Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Reds Rap on Tuesday's Game

Well I had playoff games for my softball team so I had to watch the game in fast forward after it was over, so I don't have any great insight, just obvious things.

Leake looked good, I'm glad, but I'm not getting too excited.  That Houston lineup is pretty weak.

Nice patience by the Reds.  Happ was getting squeezed, but instead of trying to help him the batters did a good job of laying off and making him to come to them.

Heisey is a really good player.  I think he'll be getting about the same amount of playing time as Gomes when it is all said and done.

That damn Hunter Pence didn't hurt us at the plate but he made two diving plays again.  That guy is everywhere.  I hate him.

Yes, the Reds won 8-2 but they left a lot of guys on base again.  Hope that doesn't become a trend all year.

Phillips is fine, just left with a sore chest from getting the wind knocked out of him.  Does anyone notice how slow he is?  Takes his forever to get around the bases it seems like.

Bailey and Cueto are coming along fine.  I would think Cueto will be back and getting a start sometime next week.  Bailey hopefully by the end of the month.

When Bailey comes back there will be a big decision to make.  If Leake is pitching well, do you send him down?  Do you try to trade Bailey?  Do you stick Leake in the bullpen?  Bailey doesn't have any options so you can't send him down.  Then you have LeCure who they were grooming all year to go to the pen.  I think he goes to the pen and Jordan Smith gets sent down. Never a bad thing to have too much pitching but it creates some tough decisions.

4-0.  Awesome, just remember, they will lose, and when they do, let's not overreact ok?  OK?!?!?!  Til next time...


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