Saturday, October 1, 2011

Fridays Happenings...and into Saturday...

Not much to report tonight.  Beatdown by the Rays.  They are really in the drivers seat now with Shields and Price going in the next two.  They only thing holding them back is that they really don't have a homefield advantage.  You can say they do, but they most certianly do not. 

This Yankees Tigers series could get interesting with the rainouts coming.  Totally changes the pitching situation.  Yankees starters aren't as deep, but their bullpen is better.  Too early to tell, but I think it helps the Yankees.

Quick Breakdown of a few big College Football games Saturday.

Texas A&M at Arkansas
Both teams are probably a little overrated.  Aggies have a better offense.  But if there is anything I've ever learned in college football, it's that you always pick the SEC against the Big 12.  So I got Arkansas.

Michigan State at Ohio State
I think OSU is pretty bad this year and a lot of people are picking MSU for the upset.  I don't see it.  MSU hasn't played anyone this year and OSU dominates at home.  Unless MSU gets a big lead and passes all over OSU, they won't win this game.  I got the Buckeyes.

Bowling Green at West Virginia
Time for the Falcons to fall back to earth.  WVU in a romp.

Baylor at Kansas State
Always take the athletes.  Bears to win.

Auburn at South Carolina
Auburn defense is atrocious.  Cocks have Lattimore and a good passing game.  This might be the beatdown that the Tigers deserve.  Cocks to win.

Clemson at Virginia Tech
This will be a shootout, both teams are probably not as good as their ranking.  But I have the Hokies winning here in a close game. 

Texas at Iowa State
Big game for both teams.  Both need a big win to get them really going this year.  Iowa State won in Austin last year.  Probably going to be a little revenge on their minds.  Texas in a smackdown.

Alabama at Florida
I think Bama is the best team in the nation and I don't see how Florida will be able to score on them.  The Gators have some big play guys, but Bama doesn't give up the big play.  Can't see how they sustain a drive.  That being said, if Bama makes some bad turnovers anything can happen.  I see Bama controlling this one.

Nebraska at Wisconsin
Look, I want Nebraska to win, and they have a good team this year, but I don't see how they win this game.  In fact, I could see this turning into a romp.  Dan said that he is hoping Pelini hasn't shown his best stuff since he was saving it for this game.  Man I hope so, otherwise this could get ugly.  A win by the Huskers would be great though, that would really shut up the Big Ten honks.  Oh ya, Nebraska is in the Big Ten now.  Ha, what a joke.  Wisconsin 31, Nebraska 20

Enjoy your football Saturday.  Why is it so effing cold here already.  It's not even Octo...oh wait, yes it is.  Fall is upon us.

Til next time...


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