Thursday, November 10, 2011

Today's Thoughts...

College basketball starting up is awesome.

This Penn State thing is ridiculous.  Joe had to go.  It's sad that he had to go out like that, but there really isn't a choice.

Broncos are only 1.5 games out of first with half the season to go.  I dig it.

Andrew Luck is probably gone, but tell me, who invented the "Im not going to the Colts, I'm going to Denver" draft strategy.  Ya, that's right, John Elway.

Bobcats to 7-3 and in the drivers seat to win the East again.  Too bad they should be 9-1 and damn near ranked.  How do you lose to Buffalo and Ball State?  Damn it.

Still peeved the Cardinals won the World Series.

How awesome was that loss by the Steelers the other night?  One of the best games I've seen.

Just blew my 12 game streak in SFTC with a soccer pick.  Should I have just waited?  Probably.

Saw the first snowfall today.  Haley won the pool.  I wouldn't call it a snowfall, but there was definitely flurries in the air.

Bengals look a very good solid team.  The only thing is that they haven't played teams that make plays.  They are beating who is on their schedule though.  Im just interested to see if teams start putting big plays on them and if they can hang or not.

Buckeyes suck.

They won't suck in basketball this year though.

My Final Four....North Carolina, Arizona, Vanderbilt, and Pittsburgh.

Temple will make the Sweet Sixteen this year and be a three seed.

Bobcats will be in the tourney also.

Tim Tebow will not be on the Broncos roster next year.  Not at Quarterback at least.

I don't like listening to people say Oklahoma State or Stanford couldn't beat LSU.  How the hell do you know?  What if they did score a TD or two.  Could LSU come back?  Maybe not.

Phillip Rivers and the Chargers suck and it's hilarious.  They think they are so damn good.

You know who else thinks they are good?  Antonio Brown.  Someone is going to take his head off someday.

That's good for tonight.


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