Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Reds Recap 4/20....

Good lord, what just happened?  Didn't think we would see .500 this early in the year, maybe down the road, but not 9-9 after a 5-0 start when you have the Pirates and Dbacks for ten games.  Now I'm the one that always says it's a 162 game season and you can't get too high or too low.  I'm going to stick to that, but you have to point out the obvious right?  Losing six out of seven is enough to see trends.  Let's see why we are losing and who is not playing well right now.

1. Starting pitching has been very subpar.  Every guy has had a bad outing or two.  I was just thinking the other day how much I miss watching a game and enjoying a pitcher just picking a team apart.  I don't think it has happened more than maybe three times this year, that is sad.  The rotation's record isn't all that bad, but they aren't having quality starts at all, probably way less than half of them.  Cueto and Bailey are coming soon, so that will be good.  But who do you take out?  I mean you have to take out Leake and LeCure but they aren't the worst, but they haven't done enough to earn a spot either.  This part of the team needs to step up big time.  I believe they will, I just don't want to wait a whole lot longer to see it.

2.  Rolen has been slowing deteriorating since last fall.  It is just so obvious that he can't catch up to the fastball.  That leads to guessing, which is killing him right now.  He squares up a few curves every once in awhile but he just can't be in the four spot anymore, he's a walking rally killer.  Move him to the six spot, or maybe even the seven spot.  It's not the worst thing.  Remember last year Stubbs got moved to the seven spot and starting raking in RBI's down there.  I think it's time for this change.  Which means Dusty will never do it.

3.  Votto isn't hitting for power. Now I know he is raking right now and I'm not about to pick on him.  But his lack of run production right now isn't helping.  There is obviously a 100% chance it'll turn around for him, but I'm just pointing out that right now he isn't getting the runs in or getting the big hits.  It'll happen, no doubt.

4.  Certain relief pitchers can't find the plate.  Masset needs to stop nibbling at the outside part of the plate.  Batters are just leaning out there, waiting for the one that gets too much of it.  Easy way to hit, easy way to be hit.  He needs to get inside a little more and throw some more strikes, can't strike everyone out.  Chapman is showing a little wildness also, but with him, people will chase.  Oh, people will chase.

5.  Volquez in general needs to get his head out of his ass.  Knock someone down, buzz someone near the head in the first inning.  Do something so that these guys don't think they can just crush you in the first.  The ball is catching too much of the plate, you are wild.  Just do something different, I don't care what it is, just figure it out.  You aren't our ace, which is fine, but you are a top three guy, so go out there and do it.

6.  Janish flies out with his shoulder on almost every at bat.

7.  Bruce can't touch a curveball, which I just totally don't understand.  That use to be his thing.  Sit on the curve and crush.  Now he just swings right over it.  Need to get that figured out somehow.

8.  Heisey is the man, he's a good hitter.  But he is swinging for the fences a little much now.  Especially Tuesday night with the game on the line.

9.  Schedule does not get kind here in the next week or so.  But you know, maybe that's a good thing.  Maybe the Reds are just playing down to their competition and aren't completely focused.  If that is true, that is bullshit and they need to wake the hell up.  I don't think that is true but maybe some good division baseball will get the focus back and get the momentum back.  We can only hope.

10.  Lots of swinging at pitches in bad spots.  That Stubbs swing on the 2-0 count with the bases loaded the other night was brutal.  There was absolutely NOTHING to be gained by swinging at that pitch.  The pitcher just threw two balls that almost went to the backstop and you swing at the next pitch?  I know it was a strike but there is no harm in going down 2-1.  You just have let that one go man, you have to.  Do they have take signs in the pros?

Bonus:  Mike Leake, ugggh.  It just doesn't look like there is any way that this is a false accusation.  You took tags off of shirts and tried to walk out with them.  Damn dude, that is weak.  I mean, if you were at a Wal Mart down in Tampa where it takes a half hour to check out because every clerk is either retarded, lazy as hell, or too old to think, then maybe I could understand it.  Maybe.  I don't think he'll be punished or suspended or anything like that.  He'll just be ridiculed like hell, and he should be.

The positives....

1 -10.  It's only game 18 we are talking about.  Just a little more than 10% of the year.  I think our record was worse at this point last year.  It can easily be turned around with a few wins over division teams.  Two starters are coming back.  Masset, Rolen, Bruce really can't get any worse.  I have full condifence in this team, and no confidence in the other teams in the division.  I think this is just a bump in the road.  Hope I'm right. 

Still tied for first.  Still can go wire to wire with a win tomorrow afternoon to start it.  Four way tie, dang. 

Off to Antigua Friday so I hope to come back to at least a winning record and maybe some more positive vibes.  Til next time....


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