Sunday, November 27, 2011

Sunday Quick Thoughts...

If LSU loses to Georgia in the title game, I think Virginia Tech sneaks into the title game.  Ya, that is stupid, but if it happens, then I called it.

29 Division 1 college basketball teams still undefeated.  Im guessing there will be four by Christmas.

Dayton winning some games, against some atrocious teams, so calm down.

Bowling Green hosts Temple today.  Temple is the better team, but this game really scares me.  Can't lose games like this.

Either the Broncos have another come from behind win today, or they get absolutely waxed.  Broncos haven't played a day game at San Diego since 2006.  They have only won once.

Big fantasy football day for me.  I won't bore you with the details, but I need to win.

Snow coming on Tuesday?  Great.

Buckeyes were a hail mary against Wisconsin away from totalling missing a bowl game.

Urban Meyer to OSU?  I'll believe it when I see it.  This seven year contract thing I'm hearing is hilarious.  How do you sign a guy to that many years that has so many health problems?

Trent Richardson will be a stud in the NFL.

So will Matt Barkley.  The only thing with him though is that he really has no mobility.  Cassell, Palmer, Sanchez, Leinart, do any USC QB's have mobility?

Ok, time to put the games on.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Football

I feel like we saw some of the worst football ever today.  Some points...

Nebraska had like six fumbles.

Florida State up 13-7 with three minutes to go on the Virginia 25.  Third down, QB takes a 12 yard sack.  Takes them out of field goal range.  They lost 14-13.  Huh?

Virginia gets a facemask call on a fourth down sack, giving FSU new life,  What???

FSU has the ball for a 47 yard field goal with 14 seconds left.  Third and five, no timeouts.  They have one of the best kickers in the nation.  So what do they do?  Of course they throw a four yard out and get tackled in bounds and the clock runs out.  They review it and it turns out the guy actually dropped it.  So they get their shot at a field goal anyway.  Of course he misses.  Weird football.

I love Oregon, they are fun to watch.  But Chip Kelly blew that game at the end.  I understand how they don't use timeouts because they like the momentum.  But you ran out of time and had to settle for a 35 yarder.  You could have saved time and took a few shots at winning the game.  Just a really odd strategy that had failure written all over it.

Then in the Oklahoma game.  Baylor scores to take the lead with eight seconds to go.  On the ensuing kickoff, Oklahoma just doesn't pick the ball up, Baylor recovers and runs the clock out.  I mean they had a very slim chance but cmon.

Oh, and Corso dropping an F bomb on tv was funny.  The apology was even more funny.  Can't believe they did that.

Urban Meyer said he hasn't talked to anyone about the OSU job except everyone is saying he is going to be the coach.  Have to love the media these days.

OSU would be one loss away from missing a bowl game if they didn't pull that Wisconsin game out of their ass.

At least Nebraska doesn't have to think about that Nortwestern loss anymore.  Doesn't matter now.

Looks like we are headed for a LSU Alabama final.  Great, boring.

I love how they say this weekend turned the BCS upside down.  Ummm, not really.  I mean it doesn't matter where you are right now or two weeks ago, or next week. It matters where you are at the end.  So when the final standings come out, it'll probably be cut and dry who the best teams are. Basically like it is every year.

Boise State has to be kicking themself though.  This could have been their chance.

Clemson?  Really?  Fraud.

How about Thug U dancing on the sideline before they kicked the game winner?  You guys suck, you beat a bad USF team 6-3 with a field goal at the gun.  Slow the ego bro.

My lucky guess, probably not going to happen, upset pick of the week next week.  Auburn knocks off Alabama at home. 

Either way, I hope next week has some better football.  This week reminded me big time that these are just college kids that aren't mature at all.


Stephfon Green

Saturday, November 19, 2011

Undefeated Update...

Well, Temple is no longer undefeated. They got hosed and lost to Purdue.  Ok, they didn't get hosed, but there were some questionable calls.  Bobcats are still there though.  The dream is still alive.  As of 1:45 on November 19th we still have a total of.......


Teams undefeated.  Good luck to them.  I'm guessing we have maybe thirty left by December.


Friday, November 18, 2011

What I Think I Just Saw....

