Saturday, April 9, 2011

Pregame Reds 4/9....

Rough game last night.  Got spanked. 

Wood actually didn't look that bad I didn't think.  Ya, he got hit hard but he had some good pitches too.  Early in the year I guess, can't too excited about one bad result.  It was Arizona's Opening Night too so you had to figure they would come out hitting and focused. 

Yes Rolen had a hard hit double last night but he still just looks so slow at the plate.  I can't see him lasting the whole season unless he starts playing no more than four games a week, which might happen.

Bruce also doesn't look good.  I think he is trying to guess at the plate, that'll kill ya.  He's the kind of guy that once he gets a few line drives he'll start rolling.  So I always think he's only a couple of at bats away from breaking out. 

Janish just continues to rake.  I hope he ends up with an awesome year, and he might.  Made some great plays in the field too. 

Oh and Stubbs, he is who he is at the plate, but how freaking fast is that guy?  Amazing.  Is that a man runnin or a cheetah?

Maloney got seriously rocked.  If he stays in the pen all year it is going to take him two months to get his ERA back to anything respectable, it's sitting at 23 right now.

Arroyo tonight.  Should be a win.  Hudson is really good for the D'backs but Arroyo should keep these guys off balance and the Reds should be able to bounce back and get some runs.

Only a half game up on the Pirates.  Need a win tonight if the Reds have any hopes of going wire to wire this year.  I hope it happens.

Enjoy the game everyone.  I'll be at Fergs.  Til tomorrow...


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