Saturday, April 30, 2011

NHL Second Round Playoff Preview....

First, let's rundown how the picks went in the first round.

Capitals vs. Rangers
Prediction...Capitals in seven...Actual...Capitals in five...
Capitals looked pretty strong and really could have won in four games.  Rangers looked like a team that just squeaked into the playoffs.  Because they did.

Flyers vs. Sabres
Prediction...Flyers in five...Actual...Flyers in seven...
Sabres really should have won this series.  Flyers got a couple OT wins and just a few more timely goals.

Bruins vs. Canadiens
Prediction...Bruins in six...Actual...Bruins in seven...
Another great series.  Didn't watch much of it but I know the Bruins were down 2-0 at home right off the bat and came back to win it.  Resilient.

Penguins vs. Lightning
Prediction...Lightning in six...Actual...Lightning in seven...
Great series.  Really the Ligthning should have whooped them.  Penguins don't have any scorers right now, they won because of Fleury.  Lightning just had too much offense.  Coming back from down 3-1 was pretty remarkable though.  Can't say I saw that coming.

Canucks vs. Blackhawks
Prediction...Canucks in six...Actual...Canucks in seven...
What a series.  If the Canucks would have lost that, it would have went down as one of the biggest collapses ever.  They will probably be stronger now because of it.

Sharks vs. Kings
Prediction...Sharks in five...Actual...Sharks in six...
Sharks were the better team.  Were in control the whole series.

Red Wings vs. Coyotes
Prediction...Red Wings in five...Actual...Red Wings in four...
Sweep.  Not much more to say then that.  Just complete domination against a team that won't be there next year.  What a way to go out.

Ducks vs. Predators
Prediction...Ducks in five...Actual...Predators in six...
Predators showed a lot of scoring ability.  They might be able to keep it going, doubt it though.

Well, didn't get any exactly right, but I got seven of eight correct as far as the winner goes.  Only one I missed was the Ducks vs. Predators.  And of course in that prediction I said that the Ducks were working with their third goalie and that would be their achilles heel.  And then I went and picked them anyway, so ya, I knew, but I didn't know.  Ok, on to the second round.

I didn't get back until Friday morning so I have seen the results of three game ones, so ya, I know the results, but I'm still giving my full series predictions.  Don't hold it against me.



1 Washington Capitals vs. 5 Tampa Bay Lightning
Lightning take game one on the road.  Tampa Bay is starting to really get the scoring going.  If Slumpkos can finally get his head out of his ass, this team could beat anyone.  Roloson has been tough in goal and the Lightning have thwarted 39 of 40 Power Plays, that is pretty solid.  Capitals had to sit out more than a week without playing a game, and since the other three series all went seven games, they have no idea who they were going to play.  So you could say they are rusty, you could say they are rested.  I think both of those are tired arguments.  I'm going to go with the fact that the Capitals have too much pressure on them.  They know they are the team to beat and they beat Tampa pretty handely all year.  Boucher even said this is the fifth year the Capitals have been good and their window is closing and they have to win this year.  I think the Lightning get it going, and kill the Caps confidence.  Tampa hasn't been able to win at home though so the Capitals will get a couple of games.  I see the Lightning taking game six at home and winning the series.
Lightning in 6.

2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. 3 Boston Bruins
Again a very storied rivalry.  These two teams don't like each other and neither do their fan bases.  Both had to endure grueling seven game series in the first round.  It's going to come down to who gets the first couple of games.  The other team will feel defeated and it will be tough for them to come back.  Bruins probably have more offense but the Flyers have some good scorers too.  The biggest elephant in the room is the awful goaltending being played by the Flyers.  Although they did get a couple good games in the first round, they just aren't consistent.  I see the same thing happening in this series as in the other Eastern Conference series.  Bruins win an away game and finish it off at home.
Bruins in 6.


1 Vancouver Canucks vs. 5 Nashville Predators
Canucks took game one in a 1-0 shutout.  I see the Canucks pulling together and taking this one quickly.  The Predators may get one game but I don't see it going more than five.  Yes it took the Canucks seven games to get by the Blackhawks but they were very close to taking it in four.  The Hawks were the defending champs so they put up the fight you should have predicted.  Luongo gets hot and rolls this series. Canucks, ha, everytime I hear someone say it, it just makes me laugh.
Canucks in 5.

