Sunday, April 10, 2011

Recap 4/11....

Well that series did not go as planned at all.  Lots of players are struggling right now.  Losing three out of four is not what the doctor ordered.  Reds need Cueto and Bailey back, and they need them back now.  Leake only had one bad inning, i understand that, but he just isn't going to win a pitchers duel and strike fear into the opponents hitters. If he always faced the other teams fifth starters, I could handle that, but we all know it doesn't work that way. 

Bailey and Cueto are both pitching minor league games next week and then starting in Louisville later.  So barring any setbacks, they really should be in the rotation before May comes around.  The sooner the better of course.

Masset struggled today, along with Chapman.  You could tell they both have nasty stuff and they aren't hurting on talent, just nibbling too much.  I hate when Reds pitchers do that.  When you fall behind, you eventually have to come with something down the middle and that is when you get tattooed.

Right now Votto is absolutely raking, Rolen is hitting well, Phillips is playing like an all star, and Gomes has been getting on base.  We all know how Janish is hitting too, very pleasant surprise there.  But Stubbs and Bruce?  Good lord.  I hope they are just low on confidence right now and are guessing at the plate, because if they aren't, they are just totally overmatched and that is NOT a good thing.  I have full confidence that they will both get it turned around, but like I said, it just looks really bad right now.

Three at San Diego starting Monday.  The Reds are definitely better than the Padres, but the Reds don't play well in San Diego, not in the big park.  Volquez throws on Monday, I fully expect him to get it turned around starting now. 

Jumping back to Saturday's game.  The player I feel the best about right now has to be Arroyo.  The dude looks absolutely dialed in and the way he makes players look so stupid with slow curveballs just baffles me.  I'm calling a 20 win season for him this year.  And I'm not just trying to make outlandish predictions, I really think he can do it.  We'll see.

Willis threw six scoreless innings yesterday in a minor league game.  He is just there for a rotation emergency right now.  They really can't be actually thinking of putting him in there.  Just doesn't make sense.

Still have a 1.5 game lead on the pack.  Still can go wire to wire.  Need to take two of three in this series and then come back home for seven against league bottom feeders.  One game at a time.  Til next time....


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