Sunday, December 11, 2011

Tebow Thoughts...

Ok, I really don't want to talk about this but it seems like everyone wants my opinion on the Broncos and Tebow.  Funny thing is, when I give my opinion I'm just told that I'm wrong, or I'm a hater, or I just don't understand.  It just doesn't make any sense to me I guess.  Maybe it's because I'm a fan of the team and most of you aren't.  Which is fine, I'm just thinking we are seeing it from different angles.  Anyway, I'm going to address a few topics.  I'm sure I'll be told I'm wrong, but oh well, it's where I stand.  Either way, this is fun as hell right now, couldn't be happier.

This Fox Elway hate makes me want to vomit.  We all heard the comments from Elway a couple of weeks ago.  About how he said he wasn't any closer to deciding who was the quarterback of the future then he was a month ago.  What was he suppose to say?  Was he suppose to say, yes, Tebow is our quarterback?  No, because then he's not doing his job, he needs to evaluate everyone, not just a guy that had played five games.  Should he have said, no, Tebow will not be back?  No, that's dumb, and his house would probably be burnt down.  I read some of the dumbest shit ever on message boards after those comments.  Some were saying they hate Elway and that he's just jealous of Tebow because he isn't the biggest man in Denver anymore.  Some said that they would never go to another Elway Steakhouse or car Dealership because they don't like him.  Are you people serious?  Elway is the man, he came back to the Broncos to try to help them get back to the top, and he has done NOTHING but make the right decisions.  So how can you hate on him?  I just can't understand it.

Some people say that Fox and Elway don't want Tebow to succeed.  They say they are hoping he fails and are calling plays to keep him grounded.  Are those serious comments?  Let's see, they made him the starter, changed the offense to fit him and protect him, waived the backup quarterback.  Am I missing something?  What should they do exactly?  When people said Tebow couldn't pass, the Tebow apologists said, so, you don't have to pass to win, he can run it.  So when the Broncos call running plays the apologists say, why aren't they throwing it?  You can't have it all people.  Don't tell me they should stop running, they lead the league in rushing and have won six straight.  I believe Tebow is getting better at passing, but he still airmails too many balls and can't really hit a slant.  If you noticed, they won't even try a quick slant.  The fact that they won't try it tells me that it probably wouldn't be too effective.  Anyway, Elways wants him to succeed, it would make his job easier, and of course it would mean the Broncos are winning and that is all he cares about.  If you say differently, then you sir are the hater.

Today's big talk was about the dropped balls.  Ya, a couple of balls were dropped, and a couple of them were tough plays, but overall there were some balls dropped that absolutely should have been caught.  And of course, I'm getting texted saying that Tebow is playing well, guys just aren't catching balls.  Um, he's 3-16.  I'm pretty sure he's not the only QB to ever have balls dropped.  Later Decker and Thomas both made great catches to keep the chains moving and had big parts in the win.  So they made mistakes and then made big plays at the end to win.  Isn't that what Tebow gets praised for every game?  He struggles at the beginning and then makes plays, well so did the receivers, let's give them just as much credit as the quarterback if we are going to criticize them too.

That brings us to Jeff's biggest topic.  The fact that the team plays better because they believe because Tebow makes them believe.  I agree, I never said I didn't agree.  You can see it on the bench, everyone is pumped and knows that somehow, someway, they are going to pull each game out.  Tebow brings that to the team, its undeniable.  But in the end, players have to make plays, and they have been.  Believing can only do so much.

Everyone wants to give Tebow all the credit, that is the biggest part that pisses me off.  The Denver Broncos are playing great right now.  The defense is crazy good right now.  Von Miller is the defensive player of the year.  Andre Goodman has actually made some plays.  Champ is playing better than ever.  DJ Williams is having his best year.  Matt Prater is an absolute weapon right now.  Anyone notice Tebow's time in the pocket?  The offensive line is feeling it right now.  Not to mention the fact they lead the league in rushing.  This has been a total team effort, nearly every player has had a part in it.  For some reason that is not being talked about. 

So every time in the past two months that I've gone to a bar wearing my Broncos hat I get talked to by football fans.  They all say, TEBOOOWWWWW.  And I say, ha, ya we're winning.  They say, are you a Tebow guy?  I say, I like the Broncos and he is playing well.  The first thing out of their mouth is, Why do you gotta hate him?  What did he do?  Are you people serious?  Because I don't want to make out with the guy then I hate him?  Drives me nuts.  I'm so glad I don't live in Florida anymore, I can't even imagine what it would be like to go to the bar with the Gators fans around.  Nightmare.

I've been telling Haley ever since the Kansas City win that the Broncos were going to the Super Bowl.  She's starting to give me that look that Lynn Swann gave Vicky Valencourt when she predicted the final score in the Bourbon Bowl that one year. 

Today's game ball goes to Marion Barber, no question about it.  But the other game ball goes to Matt Prater.  Love that guy.

Anyone hear what Herm Edwards said the other day?  He said, he's not a betting man, but if he was he would put money on this happening.  Colts will draft Luck, Broncos will trade for Manning, and the Jaguars will trade for Tebow.  Thought that was interesting.

Ok, so now I'll give you people what you want.  I'm going to give Tebow the credit he deserves.  He has injected life into this team and franchise.  He drives this team to win.  He makes plays when plays need to be made from the quarterback position.  For some reason I never think we are going to lose anymore.  Let's be honest though, he misses a lot of throws, he has a slow wind up which takes away some things he can do right now.  But I think he can improve.  I think he has a very good chance to be the future.  I'm not totally there yet, but I'm getting close.  Either way, he has changed the way I watch Broncos games.  Mainly because I don't even have to pay attention until the fourth quarter anymore, ha.  But ya, I like him, I like the Broncos, I don't like the fans that baby him, but I guess it comes with the territory.

If the Broncos win their last game against the Chiefs they'll be in the playoffs, they don't need to win the other two.  They have the tiebreakers over both the Raiders and Chiefs if they win that game.  The Raiders would need to lose another game, which they will.  Right now we'd play the Steelers at home in the first round.  Now that would be awesome.  Too far to look ahead right now though.  Patriots next week, can't wait.

Hope everyone at least knows where I stand now.  It's my opinion, I have mine, you have yours, no one is right, no one is wrong.  Remember that.  Thanks for reading.