Sunday, September 18, 2011

Broncos Bengals Game....

Quick take on this NFL Game.  I don't think it was NFL caliber, but hey, they all get paid the same right?

Obviously I'm happy with the outcome, but damn, didn't feel like a win. 

To all you Bengals fans out there.  You didn't deserve to win this game.....but you should have won this game.

Some Notes....

Both teams are tied for first in their division.  Have to look at the positives right?

What is up with the commercials?  Brutal.  That one time there was a end of the quarter, commercial, come back, time out, commercial, one play, punt, commercial, then back.  I mean, two actual plays in about 12 minutes of real time.  I think that's why people really don't like to go to games anywhere.  Tv timeouts are insane.

Some really questionable calls by the Bengals coaching staff today.  Not trying field goals in three different situations.  Declining that offensive PI call on the Broncos.  I know it worked out, but you would rather a team have a third and seven other than a second and 20?  Interesting.  Going for that fourth and one with a bootleg?  I honestly didn't hate the call, but damn, just jam it down our throats.

Another annoying game by the Broncos fans.  Didn't hear any booing this time, but the cheers for when Tebow came in?  Cmon.  It sounded like women having orgasms up there.  And the worst part is, most of them were probably guys.  Grow up.

Dalton had a good game, and I do think that guy is going to be good, but I swear until the fourth quarter his jersey looked like he hadn't been touched once.  Cmon pas rush, do something, it's pathetic.

Some questionable calls by the refs.  You have that in any game anymore so I don't really get too excited about it.  But the call for not coming back into the playing field on the 82 yard punt?  Cmon, that is a judgement call, it doesn't need to be called.  Is the sideline hot lava?  Does he need to stop and jump back in, or can he run ten yards?  What does the rule actually say?  That call cost us 45 yards and should have cost the game.

Broncos injuries are insane right now.  Ty Warren, Champ Bailey, Marcus Thomas, and DJ Williams all starters on the D are out.  Brandon Lloyd, Knowshon Moreno, and Demaryius Thomas are out.  Then Royal goes down, only two healthy receivers left.  How about when McGahee trucked his own man Willis on that run?  If he would have gotten hurt, we would have had one receiver, ha.

How exciting were kickoffs in that game?  Crickets.  Fucking boring.  Took that part of the game right out of the game.

Andre Goodman is the worst tackler in the world.

Joe Mays was absolutely sticking people.  It seemed like Benson got a lot of yards after contact, except when Mays hit him.  He was about ready to knock people out.  Love that guy.

Eric Decker is going to be a stud.  Ed McCaffrey 2.0

Bengals should win next week.  Broncos probably won't unless somehow everyone comes back healthy.  Going to be a long season.  I just hope this gift win for the Broncos doesn't cost them Andrew Luck.

Til next time....


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