Saturday, April 16, 2011

NBA First Round Playoff Preview....

Here are my thoughts on the first round of the NBA Playoffs.  I'm not making any predictions for the whole playoffs, just don't feel like it.  Let me know what you think about the first round.  Normally there is one big upset and the rest is chalk.  The refs usually make that happen. 


1 Chicago Bulls vs. 8  Indiana Pacers
Bulls are a very very good team.  Everyone says they lack experience, but I don't really see how that has anything to do with it.  They should win this series just because they have way more talent.  I actually like the Pacers, they have some young talent and some good one on one players.  This just isn't the matchup they wanted, but then again, I don't think they could beat anyone, except maybe the Hawks.  I do think the Pacers will get a game though, but no more than two.
Bulls in 5.  Rose will be series MVP.

2 Miami Heat vs. 7 Philadelphia 76ers
I think this will be a Heat massacre.  The sixers aren't too bad really, but they lack any scoring threat, no one that could get hot and carry them for a game.  I would be surprised if this doesn't end in a sweep.  LeBron and Wade will probably average 60 a game and get about 80% of every 50/50 call go there way.  And they will complain about 80% of the time those other 20% of calls go against them.
Heat in 4.  James will be series MVP.

3 Boston Celtics vs. 6 New York Knickerbockers
Celtics are old, slow, mean, and whiney.  Knicks are full of themselves, cocky for no reason, and have no chemistry.  Should make for a great series.  Probably the best series of the first round.  I see the Knicks winning a couple games big and the Celtics winning a couple close low scoring games.  This one will go the distance and I think this will be the big upset.  Carmelo becomes a hero just by winning one series.
Knicks in 7.  Anthony will be series MVP.

4 Orlando Magic vs. 5 Atlanta Hawks
Magic are the sleeper of this conference.  They haven't had a great year but they still have good players at each position and can cause mismatches.  Hawks quit easier than every team year by year.  They have some athletes so they might be able to win a game, but the Magic destroyed them in four games last year.  This one won't be good.
Magic in 5.  Turkoglu will be series MVP.


1 San Antonio Spurs vs. 8 Memphis Grizzlies
Some experts are saying this one could be close.  I kind of agree, but the Grizz are really missing Gay, they need his scoring ability.  Spurs are old, but they play so smart.  This is one team that does well with their experience.  Grizz have a little swagger, I see them taking a couple games.  I'll say the Spurs win game six at Memphis to seal it.
Spurs in 6.  Parker will be series MVP.

2 Los Angeles Lakers vs. 7 New Orleans Hornets
This one really should only take four games.  The Hornets don't have anywhere close to enough length to do anything against the Lakers.  Their only player that had a chance to cause havoc, West, is done for the year.  The Lakers always take games off, so because of that I think the Hornets will win a game.  But really, they don't stand a chance at all.
Lakers in 5.  Odom will be series MVP.

3 Dallas Mavericks vs. 6 Portland Trailblazers
This is the best matchup of the west.  Mavericks are really underrated and are really good.  Blazers have some good size, and some veterans who know how to win games.  This has one of those classic feelings where everyone just wins all of their home games and it comes down to a great game seven. 
Mavs in 7.  Nowitzki will be series MVP.

4 Oklahoma City Thunder vs. 5 Denver Nuggets
Another great series, going to be a scorapalooza.  There will be no defense played, I mean there will be defense played, I hate when people say that they don't play D in the NBA.  What I mean is, these teams will jack up shots, never run the shot clock down and the defensive players will go for steals and keep the pace going.  Really this series is going to be a good one too.  This will be my other upset pick.
Nuggets in 6.  Gallinari will be series MVP.

We'll see how many I get wrong, probably won't be too many, NBA is usually chalk in the first round.  Either way, after watching this first game, it's going to be a hell of a watch.  Til next time....


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  1. Bulls in 4 after that win yesterday. I think it rips the heart out of the pacers, they should have won that game.

    Heat in 5.

    Celtics in 6.

    I was going to say Magic in 5, but after watching a bit of the game last night, Magic in 6 or 7. Atlanta played really well.

    Spurs in 6.

    Lakers in 5, wouldn't be surprised to see a sweep though.

    Here is my one so called upset, Blazers in 7.

    OKC in 6, only team i see giving the lakers a run for the West. They have 2 closers and some big bodies to throw at Gasol and Bynum.