2 San Jose Sharks vs. 3 Detroit Red Wings
Big series here.  These two teams have met a lot and the Wings just have the Sharks number.  Wings usually get better as the playoffs go but the Sharks are pretty due.  Sharks are known for their choking but they still just have so much firepower.  Sharks took game at home in overtime so they jumped out to the lead they needed.  I actually see them controlling this series for the most part.  However, I doubt they can win more than one game on the road in Detroit.  Sharks should prevail.
Sharks in 7.

We'll see how it goes.  I have a feeling I'll get them all right, but I don't know about how many games.  First round MVP, Marty St. Louis, that guy just gets so many clutch goals it's ridiculous.  See ya in a couple of weeks for the Conference Finals prediction.  I don't know about you all, but I'm definitely enjoying the playoffs, always do, they never disappoint.  Til next time...


Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reds Recap 4/20....

Good lord, what just happened?  Didn't think we would see .500 this early in the year, maybe down the road, but not 9-9 after a 5-0 start when you have the Pirates and Dbacks for ten games.  Now I'm the one that always says it's a 162 game season and you can't get too high or too low.  I'm going to stick to that, but you have to point out the obvious right?  Losing six out of seven is enough to see trends.  Let's see why we are losing and who is not playing well right now.

1. Starting pitching has been very subpar.  Every guy has had a bad outing or two.  I was just thinking the other day how much I miss watching a game and enjoying a pitcher just picking a team apart.  I don't think it has happened more than maybe three times this year, that is sad.  The rotation's record isn't all that bad, but they aren't having quality starts at all, probably way less than half of them.  Cueto and Bailey are coming soon, so that will be good.  But who do you take out?  I mean you have to take out Leake and LeCure but they aren't the worst, but they haven't done enough to earn a spot either.  This part of the team needs to step up big time.  I believe they will, I just don't want to wait a whole lot longer to see it.

2.  Rolen has been slowing deteriorating since last fall.  It is just so obvious that he can't catch up to the fastball.  That leads to guessing, which is killing him right now.  He squares up a few curves every once in awhile but he just can't be in the four spot anymore, he's a walking rally killer.  Move him to the six spot, or maybe even the seven spot.  It's not the worst thing.  Remember last year Stubbs got moved to the seven spot and starting raking in RBI's down there.  I think it's time for this change.  Which means Dusty will never do it.

3.  Votto isn't hitting for power. Now I know he is raking right now and I'm not about to pick on him.  But his lack of run production right now isn't helping.  There is obviously a 100% chance it'll turn around for him, but I'm just pointing out that right now he isn't getting the runs in or getting the big hits.  It'll happen, no doubt.

4.  Certain relief pitchers can't find the plate.  Masset needs to stop nibbling at the outside part of the plate.  Batters are just leaning out there, waiting for the one that gets too much of it.  Easy way to hit, easy way to be hit.  He needs to get inside a little more and throw some more strikes, can't strike everyone out.  Chapman is showing a little wildness also, but with him, people will chase.  Oh, people will chase.

5.  Volquez in general needs to get his head out of his ass.  Knock someone down, buzz someone near the head in the first inning.  Do something so that these guys don't think they can just crush you in the first.  The ball is catching too much of the plate, you are wild.  Just do something different, I don't care what it is, just figure it out.  You aren't our ace, which is fine, but you are a top three guy, so go out there and do it.

6.  Janish flies out with his shoulder on almost every at bat.

7.  Bruce can't touch a curveball, which I just totally don't understand.  That use to be his thing.  Sit on the curve and crush.  Now he just swings right over it.  Need to get that figured out somehow.

8.  Heisey is the man, he's a good hitter.  But he is swinging for the fences a little much now.  Especially Tuesday night with the game on the line.

9.  Schedule does not get kind here in the next week or so.  But you know, maybe that's a good thing.  Maybe the Reds are just playing down to their competition and aren't completely focused.  If that is true, that is bullshit and they need to wake the hell up.  I don't think that is true but maybe some good division baseball will get the focus back and get the momentum back.  We can only hope.

10.  Lots of swinging at pitches in bad spots.  That Stubbs swing on the 2-0 count with the bases loaded the other night was brutal.  There was absolutely NOTHING to be gained by swinging at that pitch.  The pitcher just threw two balls that almost went to the backstop and you swing at the next pitch?  I know it was a strike but there is no harm in going down 2-1.  You just have let that one go man, you have to.  Do they have take signs in the pros?

Bonus:  Mike Leake, ugggh.  It just doesn't look like there is any way that this is a false accusation.  You took tags off of shirts and tried to walk out with them.  Damn dude, that is weak.  I mean, if you were at a Wal Mart down in Tampa where it takes a half hour to check out because every clerk is either retarded, lazy as hell, or too old to think, then maybe I could understand it.  Maybe.  I don't think he'll be punished or suspended or anything like that.  He'll just be ridiculed like hell, and he should be.

