Saturday, April 30, 2011

NHL Second Round Playoff Preview....

First, let's rundown how the picks went in the first round.

Capitals vs. Rangers
Prediction...Capitals in seven...Actual...Capitals in five...
Capitals looked pretty strong and really could have won in four games.  Rangers looked like a team that just squeaked into the playoffs.  Because they did.

Flyers vs. Sabres
Prediction...Flyers in five...Actual...Flyers in seven...
Sabres really should have won this series.  Flyers got a couple OT wins and just a few more timely goals.

Bruins vs. Canadiens
Prediction...Bruins in six...Actual...Bruins in seven...
Another great series.  Didn't watch much of it but I know the Bruins were down 2-0 at home right off the bat and came back to win it.  Resilient.

Penguins vs. Lightning
Prediction...Lightning in six...Actual...Lightning in seven...
Great series.  Really the Ligthning should have whooped them.  Penguins don't have any scorers right now, they won because of Fleury.  Lightning just had too much offense.  Coming back from down 3-1 was pretty remarkable though.  Can't say I saw that coming.

Canucks vs. Blackhawks
Prediction...Canucks in six...Actual...Canucks in seven...
What a series.  If the Canucks would have lost that, it would have went down as one of the biggest collapses ever.  They will probably be stronger now because of it.

Sharks vs. Kings
Prediction...Sharks in five...Actual...Sharks in six...
Sharks were the better team.  Were in control the whole series.

Red Wings vs. Coyotes
Prediction...Red Wings in five...Actual...Red Wings in four...
Sweep.  Not much more to say then that.  Just complete domination against a team that won't be there next year.  What a way to go out.

Ducks vs. Predators
Prediction...Ducks in five...Actual...Predators in six...
Predators showed a lot of scoring ability.  They might be able to keep it going, doubt it though.

Well, didn't get any exactly right, but I got seven of eight correct as far as the winner goes.  Only one I missed was the Ducks vs. Predators.  And of course in that prediction I said that the Ducks were working with their third goalie and that would be their achilles heel.  And then I went and picked them anyway, so ya, I knew, but I didn't know.  Ok, on to the second round.

I didn't get back until Friday morning so I have seen the results of three game ones, so ya, I know the results, but I'm still giving my full series predictions.  Don't hold it against me.



1 Washington Capitals vs. 5 Tampa Bay Lightning
Lightning take game one on the road.  Tampa Bay is starting to really get the scoring going.  If Slumpkos can finally get his head out of his ass, this team could beat anyone.  Roloson has been tough in goal and the Lightning have thwarted 39 of 40 Power Plays, that is pretty solid.  Capitals had to sit out more than a week without playing a game, and since the other three series all went seven games, they have no idea who they were going to play.  So you could say they are rusty, you could say they are rested.  I think both of those are tired arguments.  I'm going to go with the fact that the Capitals have too much pressure on them.  They know they are the team to beat and they beat Tampa pretty handely all year.  Boucher even said this is the fifth year the Capitals have been good and their window is closing and they have to win this year.  I think the Lightning get it going, and kill the Caps confidence.  Tampa hasn't been able to win at home though so the Capitals will get a couple of games.  I see the Lightning taking game six at home and winning the series.
Lightning in 6.

2 Philadelphia Flyers vs. 3 Boston Bruins
Again a very storied rivalry.  These two teams don't like each other and neither do their fan bases.  Both had to endure grueling seven game series in the first round.  It's going to come down to who gets the first couple of games.  The other team will feel defeated and it will be tough for them to come back.  Bruins probably have more offense but the Flyers have some good scorers too.  The biggest elephant in the room is the awful goaltending being played by the Flyers.  Although they did get a couple good games in the first round, they just aren't consistent.  I see the same thing happening in this series as in the other Eastern Conference series.  Bruins win an away game and finish it off at home.
Bruins in 6.


1 Vancouver Canucks vs. 5 Nashville Predators
Canucks took game one in a 1-0 shutout.  I see the Canucks pulling together and taking this one quickly.  The Predators may get one game but I don't see it going more than five.  Yes it took the Canucks seven games to get by the Blackhawks but they were very close to taking it in four.  The Hawks were the defending champs so they put up the fight you should have predicted.  Luongo gets hot and rolls this series. Canucks, ha, everytime I hear someone say it, it just makes me laugh.
Canucks in 5.

2 San Jose Sharks vs. 3 Detroit Red Wings
Big series here.  These two teams have met a lot and the Wings just have the Sharks number.  Wings usually get better as the playoffs go but the Sharks are pretty due.  Sharks are known for their choking but they still just have so much firepower.  Sharks took game at home in overtime so they jumped out to the lead they needed.  I actually see them controlling this series for the most part.  However, I doubt they can win more than one game on the road in Detroit.  Sharks should prevail.
Sharks in 7.

We'll see how it goes.  I have a feeling I'll get them all right, but I don't know about how many games.  First round MVP, Marty St. Louis, that guy just gets so many clutch goals it's ridiculous.  See ya in a couple of weeks for the Conference Finals prediction.  I don't know about you all, but I'm definitely enjoying the playoffs, always do, they never disappoint.  Til next time...


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