Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Tebow Take....

Well, looks like we have entered the Tim Tebow era. There are many questions that will be answered. Is it good for the team? Is it the right time? How long will it last? And most importantly, how do I feel about it? I'll ty to answer those for you. The one question that doesn't need to be asked is, is Tebow really sent here from heaven? I think we all know that answer.

Is it good for the team? It is. Kyle orton just flat out doesn't get the job done. He has zero intangibles and shows no passion. It is very easy to root against the guy. Tebow brings hope, not only each week but on every play. When you see a blitz coming when Orton is in, you know the play is over, but with Tebow there is a chance something good might come out of it. With Tebow the team definitely plays with more fire, which is good but also is saddening that the team can't Play with fire all the time. This team probably sn't going anywhere so you might as well see what Tebow can do, and if he sucks, fine, at least everyone knows and we can move on next year.

How long do I think it will last? I honestly can't see him being our quarterback beyond this year. You can't win in the NFL with a scrambling qb that isn't that accurate. Will he bring fans to the game, get the town excited, and win some games? Absolutely, but going forward Elway and Fox know that Tebow isn't the long term answer. If the Dolphins don't get Luck, I could see them going after Tebow and just going 100% wildcat. That city loves a flash like that, he's kind of local, and the owners are all celebs. Not to mention Sparano was the one that started the wildcat there. But yes, he'll probably get fired before the season ends.

So how do I feel about the new era? I'm good wih it, I like Tebow. A lot of my friends will say I'm lying but I'm not. I just hated the pick from day one. McDaniels was good with Brady and needs a guy with a quick release and accurate arm to run his style of offense. So how in the hell do you draft the guy that does neither of those things? That's why I've always been against Tebow playing, it just didn't make sense. As Childress would say, it was a programmatic nonfit. Anyway, I'm interested to see how the rest of this season goes. I think it'll go well, the team has been in all but one game, they'll get some wins. Overall, I just don't believe Timmy is the answer in Denver. I know the women, and men, having orgasms in the stands will disagree but you can't deny he's got a bad arm and doesn't have the accuracy an elite qb has to have. So in the offseason Elway will either give someone three number one picks for his fellow Stanford alum or he'll find someone else that reminds him of himself. Allow me to throw Landry Jones name out there. I just know it won't be Orton or Quinn.

Someone just wake me up in 2014 when the Broncos are relevant again. I can't take this anymore. The end.

P.S. I wrote this on my phone, not totally sure how to scroll and edit so I apologize for the poor editing. Thanks for reading.


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