The positives....

1 -10.  It's only game 18 we are talking about.  Just a little more than 10% of the year.  I think our record was worse at this point last year.  It can easily be turned around with a few wins over division teams.  Two starters are coming back.  Masset, Rolen, Bruce really can't get any worse.  I have full condifence in this team, and no confidence in the other teams in the division.  I think this is just a bump in the road.  Hope I'm right. 

Still tied for first.  Still can go wire to wire with a win tomorrow afternoon to start it.  Four way tie, dang. 

Off to Antigua Friday so I hope to come back to at least a winning record and maybe some more positive vibes.  Til next time....


Tuesday, April 19, 2011

NFL Schedule Unvieling...

It'll be interesting to see how this plays out.  I wonder if they'll move important big games to later in the season? 

Most of the things you read keep saying how the NFL thinks they'll miss a few games but then they will get a deal done once players start losing checks.  If that's the case, then you don't want big games being missed.  Do you not schedule division games until week five or somewhere around there?  You don't want to run into a situation where lets say the Ravens at Steelers game gets cancelled, then later in the year the Ravens beat the Steelers at home, tie for the division, and the Ravens get the title because they have the tiebreaker.  Steelers fans and the media will cry bloody murder that the Steelers didn't get a home game against their rival. 

Also, what about big games like Cutler coming back to Denver?  If that game gets cancelled, he wouldn't come back for six more years, and may never make it back to Denver.  That is a big promotional type game that you can't miss out on. 

All I'm saying is it will be interesting to see what the schedule looks like.  Maybe they aren't taking any of these things into account because they have bigger fish to fry.  I for one am way less excited about the schedules coming out then every before.  Thanks owners, assholes. 


Monday, April 18, 2011

Reds Recap 4/18...

Only won four out of eleven now.  Not a good stretch at all, and haven't played good teams.  This isn't what the Reds need right now. 

Wood giving a little Volquez impression. 

Leake not going to jail, just going to jail in the court of public opinion.

We need Cueto and Bailey asap.

Why isn't Phillips playing again?  Because he was hurt four days ago?  Cmon Dusty.

I have plenty more opinions but I will wait until tomorrow.

One game lead on four teams, ouch.  Wire to wire is looking dicey now.


Saturday, April 16, 2011

NBA First Round Playoff Preview....

Here are my thoughts on the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  I'm not making any predictions for the whole playoffs, just don't feel like it.  Let me know what you think about the first round.  Normally there is one big upset and the rest is chalk.  The refs usually make that happen. 


1 Chicago Bulls vs. 8  Indiana Pacers
Bulls are a very very good team.  Everyone says they lack experience, but I don't really see how that has anything to do with it.  They should win this series just because they have way more talent.  I actually like the Pacers, they have some young talent and some good one on one players.  This just isn't the matchup they wanted, but then again, I don't think they could beat anyone, except maybe the Hawks.  I do think the Pacers will get a game though, but no more than two.
Bulls in 5.  Rose will be series MVP.

2 Miami Heat vs. 7 Philadelphia 76ers
I think this will be a Heat massacre.  The sixers aren't too bad really, but they lack any scoring threat, no one that could get hot and carry them for a game.  I would be surprised if this doesn't end in a sweep.  LeBron and Wade will probably average 60 a game and get about 80% of every 50/50 call go there way.  And they will complain about 80% of the time those other 20% of calls go against them.
Heat in 4.  James will be series MVP.

3 Boston Celtics vs. 6 New York Knickerbockers
Celtics are old, slow, mean, and whiney.  Knicks are full of themselves, cocky for no reason, and have no chemistry.  Should make for a great series.  Probably the best series of the first round.  I see the Knicks winning a couple games big and the Celtics winning a couple close low scoring games.  This one will go the distance and I think this will be the big upset.  Carmelo becomes a hero just by winning one series.
Knicks in 7.  Anthony will be series MVP.

4 Orlando Magic vs. 5 Atlanta Hawks
Magic are the sleeper of this conference.  They haven't had a great year but they still have good players at each position and can cause mismatches.  Hawks quit easier than every team year by year.  They have some athletes so they might be able to win a game, but the Magic destroyed them in four games last year.  This one won't be good.
Magic in 5.  Turkoglu will be series MVP.


