Wednesday, November 2, 2011

SFTC October Closing Numbers...

Just wanted to throw out a quick post about the month of October.  First, I kind of want to say thanks to everyone for playing the whole month.  Thanks really isn't the word I'm looking for, but it makes it more fun when people hang in there all month.  So, it was fun.  I wanted to post these standings so I had some documentation to compare the next months too.  Without further ado, here are the standings, in most wins to least wins order...

Chris Kline
81-69 overall.  Ended up on the overall world leaderboard.  .540 win percentage with a long streak of 6.

Nick Lakostik
75-65 overall.  Didn't think he would make this many picks, I was wrong.  .536 win percentage.  Longest streak in the group with nine.  Impressive.

Curt Goodwin
73-83 overall.  Ouch, brutal.  Had to L8 streaks.  .468 win percentage.  Longest win streak was 6.

Dan Snodgrass
72-76-1 overall.  Also impressed with his amount of picks.  .518 win percentage.  Long streak of 6.

John Nagel
68-59 overall.  Left some picks on the board, step your game up.  .535 win percentage.  Long streak of 6.

Brian Snodgrass
27-19 overall.  Ended up with a star, that was his goal.  .587 win percentage.  Long streak of 5.

Danny Speese
21-10 overall.  Made his pick per day average.  .656 win percentage is the best in the group.  Also made a streak of five and got a star.

Brandon Klose
14-16 overall.  Didn't get the pick per day average.  Needs to step his game up.  Long streak of 3.  Weak.

Josh Allen
14-23 overall.  It can only get better man.  .378 win percentage.  Officially the worst.  Long streak of 4.

Kevin Freaney
13-8 overall.  Only 21 picks?  Cmon.  .619 win percentage.  Only a three game long streak.

Haley Goodwin
11-9 overall.  Not enough picks.  She said her goal next month is to get a f'ing star.  .550 win percentage.  Long streak of 4.

Brad Gankosky
0-0.  0.00 win percentage.  Long streak of 0.

Good luck in the next month.  I already got jobbed once.  Have a feeling it'll happen twenty times.  Ya, I'm a complainer.



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