Friday, March 6, 2015

Dead or Alive 3/5

Another 13 teams went down for good on Thursday.  Now a total of 69 teams are dead and 282 are still alive.  No Zombies, Locks, or Autos as of yet.  Here are the teams that don't need to look at their schedule the rest of the year after their losses on Thursday...

MAAC - Niagara, Fairfield, Quinnipiac
PATRIOT - Boston University, Lehigh, Navy, Holy Cross
MISSOURI VALLEY - Missouri State, Drake
ATLANTIC SUN - Lipscomb, Florida Gulf Coast
OHIO VALLEY - Tennessee Martin, Eastern Illinois

<b>Florida</b> <b>Gulf</b> <b>Coast</b>&#39;s Eddie Murray hangs from the rim after a dunk as ...

Three more conferences get their tourneys started on Friday.  They are the Southern, Colonial, and West Coast.  Wofford is the top dog in the Southern.  They are another candidate to upset someone in the Big Dance, if they make it.  The Colonial has a four way tie at the top.  James Madison is the hottest team at the moment, I'll take them.  I'm a Gonzaga fan this year, they are very, very talented.  I don't think BYU can beat them again and St. Mary's is weak.

Now only 10 days of basketball before the brackets are revealed.  We'll know soon enough.  Enjoy.


Thursday, March 5, 2015

Dead or Alive 3/4

Tuesday gave us the biggest number of casualties in a day this year.  A total of 13 teams were eliminated from the title chase.  There are now 56 teams dead and 295 alive.  Here are the schools that lost their chances on Tuesday...

BIG SOUTH - Campbell, Presbyterian, Liberty
AMERICA EAST - UMBC, Hartford, Maine, Binghamton
NORTHEAST - Wagner, Mount St. Mary's, LIU Brooklyn, Sacred Heart
OHIO VALLY - SE Missouri State, SIU Edwardsville

Rutgers takes on Sacred Heart in mens basketball 11-12-12

Two more conferences start their tourneys on Thursday.  In the MAAC, Iona is the favorite.  And if and when the Gaels do win, I think they upset someone in the Big Dance.  The Missouri Valley is going to be a good one.  Northern Iowa is really good, but if you just watch the games, it's obvious that the Shockers have more firepower, I'll take them.

Only 11 more days of basketball until the brackets are revealed.  Enjoy.


Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Dead or Alive 3/3

Another seven casualties on Tuesday night brings us to a total of 43 in the graveyard.  A total of 308 teams still have a shot at the title.  Here are the teams that can go ahead and look forward to next year after falling on Tuesday...

ATLANTIC SUN - Kennesaw State, Jacksonville, Stetson
PATRIOT - Loyola (MD), Army
HORIZON - Youngstown State, Wright State

Stetson University Basketball Arena

Four more tournaments get going on Wednesday.  We actually have some day games, which are awesome.  The four tourneys that tip off are: Big South, America East, Northeast, and Ohio Valley.  The Big South is about as wide open as any conference, there are five teams within one game at the top.  So I'm thinking 8-23 Liberty is going to take it.  The Great Danes of Albany are the class of the America East.  If anyone else wins this tourney, it's a major upset.  The Northeast Conference will be pretty wide open as well, but St. Francis is the top seed and gets home court if they get to the final, I'll go with them. No one will win the Ohio Valley except for Murray State, take that to the bank.

At least 13 more teams will be eliminated on Wednesday.  The train is starting to pick up some steam.  Enjoy the games.


Monday, March 2, 2015

Dead or Alive 3/2

Here we go again, it's time for another edition of Dead or Alive.  Monday is the last day with no casualties until the brackets are revealed on March 15th.  There are a whopping 351 teams in Division I this year, so there will be a lot of teams dropping off in a hurry these next two weeks.  At this very moment we still have 315 teams still with the shot at winning the title and being immortalized.  So, simple subtraction says that we have already lost 36 schools that can no longer dream of hoisting the trophy.  Here are the schools that are dead and will not be coming back alive...