1 San Antonio Spurs vs. 8 Memphis Grizzlies
Some experts are saying this one could be close.  I kind of agree, but the Grizz are really missing Gay, they need his scoring ability.  Spurs are old, but they play so smart.  This is one team that does well with their experience.  Grizz have a little swagger, I see them taking a couple games.  I'll say the Spurs win game six at Memphis to seal it.
Spurs in 6.  Parker will be series MVP.

2 Los Angeles Lakers vs. 7 New Orleans Hornets
This one really should only take four games.  The Hornets don't have anywhere close to enough length to do anything against the Lakers.  Their only player that had a chance to cause havoc, West, is done for the year.  The Lakers always take games off, so because of that I think the Hornets will win a game.  But really, they don't stand a chance at all.
Lakers in 5.  Odom will be series MVP.

3 Dallas Mavericks vs. 6 Portland Trailblazers
This is the best matchup of the west.  Mavericks are really underrated and are really good.  Blazers have some good size, and some veterans who know how to win games.  This has one of those classic feelings where everyone just wins all of their home games and it comes down to a great game seven. 
Mavs in 7.  Nowitzki will be series MVP.

4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 5 Denver Nuggets
Another great series, going to be a scorapalooza.  There will be no defense played, I mean there will be defense played, I hate when people say that they don't play D in the NBA.  What I mean is, these teams will jack up shots, never run the shot clock down and the defensive players will go for steals and keep the pace going.  Really this series is going to be a good one too.  This will be my other upset pick.
Nuggets in 6.  Gallinari will be series MVP.

We'll see how many I get wrong, probably won't be too many, NBA is usually chalk in the first round.  Either way, after watching this first game, it's going to be a hell of a watch.  Til next time....


Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NHL First Round Preview....

Im not going to pretend that I know all about the NHL, but I wanted to get a first round prediction out there so I have something on record when i get them all wrong.


1 Washington Capitals vs. 8 New York Rangers
Capitals are the best team.  They had a string in the middle of the season though where they lost a shitload of games.  So the fact that they are still the one seed with that bad of a slump, you know they are freaking good when they are on.  Probably have the best player in the game and are healthy.  But on the other hand, I keep reading that the Rangers are a great matchup for them.  So who knows...
I'll say Capitals in 7.  Going the distance.

2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. 7 Buffalo Sabres
Flyers were the best team for most of the season in the East.  They play tough D and should be able to manhandle the Sabres.  Poor Buffalo, they suck in every sport.  Even Cleveland thinks they suck.
Flyers in 5.

3 Boston Bruins vs. 6 Montreal Canadiens
Two of the original franchises.  These teams go way back and hate each other.  Earlier this year they had one of the ugliest games in the sports history.  Couldn't get more than a minute of playing time without a fight for almost a whole period.  Montreal is one of only two Canadian teams in the playoffs this year.  They just don't dominate anymore but the Canadiens made a decent run last year if I remember correctly. I think the Celtics will suck this year in the playoffs and the Red Sox aren't doing well, so I see the Bruins picking up the slack.
Bruins in 6.

4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5 Tampa Bay Lightning
Penguins are missing their best player but have a ton of experience.  Lightning don't have much experience, but the two guys that have experience are still two of the best in the league.  St. Louis and Vinny are back on the same line and have been tearing it up as of late.  If they can keep it rolling, look for this young team to make some noise.  As for most teams, their goaltending needs to step up.  Every year someone has a goalie get super hot, why not Roloson.
Lightning in 6.


1 Vancouver Canucks vs. 8 Chicago Blackhawks
Canucks had the best record in the league this year by a wide margin.  Ten more points than Washington to be exact.  They are the best team in the game obviously but now they have to face the defending champs.  Blackhawks had to wait until the final day to make the playoffs.  But they obviously have a lot of experience and nobody wants to play them.  They lost Buff and aren't as tough as they were last year but you never know.
Canucks in 6.

2 San Jose Sharks vs. 7 Los Angeles Kings
I'll be honest, don't know much at all about these teams.  I know the Sharks always choke in the playoffs and that the Kings haven't had a great year by their standards.  I'll take the home team....
Sharks in 5.

3 Detroit Red Wings vs. 6 Phoenix Coyotes
Red Wings usually win playoff series, I do know this.  Red Wings have more scoring talent and are faster than the 'yotes but hockey is one sport where anyone can go on a good luck streak.  I don't see the Coyotes having much of a chance here.
Red Wings in 5.

