Thursday, November 10, 2011

Reds decline Francisco Cordero's Option....

This isn't big news.  The Reds weren't going to give him 14 million dollars.  Talk is that they are going to try to sign him for lesser money.  I save give him a two year deal worth about 12 million, with a 2 million dollar buyout after the first year.  That way he is guaranteed 8 million and he'll accept.  I would feel fine wih him walking if I had any confidence at all in Ondrusek, Bray, or Masset right now.  But I just don't, they all leave a lot to be desired right now.  I have heard that Boxberger is our closer of the future but he is probably two years away.  Sign Coco, let him do it for 2012, then move on to the young guns.


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