WAC - Grand Canyon
SUN BELT - Appalachian State
SOUTHLAND - Lamar, Houston Baptist, Central Arkansas, Incarnate Word, Abilene Christian
MOUNTAIN WEST - San Jose State
ATLANIC SUN - Northern Kentucky
SWAC - Alabama State, Southern
MEAC - Florida A&M
HORIZON - Milwaukee
ACC - Syracuse
NORTHEAST - Central Connecticut State, Fairleigh Dickinson
IVY - Dartmouth, Brown, Pennsylvania, Cornell, Columbia, Princeton
OHIO VALLEY - Austin Peay, Tennessee State, Tennessee Tech, Jacksonville State
CONFERENCE USA - Florida Atlantic, Southern Mississippi
SUMMIT - Western Illinois, Troy
BIG SKY - North Dakota, Montana State, Idaho State
BIG WEST - Cal State Fullerton

<b>Syracuse</b> <b>Basketball</b> 2014-<b>2015</b>: <b>SU</b> vs Carleton first half.

We have three Conference Tourney's kicking off on Tuesday, the Patriot League, Atlantic Sun, and Horizon.  In the Patriot it looks like Bucknell is the team to beat since they are the top seed and get to play at home.  The story line in the Atlantic Sun will be whether or not Florida Gulf Coast and Dunk City can get in and make another run.  The Horizon is a toss up, Green Bay, Valparaiso, Cleveland State and Oakland are all evenly matched. 

Check back Tuesday night to see who else bit the big one and joined the rest in the graveyard.  Enjoy the games.


Thursday, May 1, 2014

Season Projections 5/1

The Reds have now completed 27 games this season, which puts them exactly 1/6th of the way to the finish line.  For the heck of it I calculated what the hitters numbers would look like if they kept up their current paces.  Warning, nothing looks that good but some of the numbers can be encouraging depending on what your expectations were starting the season.  Below are the numbers, then I'll point out a few things that caught my eye.  Enjoy.

AVG.     HR.     RBI.     2B.     BB.     K.     SB.     R.
.245.        6.        36.       18.      24.    114.    66.     78.          Billy Hamilton
.256.        6.        36.       12.       6.      54      18.     36.          Chris Heisey
.260.       12.       60.       24.      24.    114.     0.      36.          Ryan Ludwick
.160.        0.         6.         6.       36.     54.     12.     12.          Roger Bernadina
.220.       18.       84.       24.     114.   162.    30.    102.         Jay Bruce
.280.       24.       60.       30.     144.   132.     6.      90.          Joey Votto
.255.        6.        36.       24.      18.    150.     0.      42.          Brandon Phillips
.180.        6.        54.       30.      18.     90.      0.      24.          Zack Cozart
.247.       24.       72.       36.      60.    120.    12.     84.          Todd Frazier
.143.        0.         6.         0.       12.     18.      0.       6.           Ramon Santiago
.200.        0.         6.         6.        0.       6.       6.       6.           Neftali Soto
.200.        0.         0.         0.        0.      12.      0.       0.           Tucker Barnhart
.468.       18.       78.       36.      24.     60.      6.      60.          Devin Mesoraco
.304.        6.        18.       24.      24.     48.     12.     18.          Brayan Pena

Hamilton ends the year with a .245 average, 36 RBI, 66 SB, and 78 Runs, I think we would take that.

Bruce with 114 walks and 30 SB would be nice.  The 162 K's wouldn't be.

Votto with only 60 RBI and 132 K's.  So much for not getting any pitches to hit.

Phillips on pace for 18 walks and 150 K's?  Good Lord!

Mesoraco's numbers would be awesome if he gets back soon and stays hot.

Heisey, Santiago, Soto, and Barnhart have worked one whole walk combined.

Only the 2 good catchers have averages over .300.

As bad as Cozart has been, his K total isn't too bad, maybe that's a sign some balls will start to find holes.

Could we really go a year without a guy hitting 25 homers?

The big number is the pace of only winning 72 games.

Please feel free to point out some other good and bad numbers you might see, besides the obvious of course. Thanks for reading.


Sunday, March 16, 2014

Dance Prediction

Ok, so we have 32 AUTO bids and 28 LOCKS.  That gives us 60 spots taken with eight to fill.  I have 15 ZOMBIE teams, so seven of them are going to bite the big one tonight.  Here is who is in the dance and who I feel will bow out...

Eastern Kentucky
Coastal Carolina
Wichita State
Mount St. Mary's
North Dakota State
Texas Southern
North Carolina Central
New Mexico
Western Michigan
Weber State
Stephen F Austin
Cal Poly
New Mexico State
UL Lafayette
St. Joseph's
Iowa State
Michigan State

LOCK (28)
Kansas State
Oklahoma State
St. Louis
North Carolina
Ohio State
George Washington
San Diego State

I think these eight schools are in...
Arizona State
Southern Mississippi

I think these seven schools are out...
North Carolina State

We'll know in an hour or so.  Thanks for reading.


