Monday, September 26, 2011

Quick Thoughts on the World of Sports....

Sorry for not blogging lately.  My loyal followers deserve better.  I feel like I have said a few times that I would get back into this and I keep failing to do it.  But now, with the wife going to bed so early, I'm going to get something in every night, honestly, it'll happen.  If not every night, at least something each day.  So stop by once a day, read something quickly and leave.  I'll try to make it interesting.  Thanks.

First of all, I don't know if I mentioned it or not, but Brian, Dan, and I each put 30 bucks on the Angels to win it all this year.  We made the bet at the end of June.  They have fallen apart the last few weeks and are still three out with three to play.  If they just play decent ball they would be in the wild card right now because of the Red Sox collapse.  Pisses me off, with their three top pitchers, Haren, Weaver, and Santana they could have done some real damage in the playoffs.  I guess it wasn't meant to be, but dang it, that would have made the playoffs very fun to watch.  Now though, probably won't watch.  Especially if the Cardinals and Brewers start winning.  Can't stand either of those teams.  Come to think of it, I really have no interest in cheering for any of the teams that will be in the playoffs.  Maybe the D'backs, thats about it.

Broncos are really pissing me off.  The fact is, they are very very much improved.  The defense can actually stop the run a little, the pass rush is getting there a little more.  The offense has shown some signs.  You just need to be able to close and win games.  I could not believe that Fox went for that TD on fourth and goal.  You always take the points there and go up seven in the fourth quarter.  I understand you pretty much have one play to win the game, but you have to know your team.  They don't have any power rush game and their defense is very vulnerable.  You go up seven, and if you don't stop, you have the ball to win.  You can't go for it there, a veteran coach should know that.  Not to mention the injuries are brutal right now.  And I'm not looking for Tebow to play, but I'm off the Orton bandwagon.  Guy just does NOT have a clutch gene in his body.  Hate to admit it, but it's true.  With all their issues though, they really could be 3-0.  That's what pisses ya off.

Watched the Bobcats game this Saturday against Rutgers, and damn, they actually looked pretty dang good.  Ya, they lost, but it's because they had some horrendous turnovers.  They moved the ball well, played some good D at times.  Secondary was the most sketchy, but it looked like it might have just been a bad game plan.  Tyler Tettleton looks like the real deal.  If he gets better then he's going to be a stud next year and the year after.  Could OU become the Boise of the East?  Probably not, but they are killing it in recruiting and really starting to build something here.  No question about it though, they are my favorite team in college football.  I haven't had one since, well, probably ever.

Had a ticket for Cal to win it all this year.  Just picked one out of a hat.  They lost to Washington.  Tear that up.

Went to the Cincy game last Thursday against NC State.  I tell you what, Nippert Stadium is probably the second best stadium I've ever been to.  And probably the first if you just go by the looks of it.  I have to give number one to Mile High, but obviously that's biased.  I love the way the stadium is sunken into the ground and the way it is set right in the middle of campus.  I'm not one to give compliments and say nice things, but I seriously really liked it.

Big game for USF Thursday night at Pitt.

Everyone that reads this that has a smart phone and likes to download apps.  Get the Streak for the Cash app.  I'll create a group and we'll have a little competition for most wins in the month.  It's fun.  The app lets you know when your pick is finished so you can make your next one.  The person with the most wins each month gets 2500 bucks.  I was in seventh place, two wins out on the 20th this month.  Super pumped, on the leaderboard and everything.  Then I completely fell apart and gave up, but those first twenty days were awesome.  Can't wait for Saturday to get October started.  I know at least five people that will be in it, hope to add more.

Congrats to Bill Hass.  Pretty cool to not have a top ten year but nail down 11.4 million dollars in one good weekend.  Ha, they need to get the playoff system figured out in the PGA.

My fantasy teams suck.  Like suck.  Damn it. 

Survivor league started off with 248 people and is now down to around 150.  15 bucks each so there is some money to be won.  I took Arizona week one.  Pittsburgh week two.  Chargers week three.  Actually had to sweat two of those out.  Need some easy weeks to calm the nerves.

I have some more things on my mind but I'll save them for tomorrow and the next day, and the next day.  Hope to keep you all as every day readers.  Thanks.

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