Saturday, August 4, 2012

Three Stars 8/3

Well, that's 21 out of 24.  4 in a row.  4.5 game lead in the Central.  Magic Number sits at 53 to win the division.  Here are tonight's three stars....

No. 3  Chris Heisey  1-3 HR

Started off the scoring with an inside the park homer.  Great hustle by Heisey.  When that ball hit the wall he was already at second, I don't know if any other player on the team would be going all out like that.  I personally don't think Heisey has the talent to be a full time starter, or an all star in this league.  But if you have to put Chris Heisey in every once in awhile to give your starters a rest, that's a good thing, some teams would kill for that.

No. 2  Zack Cozart  3-4

Cozart had a good game at the dish.  Only hit the ball hard once, but just getting on base three times has to do a lot for his confidence.  Loved the bunt after the Latos homer, great little changeup there that no one was expecting.  He also was part of three big double plays.  He is about as automatic as they come in the field, might be our guy for years to come.

No. 1  Mat Latos  7.1 IP, 4 H, 5 K's, 0 R, 1-3 HR, 2 RBI

Stud.  Totally in control tonight.  Reached 96 on the gun and had a curveball falling off the table.  I love how he just takes a hard cut at the plate.  Hey, if you hit, something good might happen, and it did.  I also love Latos' cockiness.  If he wasn't on our team, I would hate him, but he is on our team, and I love it.  Pretty much have to say that the trade in the offseason has been good for the Reds.  I don't care how the ex Reds do in San Diego, we got Latos' to help us win a title in the next few years, so right now, the trade is working.

Couple thoughts from tonight...

I don't think that pitch by Chapman was intentional, but it is debatable.  He missed that plate by a lot.  It will be interesting to see if there is any retaliation Saturday night.

The fade starts tonight for the Pirates.  I still think they won't even be in this in September.

Nice to see Latos' telling Price he was gassed.  Some guys just want to keep going.  You have to know with the Reds' pen that there will be someone else that can get the job done.

Marty getting his head shaved was pretty funny.  He actually looked better when he had just a little hair.  Also funny how his negativity came back to haunt him for once.

Another big one Saturday night.  Let's bury the Pirates now and put them in a fullout tailspin.