Umm, I have no idea how to explain what I just saw tonight.  It's ok because I think it might actually be unexplainable.  The Broncos are 5-5, somehow, someway, no one knows, but they are, and they are in the drivers seat to take the West and make the playoffs.  And honestly, would you want to play them?  You think the Bengals would be glad to come into Denver?  Hell no. 

First off, Tebow is not a good quarterback. Sorry, he's not. But he is a damn good football player.  He's not good, but we win.  It's like, "Hey, she's super ugly, but I'm having sex, so who cares."  Why did it just feel like they were going to win?  The offense couldn't do anything at all.  We looked like a high school team the whole game and had to go 94 yards to win it.  It seemed impossible, yet it seemed probable.  Can we just pretend every drive is a game winning drive?  I just don't get it.  The throws looked horrendous, yet they got there.  The holes looked nonexistent, yet we gained yards.  If Tim Tebow learns hot to pass, it'll be like Happy Gilmore learned how to putt.  Eddie Rump told me that one, I didn't come up with it on my own.

I knew the Broncos were paying Andre Goodman for something.  The dude is possibly the worst cornerback in the game.  In the third quarter the Jets found him and drove the whole way just throwing it to his man.  Yet, on one lucky play, he picked sixed em and turned the game around.  And then they showed someone with a "Goodman is our Good Man" sign.  There is no way in hell someone actually brought that sign.  The Broncos marketing department definitely gave that to them.

But how about the Broncos defense.  They are the one's getting lost in this hype.  Von Miller is an absolute beast.  You cannot stop him from getting to the quarterback.  Mark Sanchez is going to wake up on the plane shaking from seeing him in this dreams.  Oh and Colquitt.  Best punter in the league.

I love how on the one run they showed Revis puss out on the hit.  Then on the TD run they showed Cromartie in the end zone not even trying to get off his block.  He wanted nothing to do with that run.  Cromartie has done that shit his whole career.  He is a waste.

There are a lot more other things I want to say but I don't remember.  I just know from about the midway mark of the fourth quarter I thought for sure my heart was going to jump out of my chest.  The Broncos could actually go to the playoffs.  I'm sure tomorrow all we'll see on the radio and tv is talk about whether or not Tebow is the guy.  I say, who cares, who fucking cares.  We are winning and are only a half game out of first.  That's all that matters to me, and that's all I want to think about right now.  Thank God.  This is fun again.


Tim Tebow

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

11/15/2011 6:00PM

We are now below the midpoint when it comes to undefeated teams.  Out of the 345 division one teams, 162 teams still have their sights set on a dream, perfect season.  Im guessing none will make it, but who will be the last one standing?  Will they be from a power conference or from a mid major?  I'll go with, ummmmm, Cincinnati.  They play nobody at all until conference play, so maybe they make it. 

All the local teams are in action tonight.  Buckeyes, Redhawks, Bearcats, Flyers, and Musketeers.  I honestly don't want any of them to win except maybe the Bearcats.  Makes it tough to listen to talk radio around here.


Monday, November 14, 2011

Sometimes the first one is the hardest....

Temple opened up their season tonight against Penn at the Palestra.  Opening up with a Big 5 game on the road, when the other team has played two games is tough.  Not to mention when you are missing two potential starters.  Scootie Randall is going to be out until at least mid December with offseason knee surgery and Khalif Wyatt was sitting out a one game suspension.  Temple played only seven players but came away with a hard fought 73-67 victory in overtime.

Now I only listened to the game on the radio, didn't get to see it, but it seemed like the usual first game jitters.  A lot of one on one moves, which lead to a lot of turnovers.  A lot of missed free throws.  Some poor shot selection.  Things that can be corrected, and will be corrected.  A lot of times early in the season individuals try to make individual moves.  This happens because in the offseason you play a lot of pickup ball and you get to be good at certain moves.  You know you can score and you want to do it in a game.  Well, in a game when the other team is trying their ass off to stop you from scoring, putting the ball in the basket becomes a little harder.  That seemed to be what was happening to the Owls.  Just not totally in game speed form. 

A lot of people are going to look at this game and think, uh oh, maybe the Owls won't be as good as we thought.  Nonsense.  They'll be fine.  Missing two players hurts.  But having a tough game like this right off the bat is going to help them out in the long run.  I'm not in the locker room, so i don't know if they were looking past this game, but when you are heavily favored and have a plane waiting for you to go to Puerto Rico the next day, I could definitely see a little disinterest.  Hopefully that sets their mind straight for a good tourney down there.

