a few little speakers that make roaring noises when you are going up the hill, ha.  Petty and cheap, but it adds to the aura.

1.  Outer Limits - Flight of Fear
Best ride in the park, I can say that with full certainty.  You go from 0-60 in what seems like a blink of an eye.  The whole ride is indoors so it's dark and all you can see is the building and the coaster.  It looks like it might be cheap since it is like that but for some reason it adds to the mystique of it all.  You feel like you are going to hit other parts of the track but you just keep turning and twisting and flying.  For a guy like me that gets a little motion sickness I love the fact that it's dark in there, I can't focus on anything.  I would ride this ride over and over but it always has the longest line which makes it impossible on normal days.  The clincher for me on the rating of this ride was seeing a lady afterwards next to the trash can with the lid open.  Let's just say her head wasn't in there because she was looking for something on the bottom, ha.

Haven't been there since Summer of 2003.  Loved it, will definitely be back next year. 

Til next time....


Drop Tower

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

SFTC Update....

After 14 days of the 30 day month, I'm five back from first and tied for 44th place overall.  Long way to go, hanging in there.  Need a 13 out of 15 run or something like that.  I'm in it for the long haul, trying to bring home the bacon.  Wish me luck.


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday NFL Thoughts....

Some quick hit thoughts on the first Sunday of the NFL.  Didn't go to the bar or anything so didn't really watch a lot of the games.  No need to be there since the Broncos don't play until Monday night.  Just some thoughts on scores, stats, analysts predictions, and injuries...

Huge win by the Bengals, not too many people saw that coming.  It's a good win and I like it, but let's not start with the I told you so ok Bengals fans?  It's still just one win, there won't be a whole lot more of those this year.  But enjoy it, screw the Browns.

Colts, wow.  I think a lot of them knew this would be bad, but no one could have thought it would have gone that bad.  The Texans didn't score in the second half for christs sake.  That could have been a straight massacre.

Eagles pass defense is going to be pretty sick.  Bradford couldn't do much.  Vick should just not speak, err, I mean Twitter, or whatever.  He says the dumbest shit.  He said something about how it always feels good to go out and play lights out.  Dude, you were something like 14 for 32.  That's lights out?  Calm down bud.  Tough game for the Rams.  Stephen Jackson got hurt, Bradford got hurt, Amendola is out for two months.  Bad all around.

Jags beat the Titans.  No one really cares.  Only I care a little because Speese started Kenny Britt who had a huge day.

Cardinals pull one out against the Panthers.  I picked the Cards in my survivor league.  Talk about survival, holy shit that was stressful.  My heart was beating out of my chest.  57 people lost already in week one out of 242, still 33 more are pending on tonight's game and Monday's games.  Cam Newton, welcome to the league.  Good game, but don't expect every team to just have blown coverage all game.  Some of those plays by the Cards D were just brutal.

I'm going to come up with a new saying.  "I want my teams to win, but even more, I want the Steelers to suck."  They sure sucked today, awesome.  They'll bounce back and still have a good year but it was nice to see them take an asswhipping and shut all their annoying fans up.

Chargers pull another game out of their ass.  God I hate them.  McNabb 39 yards?  I didn't watch the game, but I don't see how those stats could be skewed to mean anything but awful. 

Chiefs are going to be this years team that doesn't live up to their hype or previous season.  They pulled a lot of games out last year and it's not going to go that way this year.  My buddy, a Bills fan, texted me in the third quarter and said, put the bench in, this one is over.  Funny, Bills fans dont' get to say that, so go for it, live it up.

Falcons, a sexy super bowl pick, played like shit. Bears, a sexy they are going to suck pick, played great.  These analysts sure aren't hitting it on the head right now.  But I'm not going to say anything, you can't judge a whole season on one week, athough a lot of people are going to try to do that.

I think the Giants are going to struggle this year.  I just have zero faith in Eli, and I feel like I'm probably not the only one.  Redskins played opportunistic, definitely didn't play great, but they made some plays and had an easy win.  Grossman is a good QB if he has time.  Shanahan will keep him on the move and probably get the most out of him.

Lions with a very nice road win in Tampa.  Both of these teams are going to win their fair share of games this year.  Didn't really see any highlights or anything on this game so I really don't have much to say.  I just know that a road win like that for the Lions will really help them this year because they are going to be right on the cusp of a playoff season.

Seahawks and niners.  Who gives a shit?

Quick Broncos preview....

I really think the Broncos are going to be good this year.  Playoff team?  No, I don't think they'll win the division and a wild card is so hard to get in the AFC that I just don't see it happening.  Their defense is going to be super improved with Miller and Dumervil off the edges, DJ in the middle, Bailey is going to be playing the slot this year.  And you still have Dawkins back there as the team leader.  The offense will move the ball since they are starting a winning NFL quarterback and not a GQ model who runs gimmick plays.  Brandon Lloyd, Eric Decker, Matthew Willis, and Eddie Royal are all going to produce this year.  Other than the defensive line, the biggest improvement I think will be in the running game.  Moreno is healthier than he has ever been and McGahee is super motivated to have a big year.  Broncos haven't had a powerback in forever, Willis fits that mold.  I also love Matt Prater.  He missed a 67 yarder in the preseason that would have been good from 75.  I think they beat the Raiders tomorrow 31-13.

Hope everyone enjoyed their opening weekend, I did......because the cable man showed up and we got some things done with the house.  What is happening to me? 

Til next time....Go Broncos.



SFTC Update....

After Sunday we are 11 days into the month.  I am currently in 31st place so only 30 people in the world are head right now.  4 back from the leader.  20-6 run right now.  Digging this, hope to keep it rolling.