4 Anaheim Ducks vs. 5 Nashville Predators
Perry and Getzlaf have been a killer one two tandem this year.  Their problem is that they are working on their third goalie on the depth chart right now.  Emery and Hiller are both hurt so that might be their achilles heel.  Predators need two steal a game on the road to have a chance, don't see that happening all the way on the west coast.
Ducks in 5.

Great, I took one upset.  I'm screwed.  Either way, the NHL playoffs are always a good watch.  Go Lightning, I'll be at game three Monday night, should be fun.  'Til next time....


Reds 4/13....

Defense won the game last night.  Phillips with an A+ play.  Bruce with a great play in the ninth.  Votto with a little circus catch.  And Gomes, well, it worked out, but it wasn't the best play, that's for damn sure. 

Tough decision for LeCure, he looked awesome, no one could touch him.  He pitches like Leake wishes he could pitch.  He keeps the ball down and throws that nice cutter. 

Bruce is out with a muscle pull in his groin.  Says he could play tonight.  Hope it is just a precaution.  If he isn't in the game on Friday, then we need to worry.  Last time he had a muscle pull he was out three whole weeks.  But Coach Lou Brown from the Indians said that even tough guys get strains, sore arms, and muscle pulls.

Going for the sweep.  Glad there is a good chance I'll get to bed at a decent time tonight.  1:30 was not a good idea.  Later.


Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Reds 4/12....

Nice game last night overall for the team.  Not many hits but some guys came up big.  Hernandez made three huge plays in the field to save innings.  Of course Heisey had a huge homer and a big run saving catch in the first inning.  I don't know who you take out to get Heisey playing time, and I'm not sure you take anyone out, but I know when he is in the lineup, I feel good about it. 

Volquez with a very nice outing.  If you look at his overall stats, 2 runs, 6 innings, 7 baserunners, 5 K's, nice game.  If you saw his first inning and only wanted to comment on that, you would think oh no, here we go again.  Look, during the inning, Twitter and Facebook were going crazy with people complaining and making ridiculous claims.  HE IS SUCH A BAD PITCHER, was one.  How many more starts can you give this guy?, was another.  Here we go again, I read a few times.  Cmon now, it's a nine inning game, please understand that.  I wasn't happy with the start either, but if what we want is improvement then we got it.  He gave up 3 runs in the first in game one, then 4 runs, and this time it was only 2.  So we should be happy right?  Also, Volquez is going to get 30 starts if he stays healthy.  The guy has such good stuff, there is no way you take him out of the rotation.  To even think that is assinine.  He's 2-0 and the team is 3-0 with him on the hill.  Do I hope he does better?  Absolutely, but I'm not about to be worried about him, not yet, not even close.

Another complaint I have about the Volquez haters is that he is making 1.5 million dollars people.  With Cueto, he is only the third highest paid starter on the team.  Ya he was given the Opening Day start but it isn't like he is being paid as a top 5 pitcher in the majors or anything.  Maybe we should all lower our expectations and let the season roll on like normal.

The more I listen to some fans, I just think that some people just aren't cut out to be baseball fans.  Baseball has more ups and downs than any sport, period.  It's a marathon.  People that get all excited about one at bat, one pitch, one play in the field, maybe just aren't meant to be baseball fans.  That doesn't mean they shouldn't follow the sport, but they should stop overreacting or it's going to be a very very long season.  One bad quarter in a football game could kill your whole season, especially in college football.  But one bad start in a baseball game only affects less than 1% of your season, seems miniscule but its true.

Ok, off the tangent that I thought up last night.  As I was saying, good win for the Reds last night.  Tough one tonight although they face Richard who they hit pretty good last time they faced him.  LeCure is on the hill for the Reds.  Sammy doesn't strike fear into any opponents but he is a battler and he'll make good pitches and keep the Reds in the game.  That's all you can ask from your number five starter.  We'll take two out of three in this series and feel happy.  But that means we could lose one out of the next two, so when we do, let's not all freak out, ok "fans"?

Two game lead in the division, still have a chance to go wire to wire.  One game at a time.  Til next time....


Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recap 4/11....

Well that series did not go as planned at all.  Lots of players are struggling right now.  Losing three out of four is not what the doctor ordered.  Reds need Cueto and Bailey back, and they need them back now.  Leake only had one bad inning, i understand that, but he just isn't going to win a pitchers duel and strike fear into the opponents hitters. If he always faced the other teams fifth starters, I could handle that, but we all know it doesn't work that way. 

Bailey and Cueto are both pitching minor league games next week and then starting in Louisville later.  So barring any setbacks, they really should be in the rotation before May comes around.  The sooner the better of course.