Some players played big parts tonight also that will help as the season goes along.  TJ Dileo played big minutes.  Anthony Lee got some action in for the first time as an Owl.  Aaron Brown is going to play a big part this season and he'll just keep growing as time goes on.  The best thing though was the fact the two team leaders stepped it up.  Both senior guards, Moore and Fernandez, stepped up and carried this team to the win.  Moore had a pretty awful game by his standards, but hit a key three and played some tough D down the stretch.  Juan took the game over when it seemed like it was about to slip through their hands.  It's great to see since early last year he was very reluctant to do that.  Maybe the tourney last year has him sporting some confidence.  Didn't want to leave out Rhalir and Eric.  They both had ten boards and will need to control the glass like that all year.  A little thin in the frontcourt right now.

Overall, a very nervous game for the squad.  I know the fans were sweating it, I sure the heck was.  But I just keep telling people, remember, you play 40 minutes for a reason, or in this case 45.  You play 30 games.  You don't judge a team after one half, or after one game.  This team will continue to grow and gel as one.  I have big hopes for this team this season.  The first Big Five game on the road, did nothing to change those views.  Good win Owls.  Have a safe trip to Puerto Rico.



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College Basketball Undefeated Update....

345 teams in Division College Basketball this year.  How many are left undefeated as of today?  We'll continue to monitor this throughout the season.  Or at least until Christmas. 

College Basketball is going to be the shit this year.  With no NBA and lots of stars, it's going to be must see tv.  Go Owls, Go Bobcats, Go anyone playing Xavier.  I'll be updating as much as I can.  Let's have some fun....

UNDEFEATED NUMBER.............................AS OF 6:30 ON NOVEMBER 14TH.......................................


Sunday, November 13, 2011

SFTC 40% Update.....

Here is the first update for the month of November.  We are 12 days in.  Wide variety of picks so far this month.  Tennis, football, horse racing, basketball, hockey, and everyone's favorite sport, soccer.  Is it even a sport?  The other day there were three matches to pick and a total of two goals were scored.  Riveting.  Anyway, here is an update on how everyone is doing and three things about the person that will help us get to know our fellow streakers just a little better.  And a picture of a hot girl at the end just for the heck of it.  We'll call her the girl of the month or something.  Enjoy.


Chris is again the total wins leader and has a 10+ star.  Chris went 12-2 in horse racing picks to help put him at the top.  He has a losing record in hockey and NFL.  Three things...Chris is an OSU Apologist, he is madly in love with Jim Harbaugh, and his favorite thing to cook is ribs.  And good ribs, not the crappy kind.

Curt went on a great three day tear.  That's why he is where he is.  He also has a 10+ star.  Curt's bread and butter has been hockey with a 6-2 record but he is also doing well in soccer with a record of 12-8.  Biggest downfall is college football, with nine losses.  Three things...Curt is a fan of the Denver Broncos, not Tim Tebow, he can't wait for Temple basketball to start up, and he is in the market for a new tv, any suggestions?

Dan just goes along steadily, doesn't tear off any big winning or losing streaks.  He is crushing it in soccer with a 13-6 record.  His worst sport is college football, but even there he is only 7-9.  If he ever gets hot, look out.  Three things...Dan fathered my wife, he is a Nebraska Apologist, and he picks his soccer picks due to some Soccermetrics thing he made up.  Maybe he can sell it to us or something.

John started out hot but has since then cooled off.  He is 3-11 in his last 14 picks overall.  John has winning records in football, horse racing, and hockey, but once again, just gets murdered in soccer.  Last month he was like 13 games under .500 in soccer.  This month he is currently 4-9.  Three things...Nagel can hit a golf ball 375 yards into the wind, he is also a Buckeye Apologist, and he no longer has a hole in his knee.

Hang in there buddy, your time will come.  Right now Nick is struggling worse than, well, about as bad as me last month.  Nick is 14-31 in his last 45 picks and threw in a nice L9 in the process.  He is 1-0 in Tennis and that is his only winning sport.  4-10 in horse racing was brutal.  Three things...Lakostik likes hockey, he loves the Browns, and his fantasy football team is taking a nose dive like you've never seen before.

