Saturday, October 8, 2011

One Week Breakdown....

Ok, after one week is in the books for Streak for the Cash, here is where we stand.  We have some good streaks, some bad streaks, some side-bets, and some pathetic display of apathy, ha.  Loooooong way to go.  Only 22.5% of the way done with the month.  Let me know what you think.  Keep it going....

Chris Kline is on his rise back from the dead.  Chris started out with a win and then followed it up with seven straight losses, setting the record so far for most losses in a row.  Since then though he is 17-7 and currently sits at the top for the most wins.  Not on the overall leaderboard yet, but soon to be there.  He also put together a five game streak which provided him with a star.  Chris is 8-1 in baseball picks, but only 2-6 in college football.

Curt Goodwin is moving along steadily.  Apparently the word "streak" isn't in his vocabulary.  After 33 picks Curt has won three in a row once and has not lost more than two in a row.  Talk about back and forth and getting no traction one way or the other.  But, the consistency leaves him tied at the top with 18 wins but with zero stars.  Curt is 7-3 overall in football picks, but only 4-8 in soccer.

Dan Snodgrass is a streaky Mutha.  Early in the week Dan was riding a 1-8 wave, not good.  But he came back and won 6 straight to bring him back to .500 overall.  He currently sits at one game over at 16-15.  Not much to report on individual sports, 4-2 in college football and hoping to stay hot today.  Could have a few more wins but he has to go to bed earlier then a lot of us.  That's the price you pay for being over 50.

Nick Lakostik has a star for having a five game winning streak.  But he actually has two of them and at one time ripped off 10 out of 12.  He is currently riding a two game streak.  Has only won three out of his last nine though.  14-12 overall  Also he is 7-3 overall in football picks but a nice 0-1 in his beloved hockey.  Hang in there.

John Nagel is currently on a downward spiral going 4-10 in his last 14 games.  He is tied at the top however with a long streak of six.  Knowing this guy, when he started out 9-3 he was probably already spending his winnings.  John is now at .500 and is 3-0 in NFL picks.  Too bad they only happen two days a week.

Brian Snodgrass is 10-6 and choosing his picks wisely.  Very nice percentage of .625.  Brian started off winning six of seven and is currently on a three game winning streak, the longest in the group.  He has a 4-1 record in football and checks out more hot chics on a daily basis then all of us combined, congrats.

Kevin Freaney is 4-3 and picking at a one game a day pace.  He's better than that and will show me in this next week.  If not, well then our matchup in week 8 in fantasy football is going to embarrass him.  Because we'll probably both be 0-7 at the time.  Ha.

Haley Snodgrass is trying, she has more picks then a few people in the group.  She can't get any traction either and sits at 4-4 overall.  She gets to see more hot guys on a daily basis then anyone, good for her.

Brandon Klose is 3-6 and showing no signs of getting out of this funk.  He is 0-3 overall in football and started out 1-5 overall.  I guess you could say it can only get better right?

Danny Speese is 2-1 overall and is currently our leader in winning percentage.  I think there is a rule that you have to average at least one pick per day to get that title though.  So he needs to get going to get to 31 picks in the month.  Congrats on him having a baby girl this week though.  None of us can say that.

Josh Allen, my man.  Josh is 2-8 overall with a six game losing streak.  He would have the worst winning percentage if it wasn't for the next person on the list.  0-5 in football overall, ouch.  And to add to the misery, his Bills are going to fall flat on their face and completely erase their magical start.  Sorry man.

Brad Gankosky is the worst at 0-0 with a 0.00000 winning percentage.  Let's kick him out of the league.

Longest current streak - Brian 3
Longest streak overall - Dan and Nagel 6
Most wins overall - Chris and Curt 18

Remember, two prizes.  One for most wins and one for longest streak. 

And so far we have one side-bet to report.  Nick Lakostik has bet Curt Goodwin that he won't beat him by more than 12.5 wins.  If Nick wins outright, he is awarded ten dollars.  If Curt wins by 20, he is awarded ten dollars.  Good luck.

Thanks for reading, keep it up....

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