Sunday, November 20, 2011

Saturday Football

I feel like we saw some of the worst football ever today.  Some points...

Nebraska had like six fumbles.

Florida State up 13-7 with three minutes to go on the Virginia 25.  Third down, QB takes a 12 yard sack.  Takes them out of field goal range.  They lost 14-13.  Huh?

Virginia gets a facemask call on a fourth down sack, giving FSU new life,  What???

FSU has the ball for a 47 yard field goal with 14 seconds left.  Third and five, no timeouts.  They have one of the best kickers in the nation.  So what do they do?  Of course they throw a four yard out and get tackled in bounds and the clock runs out.  They review it and it turns out the guy actually dropped it.  So they get their shot at a field goal anyway.  Of course he misses.  Weird football.

I love Oregon, they are fun to watch.  But Chip Kelly blew that game at the end.  I understand how they don't use timeouts because they like the momentum.  But you ran out of time and had to settle for a 35 yarder.  You could have saved time and took a few shots at winning the game.  Just a really odd strategy that had failure written all over it.

Then in the Oklahoma game.  Baylor scores to take the lead with eight seconds to go.  On the ensuing kickoff, Oklahoma just doesn't pick the ball up, Baylor recovers and runs the clock out.  I mean they had a very slim chance but cmon.

Oh, and Corso dropping an F bomb on tv was funny.  The apology was even more funny.  Can't believe they did that.

Urban Meyer said he hasn't talked to anyone about the OSU job except everyone is saying he is going to be the coach.  Have to love the media these days.

OSU would be one loss away from missing a bowl game if they didn't pull that Wisconsin game out of their ass.

At least Nebraska doesn't have to think about that Nortwestern loss anymore.  Doesn't matter now.

Looks like we are headed for a LSU Alabama final.  Great, boring.

I love how they say this weekend turned the BCS upside down.  Ummm, not really.  I mean it doesn't matter where you are right now or two weeks ago, or next week. It matters where you are at the end.  So when the final standings come out, it'll probably be cut and dry who the best teams are. Basically like it is every year.

Boise State has to be kicking themself though.  This could have been their chance.

Clemson?  Really?  Fraud.

How about Thug U dancing on the sideline before they kicked the game winner?  You guys suck, you beat a bad USF team 6-3 with a field goal at the gun.  Slow the ego bro.

My lucky guess, probably not going to happen, upset pick of the week next week.  Auburn knocks off Alabama at home. 

Either way, I hope next week has some better football.  This week reminded me big time that these are just college kids that aren't mature at all.


Stephfon Green

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