Freaney said he is trying to make more picks here, he's doing a good job of it.  He is one of the originals, me and him.  The star has been eluding him.  He has a 7-5 record in soccer but only 1-3 in college basketball.  That's going to have to change.  Three things...Kevin doesn't really have favorite teams, he likes the teams in whatever city he lives in.  He currently has an offer out on a house in Atlanta.  He use to be a good golfer back in the day.  We use to be roommates.

Newcomer to the group.  Poor guy started out 1-8, I thought we might have a quitter after that.  He is 2-0 in NFL picks but only 2-8 in college football.  Three things...Jason is a Dayton Flyer Basketball Apologist, he is riding a Bengal bandwagon right now, and he and his wife just had twins.

Brian was on fire for awhile there.  He makes very calculated picks.  Sometimes taking a day off or two.  Brian is 4-2 in both soccer and hockey but only 1-4 in college football.  Three things...Brian loves to ski, he is now a legal drinker in the USA, and he is a worse golfer than most of us.  Most I said.

Josh is not doing too well, but he is doing way better than his atrocious month of October.  That star is still eluding him.  Josh is 3-1 in college football but only 1-3 in NFL picks.  Three things...Josh loves the Ipad, he loves the Bill and hates every team in Boston.  He also loves women.

Haley currently sits on a 4 game winning streak.  She said earlier this month that her only f'ing goal is to get a star.  She has a chance here.  She went 3-0 in horse racing but is only 2-4 in soccer.  She started out this month with a L6.  Three things...She loves to shop clearance and buy one get ones.  She is a very good school psychologist, and she goes to bed about 6 hours earlier now than she did in college on the weekends.

Klose is currently below the Mendoza line when it comes to making enough picks to qualify.  Apparently he just doesn't care, which is a slap in the face to all of us.  Klose is 2-0 in soccer.  Three things...He is currently in school to be a golf pro in Arizona.  He is a huge Bengals fan and UNC basketball fan.  He still stays up as long as he use to when he was in college.  Well, undergrad.

Speese is just always a pick or two above the line.  It's like he thinks about it or something.  He is currently riding a L4 and he only has one winning sport, college football at 3-2.  He does however have a star.  Three things...He lives in Iowa and goes to Hawkeye games.  He is good at soccer, just not at picking soccer games.  He just had a baby girl and is grooming her to take over his fantasy football team in fifteen years.

Three things...49er bandwagon driver.  Overrated fantasy team.  Screws people on Craigs List on the side.  That sounded bad, I meant screws people over, ha.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reds decline Francisco Cordero's Option....

This isn't big news.  The Reds weren't going to give him 14 million dollars.  Talk is that they are going to try to sign him for lesser money.  I save give him a two year deal worth about 12 million, with a 2 million dollar buyout after the first year.  That way he is guaranteed 8 million and he'll accept.  I would feel fine wih him walking if I had any confidence at all in Ondrusek, Bray, or Masset right now.  But I just don't, they all leave a lot to be desired right now.  I have heard that Boxberger is our closer of the future but he is probably two years away.  Sign Coco, let him do it for 2012, then move on to the young guns.


Maloney claimed by the Twins...

The Matt Maloney experiment is over.  He had his chances, never did anything with them.  Time to move on.


Edgar Renteria Chooses Free Agency...

Thank God.  Talk about a waste of a roster spot.  Can't field, can't hit, isn't a good clubhouse guy.  He was this years Patterson slash Taveras.  Dusty always finds one a year.  The only year he didn't screw it up is when he got Orlando Cabrera as his veteran glue guy.  Edgar might be done.  That or someone will throw him two million for no reason.  Ya, thats probably what will happen.  For now, the shortstop job is Cozarts.  I see it ending up that way going into the season.


Dontrelle Chooses Free Agency....

Well, or he just isn't offered another contract.  That's more like it.  I like Dontrelle, but he just doesn't have it anymore.  He can hit, but not against good pitching.  He'll find another team, have a few good outings and just be a waste of a roster spot.  Sad the way his abilities fell apart, but that's the way it goes.  The dude is always positive and in a good mood though, he'll be fine.  Good luck Dontrelle.


Ramon Hernandez Chooses Free Agency...