Dead or Alive 3/15

We lost 15 more teams on Saturday.  Now a total of 275 dead and only 76 still remaining with a chance at the title.  Here are the 15 that got crossed off on Saturday...

AMERICA EAST - Stony Brook
ATLANTIC 10 - St. Bonaventure
SUN BELT - Arkansas State, South Alabama, Texas State, Western Kentucky
SEC - Georgia
SWAC - Prairie View A&M
MEAC - Morgan State
CONFERENCE USA - Louisiana Tech
PAC 12 - Utah
BIG SKY - North Dakota
SOUTHLAND - Sam Houston State
BIG WEST - Cal State Northridge
WAC - Idaho

14 AUTO bids were handed out on Saturday.  That brings us to a total of 27 AUTO bids with five more to go on Sunday.  Here is who punched their ticket on Saturday...

SWAC - Texas Southern
AMERICAN - Louisville
MEAC - North Carolina Central
MAC - Western Michigan
BIG SKY - Weber State
SOUTHLAND - Stephen F. Austin
BIG EAST - Providence
BIG 12 - Iowa State
BIG WEST - Cal Poly
WAC - New Mexico State

Nine teams lost in their conference tourneys but will be LOCK's for the dance.  We now have a total of 24 in LOCK status.  Here is who earned the LOCK on Saturday...

ACC - Pittsburgh
BIG 10 - Ohio State, Wisconsin
ATLANTIC 10 - George Washington
PAC 12 - Arizona
MOUNTAIN WEST - San Diego State
BIG EAST - Creighton
BIG 12 - Baylor

We added three more schools to the ZOMBIE category on Saturday.  I now have 15 teams in the ZOMBIE category.  It's looking like those 15 teams will be fighting for eight spots.  Here is who went ZOMBIE on Saturday...

SEC - Tennessee
ACC - North Carolina State
MAC - Toledo

Five more conference tourney championship games on Sunday before the brackets are released.  If you look below, we have 51 teams in for sure and nine that will be in after Sunday's games.  Here are the 15 ZOMBIE teams that will be competing for those last eight spots...

In order of RPI...

31 BYU
32 Southern Mississippi
38 Toledo
40 Stanford
41 Tennessee
42 Dayton
43 Arizona State
46 Xavier
47 Nebraska
49 Missouri
50 Minnesota
54 North Carolina State
56 Iowa
63 California
77 Arkansas

Who do you think should be in?  I'll send out something on Sunday with who I think will make it and why. 

TOTAL    351
DEAD      275
ALIVE       76
ZOMBIE    15
AUTO        27
LOCK        24

Thanks for reading.


Saturday, March 15, 2014

Dead or Alive 3/14

The number of teams alive is getting smaller and smaller and smaller.  Now only 91 teams are alive after another 29 teams died on Friday.  Here are the teams that lost their chance on Friday...

ACC - Florida State, Clemson
BIG 10 - Illinois, Northwestern
SWAC - Alabama State, Alabama A&M
SEC - South Carolina, LSU, Mississippi
CONFERENCE USA - Middle Tennessee,
SOUTHLAND - Northwestern State, Texas A&M Corpus Christi,
MEAC - Norfolk State, Coppin State
ATLANTIC 10 - Richmond,
MAC - Akron, Eastern Michigan
BIG SKY - Portland State, Northern Colorado
AMERICAN - Houston,
BIG EAST - Seton Hall,
SUN BELT - Arkansas-Little Rock, Texas Arlington
WAC - Utah Valley, Cal State Bakersfield
BIG WEST - UC Irvine, Long Beach State

The LOCK category is getting crowded as teams continue to be upset in their conference tourneys.  These teams however, did enough to get to the big dance.  The teams that earned the LOCK status on Friday were...

ATLANTIC 10 - St. Louis, UMASS
ACC -  North Carolina, Syracuse
BIG 12 - Kansas, Texas
PAC 12 - Colorado
AMERICAN - Cincinnati

And we got a few more ZOMBIES on Friday.  These teams will be sweating it out Sunday night.  The teams that couldn't get it done and now need to pray are...

