Monday, April 4, 2011

Reds 4/4....

Week 2 Preview.....

Reds have an off day on Monday and then six straight games the rest of the week.  Three at home against the Astros.  Leake, Volquez, and LeCure will take the mound in the three game series played in Cincy.  The Reds will face three pitchers for Houston that they have had success against in the past.  Not facing Wandy who has had some good outings against the Reds.  Reds really should be able to take this series.  Houston is one of the few teams that still have not recorded a win, I say we keep that going. 

After the Houston series the Reds will travel to Arizona for a three game set.  Wood, Arroyo, and Leake will take the hill in the series against a D'back rotation that doesn't have anyone that should scare the Reds lineup.  Should be another series the Reds can take, especially since they have absolutely dominated Arizona in the last few years. 

Right now my biggest concern on the team is third base.  Look, I like Rolen and I know he plays solid D and is a great clubhouse guy, but you can just tell he doesn't have it right now at the plate.  He looks so bad on curveballs because he has to start his swing so early to catch up on the heater if he gets it.  It puts you in a bad spot and leads to a lot of guessing, and I think that is what he is doing right now.  I also know that Rolen has something left in his bat though so I see him having one good month and carrying the team for a few weeks, a la Gomes from last year.  I just hope that month is when we need it and it helps win a few games.  Francisco should get his chance to shine a few times a week because Rolen should get two games off a week.  Maybe later in the season the Reds could trade a bullpen guy and a catcher if need be to get a solid third baseman if Francisco doesn't step up.  That is just me talking to myself, not like I want Rolen to fail and get someone else.  Hopefully they both succeed and this is just a moot point.

Got to see Chapman pitch yesterday.  It was funny how you can tell how early guys start their swings against him.  Hit 103 a few times and dropped a couple nice 88 mph changeups, ha.

Bullpen has only given up two runs in seven innings.  Starters have only given up 6 runs in the last 19 innings after Edinson's first inning debacle.

Nice to see Janish hitting well and playing the field well, don't really want to hear people calling for Renteria all year.  Renteria is a good veteran presence but there is no way he should be playing in front of Janish, no way.  Even if you want to argue that Janish will only hit .250, that is totally fine.  Back in the day shortstops only hit .220 or so and no one cared because they know how much a great defensive shortstop means for the team.  So just stick him in the eight spot and let him hit a little and play great D.

Alright, well I have a preview for tomorrow's game tomorrow.  Hope this gives you something to read for an off day.

P.S.  Happy birthday to my wife Haley.

P.S.S.  Masters week, look out, one of the best weeks of the year.

Til next time....


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