Probably saw this coming but it doesn't mean he is gone.  If I had to guess, I think the Reds will try to trade Hanigan and bring Ramon back as Devin's backup.  If he walks however, the Reds will get compensatory picks which isn't all a bad thing.  Ramon is a heck of a veteran hitter, too bad they couldn't carry him as just a pinch hitter.  We'll see how this one ends up.


Today's Thoughts...

College basketball starting up is awesome.

This Penn State thing is ridiculous.  Joe had to go.  It's sad that he had to go out like that, but there really isn't a choice.

Broncos are only 1.5 games out of first with half the season to go.  I dig it.

Andrew Luck is probably gone, but tell me, who invented the "Im not going to the Colts, I'm going to Denver" draft strategy.  Ya, that's right, John Elway.

Bobcats to 7-3 and in the drivers seat to win the East again.  Too bad they should be 9-1 and damn near ranked.  How do you lose to Buffalo and Ball State?  Damn it.

Still peeved the Cardinals won the World Series.

How awesome was that loss by the Steelers the other night?  One of the best games I've seen.

Just blew my 12 game streak in SFTC with a soccer pick.  Should I have just waited?  Probably.

Saw the first snowfall today.  Haley won the pool.  I wouldn't call it a snowfall, but there was definitely flurries in the air.

Bengals look a very good solid team.  The only thing is that they haven't played teams that make plays.  They are beating who is on their schedule though.  Im just interested to see if teams start putting big plays on them and if they can hang or not.

Buckeyes suck.

They won't suck in basketball this year though.

My Final Four....North Carolina, Arizona, Vanderbilt, and Pittsburgh.

Temple will make the Sweet Sixteen this year and be a three seed.

Bobcats will be in the tourney also.

Tim Tebow will not be on the Broncos roster next year.  Not at Quarterback at least.

I don't like listening to people say Oklahoma State or Stanford couldn't beat LSU.  How the hell do you know?  What if they did score a TD or two.  Could LSU come back?  Maybe not.

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers suck and it's hilarious.  They think they are so damn good.

You know who else thinks they are good?  Antonio Brown.  Someone is going to take his head off someday.

That's good for tonight.


melanie iglesias 6 Anonymous hottie found: Meet Melanie Iglesias (30 Photos)

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SFTC October Closing Numbers...

Just wanted to throw out a quick post about the month of October.  First, I kind of want to say thanks to everyone for playing the whole month.  Thanks really isn't the word I'm looking for, but it makes it more fun when people hang in there all month.  So, it was fun.  I wanted to post these standings so I had some documentation to compare the next months too.  Without further ado, here are the standings, in most wins to least wins order...

Chris Kline
81-69 overall.  Ended up on the overall world leaderboard.  .540 win percentage with a long streak of 6.

Nick Lakostik
75-65 overall.  Didn't think he would make this many picks, I was wrong.  .536 win percentage.  Longest streak in the group with nine.  Impressive.

Curt Goodwin
73-83 overall.  Ouch, brutal.  Had to L8 streaks.  .468 win percentage.  Longest win streak was 6.

Dan Snodgrass
72-76-1 overall.  Also impressed with his amount of picks.  .518 win percentage.  Long streak of 6.

John Nagel
68-59 overall.  Left some picks on the board, step your game up.  .535 win percentage.  Long streak of 6.

Brian Snodgrass
27-19 overall.  Ended up with a star, that was his goal.  .587 win percentage.  Long streak of 5.

Danny Speese
21-10 overall.  Made his pick per day average.  .656 win percentage is the best in the group.  Also made a streak of five and got a star.

Brandon Klose
14-16 overall.  Didn't get the pick per day average.  Needs to step his game up.  Long streak of 3.  Weak.

Josh Allen
14-23 overall.  It can only get better man.  .378 win percentage.  Officially the worst.  Long streak of 4.

Kevin Freaney
13-8 overall.  Only 21 picks?  Cmon.  .619 win percentage.  Only a three game long streak.

Haley Goodwin
11-9 overall.  Not enough picks.  She said her goal next month is to get a f'ing star.  .550 win percentage.  Long streak of 4.

Brad Gankosky
0-0.  0.00 win percentage.  Long streak of 0.

Good luck in the next month.  I already got jobbed once.  Have a feeling it'll happen twenty times.  Ya, I'm a complainer.