Monday, October 3, 2011

The Weekend That Was.......AWFUL!!!

Well, I really couldn't have had a worse sports weekend then the one that just went down.  Now, not everything went wrong, so ya, there could be worse, but it's really hard to imagine.  I lost in my survivor pool, my fantasy teams got crushed, the Broncos were massacred, my Streak for the Cash picks were horrendous, I ran in a 5K that was basically the hardest thing I've ever ran, and well, that's about it.  Here's a breakdown of how it all went down.

Survivor is pretty much one of my favorite pools I get into all year, other than the Bowl Pool.  I try to make the smartest pick.  I have three rules.  One, don't pick an away team.  Two, don't pick a division rival game.  Three, don't pick against the Broncos.  This weeks obvious pick was the Packers, but that would break rule three.  The other pick was the Saints, but that would break rule one.  So I went with the most obvious pick, the Eagles at home against the 49ers.  The 49ers, the team that didn't even get across midfield until the fourth quarter against the Bengals the week before.  The team that was playing two straight games on the east coast.  The Eagles, the "Dream Team", the fastest team in the game, the most confident team.  This team can't lose at home can it?  Well, when they are up 20-3 at half, you would think no way.  Well, in this wonderful weekend, of course they lost.  Alex Henery missed two field goals from less than 40 yards in the fourth quarter. Something like the first kicker to ever do that in a game where the team lost by one.  The 49ers hadn't had a comeback like that since 1981 or something.  It's just amazing how I always lose because of epic collapses.  Oh well, wasn't meant to be I guess.

My fantasy teams aren't that great, I'll be honest there.  I was pretty close in one league, was going to win pretty easily in one league and was getting crushed in the either.  Ok, I'll take one win and maybe a second.  I wake up Monday morning and check my teams and I'm getting gashed in the one I thought I would be close in and in the one I thought I was going to win handely I'm only up by a few.  This seems fishy so I check out what could have happened.  To my pleasant surprise, both the teams I was playing had the Ravens D.  Of course they did.  32 points in one league, 31 in the other.  Three defensive TD's?  Four fumbles by Sanchez?  You have to be kidding me right?  Ugggh.

The Broncos defense is like swiss cheese.  Look, I like Brian Dawkins, but he is way too slow to guard anyone.  He can't tackle in the open field either.  He can stick you when filling the whole, that's what she said, but that's about all he can do.  The sad thing about the Broncos is that they actually look like they are improving.  But when you are improving and you get beat 49-23, that'll make you want to cry.  I could barely watch it.  It's like watching a JV team against a varsity.  Saddening.

I love Streak for the Cash, it's fun.  The best part is that it is every day and all day every day.  Love stuff like that.  Well, I would like to have a good month and have a real chance at the most wins for the month.  Well, I lost the soccer pick in the morning, that's fine, soccer is just a lucky guess anyway.  Then I have the Falcons to beat the Seahawks by more than the Seahawks total TD's and field goals.  Feel really good about that one.  Falcons go up 27-7.  In the bag, no doubter.  Oh wait, the Seachickens come back and lose 30-28.  I mean really?  You give up that many points to Tavaris Jackson?  Kill me.  Then before I go to bed I pick Cliff Lee to get the win against the Cardinals.  When I go to bed the Phillies are up 4-0 in the fourth.  It's in the bag I'm thinking.  Well at least I got a pick right today in this awful Sunday.  Wake up Monday, my thing says L2.  L2, how is that?  Wait, the Cardinals won 5-4.  NO FREAKING WAY!!!!!

This wasn't really that bad, but it wasn't that great.  We ran a 5K on Saturday at Ault Park.  There are two mammoth hills to run up at the park.  Mammoth by Cincinnati standards.  Had almost my worst time, but was actually pretty good when you take into account the terrain, but wow, I honestly thought I might die.  To make it worse it was 36 degrees that night at the after party.  I was freezing my balls off.  Not excited about this upcoming winter at all. 

We all know I like a lot of college football teams.  Well, Nebraska got smashed and so did the USF Bulls.  That adds to the pain of the weekend.  The only things that made me smile were the OU and Texas Tech wins.  Along with the Buckeyes and Steelers losses.

I can only hope that next weekend is better.  Broncos are at home against the Chargers.  Nebraska is at home against the Buckeyes.  Bobcats are at the Buffalo Bulls.  So there is a chance for the good part of sports to rear it's head.  God I hope so.  And if not, well, Temple basketball starts in 42 days at the Palestra against Penn.  I can't wait that long, but I may have to.  Sad face, ha.

Til next time....


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