Thursday, September 29, 2011

Postseason Prediction...

First off, I'm in the group that thinks last night was the best night in MLB Regular Season history.  The way the night went with four different games being covered by ESPN, it felt a lot like the first round of March Madness.  And of course, that is a compliment.  Baseball is one sport where you don't spend a lot of time watching games other than games involving your favorite team.  Because of this, it's fun to watch guys that you've heard of but haven't seen too often.  That added to the experience last night for me. 

Those collapses by Boston and Atlanta were pretty epic.  I hate the fact that the Braves lost though, damn Cardinals.  Can't stand them.  None of them.  On to the preview.


St. Louis at Philadelphia
The Cardinals are obviously playing well right now so they should have a little confidence going ino this series.  However, I just can't see how the Phillies don't win this series.  Lee, Hamels, and Halladay are not only better than anyone can throw out there, but they are probably the best three pitchers this game has ever seen.  Add in the fact they have good top of the order guys, good RBI's guys, power hitters, guys that do the little things, they just flat out have it all.  Maybe the Cards win game three at home, but that would be all.  I'll say they won't.  It'll be a little bit of de ja vu for us Reds fans as the Phillies sweep.  Phillies in three.

Arizona at Milwaukee
Milwaukee has the better offense and probably the better pitching.  They play well at home and they have some good bullpen guys.  However, they have mental lapses and they don't have very much depth.  This could hurt them if it gets exposed.  Lucky for them, I don't think the Diamondbacks have what it takes to beat them.  Arizona is a nice story this year and they have some young guys that will only get better, but lets not forget the teams they played this year.  Giants can't score runs, Rockies have zero pitching, Dodgers are a mess, and the Padres are a AAA team.  So ya, the D'backs earned their spot, but they aren't winning this series. They'll win a game, but that's it.  Brewers in four.


Tampa Bay at Texas
I want to pick the Rays, I think they have some of the best pitching in the AL right now, but I just can't.  The Rangers can absolutely rake and they have good pitching of their own.  This team beat down the Rays for the most part last year and I think this year will be worse.  Rays are confident and it's a great story about how they came back this year but let's be honest, they don't have the firepower and it'll show in the playoffs.  I think they win a game, but no more.  Rangers in four.

Detroit at New York Yankees
Yankees still have one of the most jawdropping lineups in sports history.  ARod is healthy and ready to go.  Granderson and Teixeira are MVP candidates.  Jeter is playing his best ball of the year along with Cano tearing it up.  I understand they don't have much starting pitching after CC and Nova, but I really don't think you need any more with that offense.  Detroit has Verlander and not much else.  However, if he can steal game one, and maybe get to a game five, heck, they definitely have a chance.  I think this will be the series that goes five and scares the crap out of the Evil Empire.  I think they eventualy win the series though as it goes the distance.  Yankees in five.

I'll get them all right, just might not get the games correct. 

Til next time....


Josh Hamilton

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  1. Comment from Fiser....

    best hitter in AL (miggy)

    -  another guy in the top five (vmart)

    -  most under rated catcher in baseball (avila)

    -  best closer in AL (if not baseball) - valverde

    -  clutch pitching trade at trade deadline (fister - 7-1 since beginning of August)

    -  a guy hitting 300 with 20hrs in the 7 spot (peralta)

    Tigers in 4