Wednesday, April 13, 2011

NHL First Round Preview....

Im not going to pretend that I know all about the NHL, but I wanted to get a first round prediction out there so I have something on record when i get them all wrong.


1 Washington Capitals vs. 8 New York Rangers
Capitals are the best team.  They had a string in the middle of the season though where they lost a shitload of games.  So the fact that they are still the one seed with that bad of a slump, you know they are freaking good when they are on.  Probably have the best player in the game and are healthy.  But on the other hand, I keep reading that the Rangers are a great matchup for them.  So who knows...
I'll say Capitals in 7.  Going the distance.

2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. 7 Buffalo Sabres
Flyers were the best team for most of the season in the East.  They play tough D and should be able to manhandle the Sabres.  Poor Buffalo, they suck in every sport.  Even Cleveland thinks they suck.
Flyers in 5.

3 Boston Bruins vs. 6 Montreal Canadiens
Two of the original franchises.  These teams go way back and hate each other.  Earlier this year they had one of the ugliest games in the sports history.  Couldn't get more than a minute of playing time without a fight for almost a whole period.  Montreal is one of only two Canadian teams in the playoffs this year.  They just don't dominate anymore but the Canadiens made a decent run last year if I remember correctly. I think the Celtics will suck this year in the playoffs and the Red Sox aren't doing well, so I see the Bruins picking up the slack.
Bruins in 6.

4 Pittsburgh Penguins vs. 5 Tampa Bay Lightning
Penguins are missing their best player but have a ton of experience.  Lightning don't have much experience, but the two guys that have experience are still two of the best in the league.  St. Louis and Vinny are back on the same line and have been tearing it up as of late.  If they can keep it rolling, look for this young team to make some noise.  As for most teams, their goaltending needs to step up.  Every year someone has a goalie get super hot, why not Roloson.
Lightning in 6.


1 Vancouver Canucks vs. 8 Chicago Blackhawks
Canucks had the best record in the league this year by a wide margin.  Ten more points than Washington to be exact.  They are the best team in the game obviously but now they have to face the defending champs.  Blackhawks had to wait until the final day to make the playoffs.  But they obviously have a lot of experience and nobody wants to play them.  They lost Buff and aren't as tough as they were last year but you never know.
Canucks in 6.

2 San Jose Sharks vs. 7 Los Angeles Kings
I'll be honest, don't know much at all about these teams.  I know the Sharks always choke in the playoffs and that the Kings haven't had a great year by their standards.  I'll take the home team....
Sharks in 5.

3 Detroit Red Wings vs. 6 Phoenix Coyotes
Red Wings usually win playoff series, I do know this.  Red Wings have more scoring talent and are faster than the 'yotes but hockey is one sport where anyone can go on a good luck streak.  I don't see the Coyotes having much of a chance here.
Red Wings in 5.

4 Anaheim Ducks vs. 5 Nashville Predators
Perry and Getzlaf have been a killer one two tandem this year.  Their problem is that they are working on their third goalie on the depth chart right now.  Emery and Hiller are both hurt so that might be their achilles heel.  Predators need two steal a game on the road to have a chance, don't see that happening all the way on the west coast.
Ducks in 5.

Great, I took one upset.  I'm screwed.  Either way, the NHL playoffs are always a good watch.  Go Lightning, I'll be at game three Monday night, should be fun.  'Til next time....



  1. Nice picks. I'm kind of hoping for a Rangers upset in round 1 though!

  2. Washington is a playoff choke team. They will probably beat NYR, but whoever they play next will knock them out. Flyers or Boston will probably come out of the East.

    Vancouver will win in 4 or 5, and they will rep the West.

    Sharks won't get out of the first round....again.

    Flyers win the Cup in 6.

  3. From Vasquez...
    For not knowing anything about hockey thats not too bad. You forgot to include Stamkos with Tampa Bay in your analysis. I believe vinny was 99th in points this year and Stamkos was 5th or close to iy

  4. Correct, but Stamkos has 5 goals in his last 28 games, Vinny missed a whole month or so earlier in the year, but yes, they have multiple threats.

  5. From Vasquez again...
    Also. Every year the wings make the opposing goalie look like a rockstar in the first couple of rounds. Howard can be shaky and when he is he needs the Wings to score 4+ goals a game. If Bryz gets hot for the Yotes and Shane Doan stays healthy and puts up the same playoff numbers he did last year it could be trouble for the Wings. Typically when the wings go late in the early series they slow down in the later rds

  6. Thanks Lakostik, but this is a first round preview. I'll note your predictions for the whole playoffs.

    Second round preview to come later.