Masset struggled today, along with Chapman.  You could tell they both have nasty stuff and they aren't hurting on talent, just nibbling too much.  I hate when Reds pitchers do that.  When you fall behind, you eventually have to come with something down the middle and that is when you get tattooed.

Right now Votto is absolutely raking, Rolen is hitting well, Phillips is playing like an all star, and Gomes has been getting on base.  We all know how Janish is hitting too, very pleasant surprise there.  But Stubbs and Bruce?  Good lord.  I hope they are just low on confidence right now and are guessing at the plate, because if they aren't, they are just totally overmatched and that is NOT a good thing.  I have full confidence that they will both get it turned around, but like I said, it just looks really bad right now.

Three at San Diego starting Monday.  The Reds are definitely better than the Padres, but the Reds don't play well in San Diego, not in the big park.  Volquez throws on Monday, I fully expect him to get it turned around starting now. 

Jumping back to Saturday's game.  The player I feel the best about right now has to be Arroyo.  The dude looks absolutely dialed in and the way he makes players look so stupid with slow curveballs just baffles me.  I'm calling a 20 win season for him this year.  And I'm not just trying to make outlandish predictions, I really think he can do it.  We'll see.

Willis threw six scoreless innings yesterday in a minor league game.  He is just there for a rotation emergency right now.  They really can't be actually thinking of putting him in there.  Just doesn't make sense.

Still have a 1.5 game lead on the pack.  Still can go wire to wire.  Need to take two of three in this series and then come back home for seven against league bottom feeders.  One game at a time.  Til next time....


Masters Sunday Preview.....

Don't want to root against Rory, but I think I'm going to have to.  I don't hate the guy, but I don't want him to ruin my Masters Sunday and run away with it. 

The only good thing about one guy leading by this much, is that it is only one guy, and only one guy needs to choke to bring everyone else back into it.  Someone needs to go out hot right away and make the kid think about it. 

Phil and Tiger need to post like 64's, it is pretty impossible but it is definitely possible. 

If I could pick one guy to come back and win it, it would be Adam Scott.  He's got the game, he just looks like an idiot with that big putter.  But if I had to pick one guy to actually come out of this and contend, it'll be Jason Day.  Dude can birdie like crazy, so maybe he just gets hot and it comes down to him and Rory.  If Rory doesn't win, I'll take Day to steal it.

And all this stuff about Tiger having 33 putts needs to stop.  Ya, he didn't make putts but I wouldn't blame it all on his putting.  If the dude can't get the ball closer to make putts, then maybe his irons aren't hitting like they should be.  Ever think of that golf analysts?  No, you just look at the stats and that's it.  I expect more from "experts".

Also, I had five bucks on Sergio in Vegas.  Way to get to 7 under after seven holes yesterday and then shoot a 42 on the back and totally fall out of the tourney, thanks man.  Would have rather seen you miss the cut and not get me excited at all.

Anyone want to go to the Masters some year?  I think it would be freaking awesome.  Get all drunk and sit at the 16th green and wait for aces.  And yell like we are watching an actual exciting sport, ha.

Hope this Sunday turns out great.  Thinking there is probably about a 20% chance of that happening.


Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregame Reds 4/9....

Rough game last night.  Got spanked. 

Wood actually didn't look that bad I didn't think.  Ya, he got hit hard but he had some good pitches too.  Early in the year I guess, can't too excited about one bad result.  It was Arizona's Opening Night too so you had to figure they would come out hitting and focused. 

Yes Rolen had a hard hit double last night but he still just looks so slow at the plate.  I can't see him lasting the whole season unless he starts playing no more than four games a week, which might happen.

Bruce also doesn't look good.  I think he is trying to guess at the plate, that'll kill ya.  He's the kind of guy that once he gets a few line drives he'll start rolling.  So I always think he's only a couple of at bats away from breaking out. 

Janish just continues to rake.  I hope he ends up with an awesome year, and he might.  Made some great plays in the field too. 

Oh and Stubbs, he is who he is at the plate, but how freaking fast is that guy?  Amazing.  Is that a man runnin or a cheetah?

Maloney got seriously rocked.  If he stays in the pen all year it is going to take him two months to get his ERA back to anything respectable, it's sitting at 23 right now.

Arroyo tonight.  Should be a win.  Hudson is really good for the D'backs but Arroyo should keep these guys off balance and the Reds should be able to bounce back and get some runs.

Only a half game up on the Pirates.  Need a win tonight if the Reds have any hopes of going wire to wire this year.  I hope it happens.