SEC - Missouri
BIG 10 - Nebraska, Minnesota
ATLANTIC 10 - Dayton
CONFERENCE USA - Southern Mississippi
BIG EAST - Xavier
PAC 12 - Stanford

TOTAL    351
DEAD      260
ALIVE       91
ZOMBIE    13
AUTO        13
LOCK        15

There are 14 Conference Championship games on Saturday.  That will give us 28 AUTO bids by the end of the day.  Only these two days left before the committee makes their decision.  Saturday night I'll have a breakdown of who I think will make the dance and get rid of some of these ZOMBIES.  Thanks for reading.


Friday, March 14, 2014

Dead or Alive 3/13

And we are officially down the homestretch.  A record 48 teams died on Thursday.  We now have a total of 231 teams in the ground and only 120 remaining.  Here are the schools that didn't make it on Thursday...

ATLANTIC 10 - LaSalle, Fordham, Duquesne,
BIG 10 - Indiana, Purdue, Penn State,
ACC - Maryland, Wake Forest, Miami (FL), Georgia Tech
SEC - Texas A&M, Alabama, Mississippi State
SWAC - Alcorn State,
CONFERENCE USA - Tulane, Old Dominion, UTEP, Charlotte
MOUNTAIN WEST - Utah State, Wyoming, Fresno State, Nevada
BIG WEST - UC Santa Barbara, Cal State Fullerton, UC Riverside, Hawaii
WAC - Texas Pan American, UMKC, Chicago State, Seattle
BIG EAST - St. John's, DePaul, Marquette
AMERICAN - Rutgers, Central Florida,
BIG SKY - Sacramento State, Northern Arizona, Montana
SOUTHLAND - Nicholls State, Oral Roberts
MEAC - Florida A&M, Savannah State
MAC - Ohio, Buffalo
SUN BELT - Troy, UL Monroe
BIG 12 - West Virginia

We have our first group of LOCKS.  A LOCK is a team that is out of their tourney but is a LOCK for the NCAA Tourney.  Here is who earned that status on Thursday...

BIG EAST - Villanova
AMERICAN - Southern Methodist
BIG 12 - Kansas State, Oklahoma State, Oklahoma
PAC 12 - Oregon
AMERICAN - Memphis

We added a new group of ZOMBIE teams as well.  Here are the teams that are now part of that group...

PAC 12 - Utah, California, Arizona State
SEC - Arkansas
BIG 10 - Iowa

TOTAL    351
DEAD      231
ALIVE     120
ZOMBIE     7
AUTO       13
LOCK         6

All tournaments are underway and there are no tourney championship games on Friday.  Three more days of basketball until the 68 are revealed.  Getting closer.  Thanks for reading.


Thursday, March 13, 2014

Dead or Alive 3/12

Another 31 teams bit the dust on Wednesday.  The casualties are mounting and now over half of the teams are dead.  The total amount of deaths is now at 183, with only 168 teams still alive.  Here are the schools that had their runs ended on Wednesday...

ACC - Notre Dame, Virginia Tech, Boston College
CONFERENCE USA - North Texas, Marshall, East Carolina, UAB
PAC 12 - Washington, USC, Oregon State, Washington State
MOUNTAIN WEST - Colorado State, Air Force, San Jose State
SOUTHLAND - Southeastern Louisiana, McNeese State
MEAC - Howard, Hampton
MAC - Miami (OH), Eastern Michigan
BIG EAST - Butler, Georgetown
ATLANTIC 10 - George Mason
BIG 12 - Texas Tech, TCU
SEC - Auburn, Vanderbilt
AMERICAN - South Florida, Temple
PATRIOT - Boston
SWAC - Southern

One more ticket was punched on Wednesday.  American wins the Patriot over Boston.  It was a beat down.

PATRIOT - American

TOTAL    351
DEAD      183
ALIVE     168
ZOMBIE     1
AUTO       13
LOCK         0

No Conference Championship games on Thursday.

The last five conference tournaments get started on Thursday.  The Big Sky has been dominated by Weber State, they should win the tourney.  UC Irvine is the favorite in the Big West.  The Big Ten should be a fun one.  About 8 teams could win it.  I think Wisconsin will take it.  Georgia State is the team to beat the in Sun Belt and Utah Valley is the one seed in the WAC.

Only four more days now until Selection Sunday.  Thanks for reading.