Saturday, September 10, 2011

Streak for the Cash Update....

Ok, so after a dreadful Monday which saw me lose six straight, I have rallied the troops. One sitting at a 16-17 record we have ripped off 12 out of 15 and sit at a nice 28-20. The leader is only at 32 so they are definitely within striking distance. Currently I am in 50th place so only 49 people in the world are ahead. Big weekend coming up. Long way to go though, not even a third of the way done with the month. If only I could figure out soccer, I'm a combined 0 and 5 in soccer picks.

I look forward to blogging a lot starting next week. We moved into a new house and the cable man is finally making an appearance Sunday morning. My wife goes to bed around 10 so I'llbe in the man cave watching sports and bligging, cant wait. Hey, you have to have things to look forward to in life right?

Til next time....


Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Streak for the Cash....

Now that I have an Iphone I decided to download the SFTC app and make a run for the montly total. Tall task, but what the heck, let's give it a try. Here is an update on how it has gone so far....

Day one
3 total wins
Leader at 5

Day two
8 total wins
Leader at 10

Day three
10 total wins
Leader at 13

Day four
14 total wins
Leader at 18

Day five
16 total wins
Leader at 21

So far today has been brutal. I'll update daily if I remember. Ya I'm behind but remember it's a marathon not a sprint. Just need to get hot soon and really hot is what I mean.

Til next time....


Friday, September 2, 2011

College Football Preview....

Allow me to make a few predictions on the night before the first Saturday of the college football season.  As we all know, I really don't have a favorite team, so I'm pretty unbiased, except for maybe my hatred of OSU and the Big Ten.  I always root for the Bobcats, the Red Raiders, and this year I'll root for California because I put some money on them to win it all, and Nebraska, because I don't like the Big Ten.  Let me know what you think.  I know a lot of you love college football so I know you have opinions.  Enjoy the season, thank God it is here.

I'm going to pick Georgia Tech to win this conference.  Virginia Tech seems to choke a lot and Florida State isn't that good.  Jackets to win and go to the BCS game.  I definitely pick FSU to be the team to fall on their face.  My sleeper will be Maryland.

Big 12
From the stuff I've read, I don't really see how Oklahoma doesn't win this conference.  Texas is still down for some reason.  Nebraska is gone.  Gabbert is gone so Mizzou takes a step back.  Texas Tech won't quite be there yet, althought I think they'll threaten.  A lot of hype for the Aggies this year.  I guess we'll have to see how that goes.  I see Oklahoma running the table and waxing Mizzou in the conference title game.

Big East
God this conference sucks.  Why do they even get a BCS bid or even have a conference in the first place?  I think West Virginia runs this conference. They are due to get back on top, and really, who is going to threaten them?  UCONN lost their coach, Syracuse isn't there yet, USF is too ghetto and can't win conference games.  Cincy, nah, Louisville?  Hell no.  I think USF does take a step forward this year, maybe they'll go 6-2 in the league. 

Big 10
Wisconsin to me is by far the team to beat.  They are huge and run the ball like crazy.  Their downfall could be the defensive speed, although no one in the conference has offensive speed so who cares right?  Kidding, I love that argument because it is so stupid and gets all the big 10 honks all fired up.  I see Nebraska doing really well but not winning the league because I think they'll get stomped in their first league game in Wisconsin.  And for you Buckeye fans, I see them losing four games.  They'll lose at Miami, at Nebraska, and Wisconsin at home.  They'll also lose their bowl game like usual.  When is the last time they won a bowl game exactly?

Bobcats to roll and lose in the MAC title game like usual.  Boring.

Pac10 errrr 12
California to win it all.  Ok, just kidding, I'm not stupid.  You wanna talk big games, Oregon at Stanford November 12th could be the biggest game of the year.  I see Oregon taking it.  I think they play in the title game this year against Oklahoma, with Oklahoma winning.  Surprise team will be Arizona State.  They played a lot of good games last year and are right there to take the next step.  Plus Dennis Erickson said on the Herd that they would be good, and I believe him.

The worst conference ever, well, besides the Big 10.  Boy am I glad I'm not in Florida anymore to listen to this crap everyday.  LSU will flop, Florida won't be good.  I saw someone picked Arkansas to win it all, don't see that happening.  If I had to make a little cool prediction, which I am, and will, I'm going to say South Carolina wins this conference.  And if not them, then Alabama.  Spurrier is hot right now, and he changed his QB, he knows QB's.

Hmmm, Landry Jones?   LaMichael James?  Andrew Luck?  Bauserman?  BJ Daniels?  Taylor Martinez?  Denard Robinson?  That's about the only stars I can think of off the top of my head.  I think I'll go with Taylor Martinez.  Stupid pick?  Yes, but you have to go out on a limb sometimes right?  A longshot is Case Keenum, back for his sixth year, about to shatter the all time passing yards record. Good for him.

A couple picks on this weekends games....

Akron at OSU (-31.5)
OSU to cover, crackron is bad and Fickell will have this defense killing people.

UCLA at Houston (-2.5)
Case Keenum. Case closed.

USF at Notre Dame (-10.5)
USF to cover.  I think they might win this game actually.  Go Bulls, ha.

Fresno State at Cal (-10)
Go Bears, keep my dream alive for one week.

Boise State at Georgia (+3)
Wow, underdog against a mid major team at home.  Ouch.  But Boise deserves it, they earned it.  They lost too may skill players though to be tough this year.  Although, so did Georgia.  Boise to cover.

Oregon vs. LSU (+3.5)
Oregon in a close one, won't cover.

6 for 6, mark it down.

Til next time.....


Go Noles
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