Sunday, April 10, 2011

Masters Sunday Preview.....

Don't want to root against Rory, but I think I'm going to have to.  I don't hate the guy, but I don't want him to ruin my Masters Sunday and run away with it. 

The only good thing about one guy leading by this much, is that it is only one guy, and only one guy needs to choke to bring everyone else back into it.  Someone needs to go out hot right away and make the kid think about it. 

Phil and Tiger need to post like 64's, it is pretty impossible but it is definitely possible. 

If I could pick one guy to come back and win it, it would be Adam Scott.  He's got the game, he just looks like an idiot with that big putter.  But if I had to pick one guy to actually come out of this and contend, it'll be Jason Day.  Dude can birdie like crazy, so maybe he just gets hot and it comes down to him and Rory.  If Rory doesn't win, I'll take Day to steal it.

And all this stuff about Tiger having 33 putts needs to stop.  Ya, he didn't make putts but I wouldn't blame it all on his putting.  If the dude can't get the ball closer to make putts, then maybe his irons aren't hitting like they should be.  Ever think of that golf analysts?  No, you just look at the stats and that's it.  I expect more from "experts".

Also, I had five bucks on Sergio in Vegas.  Way to get to 7 under after seven holes yesterday and then shoot a 42 on the back and totally fall out of the tourney, thanks man.  Would have rather seen you miss the cut and not get me excited at all.

Anyone want to go to the Masters some year?  I think it would be freaking awesome.  Get all drunk and sit at the 16th green and wait for aces.  And yell like we are watching an actual exciting sport, ha.

Hope this Sunday turns out great.  Thinking there is probably about a 20% chance of that happening.


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