Sunday, October 16, 2011

Streak for the Cash Update #2...

Well, I would say we are officially halfway through the month.  No one wins any prizes at the midway point, just ask the Buckeyes about their game against Nebraska.  But, we do have a leader that has run out to a nice lead.  We also have seen some epic failures by yours truly.  Remember, you don't qualify for any prizes if you don't average at least one pick her day.  That means you need 31 for the month by the end.  Baseball picks will be done soon, so that might leave a lesser amount of picks per day going forward.  Maybe not though, just speculating.  Good luck the rest of the way.  We'll reconvene somewhere between now and the end of October. 

Here comes some individual breakdowns...

CHRIS KLINE is our overall wins leader with a record of 42-31.  He also is tied at the top with a long of six.  He made a quick appearance on the overall leaderboard.  12-5 in baseball picks and is overall the luckiest when it comes to soccer with a 14-8 record.  He is 21-9 in his last 30 picks.  Right now, he is our top guy going for the money.  Because remember, if any of us wins money, the rest of the league each gets 1% of the money.  So, go Chris, I want some cash.  Funny story...Chris once told Curt what him and Haley were getting from Haley's parents for their wedding gift, about four months before the wedding, ha.

DANIEL SNODGRASS is 36-32 and is making picks like a champ.  If he tells me he hasn't skipped a meeting to make a pick, I don't believe him.  He is also tied with six wins for the longest streak.  He is 3-0 in hockey and 11-5 in college football.  He has also won 12 out of his last 17, must be nice.  I was going to say that he was more excited then most of you when the Huskers beat OSU, but then I noticed that only two people in this group actually like the Buckeyes.  Funny story...Dan once told some Puerto Rican dude that we were NOT walking off the golf course until the sun went down, and if he had a problem with that, he could go talk to his boss and come back and tell us to leave.

JOHN NAGEL is over .500 at 32-31.  He would have a lot more wins if he wouldn't keep forgetting to make picks.  He says it's his phone, but I don't believe that one bit.  John is 6-2 in NFL picks but only 5-12 in soccer picks.  Not good.  John is 14-10 in his last 24 picks, but is currently riding a 3 game losing streak.  John currently sits tied at first with the longest streak at six.  Funny story...John once hit a bird with a golf shot when he was on the range.  The coach yelled at him for horsing around.  As if he could pluck a bird out of the air with a golf ball.  HA.

NICK LAKOSTIK is 32-34 overall and really digging his SFTC experience.  Nick is 6-3 in NFL picks but still winless in his beloved hockey.  Nick is actually 9-7 in his last 16 picks.  Ya, that is nothing to get excited about, but at least he can say he is going well, and not totally sucking.  His 66 total picks is impressive though.  He is currently tied with Curt for total wins.  Curt has written the five dollar check, just hasn't sent it yet.  Funny story...Nick once threw swear words out at a guy that wouldn't let him in a bar.  He wanted to fight the kid. The kid was training to be in the UFC.  It would have ended badly.

CURT GOODWIN is our most pathetic picker in this league, no doubt.  Curt is 32-42 overall with a L7 and a L8 in the last week.  He has won only 10 of his last 36 picks.  If that was opposite, he would be in second place in the whole damn thing.  He is 5-9 in baseball and 10-15 overall in soccer.  This slump is impressive because if he tried to pick losers, he obviously wouldn't be able to do this well.  In his last five soccer picks, the team he picked hasn't even scored a goal, ha.  Funny story...The 10-26 in the last week isn't funny enough?  Ok, I once carried a girls hair ribbon in my golf bag for good luck.  We were dating so I wasn't that creeping, so lay off.

BRIAN SNODGRASS is our actual leader in win percentage.  He is 19-12 with a .613 winning percentage.  He also has a long of five which gives him a star.  Brian is 8-2 overall in football picks and has won 12 of his last 18 picks.  I wish I had the patience of Brian.  Or maybe he just doesn't remember to make picks, he is a college kid.  Funny story...Brian once tried to deliver thousands of phone books to local homes in the Cincy area.  When he found out he would make roughly two dollars an hour, had to watch a two hour training video, and put the books on the porch a certain way, he returned the books and quit.  Ha.

JOSH ALLEN, my man, is 11-21 with a .344 average.  That takes the cake for the worst percentage, other than our man at .000 of course.  Josh doesn't really care though, his Bills are leading the East, and that is probably all that matters.  Josh is 3-0 in baseball, 0-4 in college football, and an awesome 3-10 in soccer picks.  About as dumb as his pick of Greece to win it all in the World Cup.  Josh is 6-13 in his last 19 picks.  Hang in there.  Funny story...Josh once dated a girl, or hooked up with a girl who was a lesbian.  Nice.

HALEY GOODWIN is 9-7 and currently my pick to steal the percentage title when this is all said and done.  Now, the rumor is true that if I didn't remind her to make picks she probably would never make them, but that doesn't matter, she still makes her own picks.  Obviously, cuz if I helped her she would be a lot worse.  Haley is 2-0 in the NHL to only 1-3 in NFL picks. She has just enough to qualify right now.  Funny story...Haley once was MIA in college and her roommates went looking for her, they found her up in a tree in the backyard.  I don't really know how I feel about that.

BRANDON KLOSE is treading water at .500 and is 9-9 overall.  He is 3-1 in golf and is 8-4 in his last 12 picks.  He is also 2-0 in soccer.  There are soccer picks all the time.  Time to make your move on the soccer picks and try to win this thing.  Funny story....Brandon once yelled at this Steelers fan so much at the Bengals game that the cops came to check on the situation and he somehow convinced the cops that the Steelers fan was being obnoxious and they threw him out of the game.  Priceless.

DANNY SPEESE is 8-3 and currently is the would be leader in win percentage.  However, he only has 11 picks and doesn't qualify.  Speese is 6-1 in football overall so there are a lot of picks for him to make up some ground.  Funny story...Speese once stood up and pissed off the end of his girlfriends bed in the middle of the night.  Awesome, we are all jealous.

KEVIN FREANEY sits at 7-4 with a nice .636 average but is trailing the monthly quota rule.  He is 4-1 in college football so maybe he should make a few more picks in that sport.  Could catch up in one week doing that.  Funny story...Kevin once made out with a chic and repeatedly told her, "You're bad, you're so bad, oh you're so bad."  Definitely one of the highlights of my college life.

Still sitting in last place with the worst percentage and total number of picks is the one, the only, BRAD GANKOSKY.  Congrats Brad, it's impressive, keep it up.  Funny story...Brad one lost a race against me at a wedding.  In his frustration he tore my shirt.  Dick.

Most wins, Chris Kline 42
Longest Streak, Dan Snodgrass, Chris Kline, John Nagel, 6
Best win Percentage, Brian Snodgrass .613

Til Next Time....


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