Enjoy the game everyone.  I'll be at Fergs.  Til tomorrow...


Thursday, April 7, 2011

Homestand Wrap, 4/7...

5-1 homestand.  No way that can be a bad thing.  Can't win them all.  The RISP average finally came back to bite them in the ass.  Great pitching again by all, even Masset who gave up the winning run.  He pitched well, and mad a couple guys look really stupid. 
1.5 game lead on everyone in the Central and the Cardinals are 3 back already. 

Three at Arizona, three at San Diego, four at home against the Pirates, and then three at home against the D'backs again.  This really could be a big chance for the Reds to rack up some wins and maybe get a lead big enough that they can run away and have everyone chase them all year.  Obviously that is a stretch after six games, but it's there, in front of them. 

Wood, Arroyo, and Leake in the Arizona series.  Should really be three wins, at least two.  Til next time...


Masters Review after Day One...

You know what they say...You can't win the Masters after one day.  But you sure can lose it.  Some people lost it today, others kept themselves right in the thick of it.

Notables that are cashed and you can probably stick a fork in them...

Tom Watson
Martin Kaymer (number one in the world)
Padraig Harrington
Mike Weir
Vijay Singh

Rory and Quiros lead after day one.  Almost all of the leaders are big hitters, which is pretty much the way the Masters works.  But as they always say, most of the time the Masters comes down to a putting contest.  With the hole placements in relatively easy positions, most guys that can find the fairway can get themselves in birdie position, it just depends on who knocks them down or not. 

30 out of 99 guys are under par.  Leaders at -7.  I would imagine the lead will be either -10 or -11 going into the weekend.  Conditions are perfect right now so there are low scores available.  Just hope some of the guys I put money on will at least make it interesting for me this weekend.

And just so you know, Mickelson is at 2 under with a bogey on the 18th and Tiger finished at -1.  Both are definitely still in it and have a big day ahead of them tomorrow.


Visits (In case you were wondering, and some of you were)

Someone asked so I found this in the settings.  Here are the page views.  Not sure how it works, like does it count when you just go to the site, or only when you click on a certain post?  Who knows, but anyway, here you go....

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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Masters Preview....

I'll save it for Friday night slash Saturday morning.  It'll just be a weekend preview.  It's going to be a great one, I'll say that at least.

Quick Recap 4/6....

Well, 5-0 is 5-0. 

Today's game ball goes to Phillips.  Three different heads up plays.  He is playing really smart this year, something that he hasn't done in the past.  Good to see. 

Chance to go 6-0 tomorrow with back to back sweeps, who would have thought?

Remember though, not to be negative or anything, but it is only going to worse, not better, so when they lose or don't score runs, let's all calm down and not get too excited.  I know that is not going to happen, but at least I asked.  More tomorrow.  Til next time...


Off the Wall? Probably, but...

...what if every game that Volquez was scheduled to pitch, the Reds started Maloney for the first inning?  Thow the lefty against their lineup and then bring in Volquez for innings 2-7.  Volquez can't get through the first inning so we can just avoid it.  He can mow through the bottom of the order, get some confidence and deal for the rest of the game.  Would never happen, but fun to think about.

Uh oh....

Here come the haters, rounding first and heading for second.  They sure do come strong.  Sure is easy to hate on people.  Ya, Volquez had an awful inning, but it's still early.  Someone go tell Brian Price to coach his pitchers.  No one can touch his heater yet he keeps lollygagging the change up there and it's getting ripped.  Is anyone else noticing this?

Reds 4/6 Pregame....

Nelson Figueroa about to get lit up.  Poor guy.

Cmon Volquez, you need to show us that you are the ace this year.  Keep the ball down, stay away from the high left out over the plate changeups and you'll be fine.  Stick to the heater.

With a weak throwing righty on the mound look for either Bruce or Votto to hit two homers between the two of them.

Reds will have a close game where they need to hold a run lead or something soon, but it probably won't be tonight.  Stretch that lead. 

Updates if need be during the game....


Reds Rap on Tuesday's Game

Well I had playoff games for my softball team so I had to watch the game in fast forward after it was over, so I don't have any great insight, just obvious things.

Leake looked good, I'm glad, but I'm not getting too excited.  That Houston lineup is pretty weak.

Nice patience by the Reds.  Happ was getting squeezed, but instead of trying to help him the batters did a good job of laying off and making him to come to them.

Heisey is a really good player.  I think he'll be getting about the same amount of playing time as Gomes when it is all said and done.

