Friday, October 7, 2011

Arrogance Lives....

Wow, I truly believe that the two most arrogant teams in baseball history are playing each other for the chance to go to the World Series.  I can't stand either of these teams, or any of the players on the teams.  Allow me to break down their worthlessness.

First off, did the Brewers just win the World Series?  Wow, what a pathetic celebration.  Have you ever seen a more "look at me" type team in your life?  When Gomez scored that winning run and jumped into Fielders arms, Fielder let go of him in about .0001 seconds and turned to the crowd with his arms raised like, "LOOK AT ME", I'm the man.  Then they turn the camera to Morgan, and let me just say, wow.  He was just pointing to the crowd, doing his T Plush thing, his beast thing.  He was basically telling his teammates to get away from his so he could have the spotlight.  What a piece of shit.  Gomez, Gallardo, Morgan, Weeks, and Fielder all tie for the biggest dbags on that team.  The only guy that seems decent is Braun.  I hope they lose badly in the NLDS.  Oh wait, no I don't, they are playing an even more pathetic team.

Which takes us to the St. Louis Cardinals.  You have to be kidding me that I have to watch this team play for two more weeks.  Could we please just have their plane go down?  Ok, that's not funny, a little too harsh.  Maybe their food on the plane have a flu virus in it or something?  Does that sound better?  Carpenter is an overrated piece of shit.  Molina is a worthless average player.  Pujols, two gold gloves?  Really?  I bet all the good first baseman in the league laugh when they see that graphic.  I don't mind Berkman, he just wants to win, I can dig that.  The worst obviously is none other than Tony LaRussa.  All he does is complain and he doesn't even notice it.  He'll have something to complain about before this series even starts.  I'm sure it'll be something really good too, like maybe he'll be mad that the Brewers have had three more hours of rest then his team.  Or maybe it's not fair that they have to play indoors in Milwaukee.  Who knows, he's the master at coming up with obscure reasons to complain.

So who do I like in this series?  No one.  I just kind of hope someone sweeps so I only have to watch one team be happy.  It's better than watching them both enjoy themselves.  Oh, and if I hear anyone make the "Well, it makes the Reds division look good" comment, I'm going to vomit.  It doesn't say anything about the division, this isn't college football.  I know I know, no one wants to hear this argument, they've heard it from me many times.  But, I really really hate the division/conference argument, hate it.  I could care less if someone in my teams division does something good, means absolutely nothing to me.

As far as a real prediction.  I'd say the Cardinals take this in five.  They have the pitching and hitting and just haven't put it all together.  They will, and they'll win, and it will suck royally to have to watch.  Enjoy.  NOT.

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