That damn Hunter Pence didn't hurt us at the plate but he made two diving plays again.  That guy is everywhere.  I hate him.

Yes, the Reds won 8-2 but they left a lot of guys on base again.  Hope that doesn't become a trend all year.

Phillips is fine, just left with a sore chest from getting the wind knocked out of him.  Does anyone notice how slow he is?  Takes his forever to get around the bases it seems like.

Bailey and Cueto are coming along fine.  I would think Cueto will be back and getting a start sometime next week.  Bailey hopefully by the end of the month.

When Bailey comes back there will be a big decision to make.  If Leake is pitching well, do you send him down?  Do you try to trade Bailey?  Do you stick Leake in the bullpen?  Bailey doesn't have any options so you can't send him down.  Then you have LeCure who they were grooming all year to go to the pen.  I think he goes to the pen and Jordan Smith gets sent down. Never a bad thing to have too much pitching but it creates some tough decisions.

4-0.  Awesome, just remember, they will lose, and when they do, let's not overreact ok?  OK?!?!?!  Til next time...


Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Reds 4/5 Pregame....



Bruce not playing due to a good lefty on the mound.  Not sure I like that, doesn't set a good precedent.  I would imagine he'll play the rest of the week though. 

Big game for Leake.  People are pretty skeptical of him right now since he hasn't pitched well since about June of last year.  Need a good outing to get some confidence and some fan support.  Hopefully it won't matter how he pitches because the bats will continue to hit and give him plenty of run support.

It'll be nice to face the Astros for once without Berkman in the lineup, that'll be a good feeling.

God Damn Hunter Pence though, that dude always kills the Reds.  See ya after the game....


Monday, April 4, 2011

Reds 4/4....

Week 2 Preview.....

Reds have an off day on Monday and then six straight games the rest of the week.  Three at home against the Astros.  Leake, Volquez, and LeCure will take the mound in the three game series played in Cincy.  The Reds will face three pitchers for Houston that they have had success against in the past.  Not facing Wandy who has had some good outings against the Reds.  Reds really should be able to take this series.  Houston is one of the few teams that still have not recorded a win, I say we keep that going. 

After the Houston series the Reds will travel to Arizona for a three game set.  Wood, Arroyo, and Leake will take the hill in the series against a D'back rotation that doesn't have anyone that should scare the Reds lineup.  Should be another series the Reds can take, especially since they have absolutely dominated Arizona in the last few years. 

Right now my biggest concern on the team is third base.  Look, I like Rolen and I know he plays solid D and is a great clubhouse guy, but you can just tell he doesn't have it right now at the plate.  He looks so bad on curveballs because he has to start his swing so early to catch up on the heater if he gets it.  It puts you in a bad spot and leads to a lot of guessing, and I think that is what he is doing right now.  I also know that Rolen has something left in his bat though so I see him having one good month and carrying the team for a few weeks, a la Gomes from last year.  I just hope that month is when we need it and it helps win a few games.  Francisco should get his chance to shine a few times a week because Rolen should get two games off a week.  Maybe later in the season the Reds could trade a bullpen guy and a catcher if need be to get a solid third baseman if Francisco doesn't step up.  That is just me talking to myself, not like I want Rolen to fail and get someone else.  Hopefully they both succeed and this is just a moot point.

Got to see Chapman pitch yesterday.  It was funny how you can tell how early guys start their swings against him.  Hit 103 a few times and dropped a couple nice 88 mph changeups, ha.

Bullpen has only given up two runs in seven innings.  Starters have only given up 6 runs in the last 19 innings after Edinson's first inning debacle.

Nice to see Janish hitting well and playing the field well, don't really want to hear people calling for Renteria all year.  Renteria is a good veteran presence but there is no way he should be playing in front of Janish, no way.  Even if you want to argue that Janish will only hit .250, that is totally fine.  Back in the day shortstops only hit .220 or so and no one cared because they know how much a great defensive shortstop means for the team.  So just stick him in the eight spot and let him hit a little and play great D.

Alright, well I have a preview for tomorrow's game tomorrow.  Hope this gives you something to read for an off day.

P.S.  Happy birthday to my wife Haley.

P.S.S.  Masters week, look out, one of the best weeks of the year.

Til next time....


Sunday, April 3, 2011

Reds 4/3....

Went to the game today.  Great weather, great game.  Everyone had a hit, everyone pitched well, the team looks great. Can't judge a season on three games but right now it can't be going any better. 

Long weekend after the wedding yesterday.  I'll have a full preview on the week to come on Monday.  Til next time....