Friday, September 2, 2011

College Football Preview....

Allow me to make a few predictions on the night before the first Saturday of the college football season.  As we all know, I really don't have a favorite team, so I'm pretty unbiased, except for maybe my hatred of OSU and the Big Ten.  I always root for the Bobcats, the Red Raiders, and this year I'll root for California because I put some money on them to win it all, and Nebraska, because I don't like the Big Ten.  Let me know what you think.  I know a lot of you love college football so I know you have opinions.  Enjoy the season, thank God it is here.

I'm going to pick Georgia Tech to win this conference.  Virginia Tech seems to choke a lot and Florida State isn't that good.  Jackets to win and go to the BCS game.  I definitely pick FSU to be the team to fall on their face.  My sleeper will be Maryland.

Big 12
From the stuff I've read, I don't really see how Oklahoma doesn't win this conference.  Texas is still down for some reason.  Nebraska is gone.  Gabbert is gone so Mizzou takes a step back.  Texas Tech won't quite be there yet, althought I think they'll threaten.  A lot of hype for the Aggies this year.  I guess we'll have to see how that goes.  I see Oklahoma running the table and waxing Mizzou in the conference title game.

Big East
God this conference sucks.  Why do they even get a BCS bid or even have a conference in the first place?  I think West Virginia runs this conference. They are due to get back on top, and really, who is going to threaten them?  UCONN lost their coach, Syracuse isn't there yet, USF is too ghetto and can't win conference games.  Cincy, nah, Louisville?  Hell no.  I think USF does take a step forward this year, maybe they'll go 6-2 in the league. 

Big 10
Wisconsin to me is by far the team to beat.  They are huge and run the ball like crazy.  Their downfall could be the defensive speed, although no one in the conference has offensive speed so who cares right?  Kidding, I love that argument because it is so stupid and gets all the big 10 honks all fired up.  I see Nebraska doing really well but not winning the league because I think they'll get stomped in their first league game in Wisconsin.  And for you Buckeye fans, I see them losing four games.  They'll lose at Miami, at Nebraska, and Wisconsin at home.  They'll also lose their bowl game like usual.  When is the last time they won a bowl game exactly?

Bobcats to roll and lose in the MAC title game like usual.  Boring.

Pac10 errrr 12
California to win it all.  Ok, just kidding, I'm not stupid.  You wanna talk big games, Oregon at Stanford November 12th could be the biggest game of the year.  I see Oregon taking it.  I think they play in the title game this year against Oklahoma, with Oklahoma winning.  Surprise team will be Arizona State.  They played a lot of good games last year and are right there to take the next step.  Plus Dennis Erickson said on the Herd that they would be good, and I believe him.

The worst conference ever, well, besides the Big 10.  Boy am I glad I'm not in Florida anymore to listen to this crap everyday.  LSU will flop, Florida won't be good.  I saw someone picked Arkansas to win it all, don't see that happening.  If I had to make a little cool prediction, which I am, and will, I'm going to say South Carolina wins this conference.  And if not them, then Alabama.  Spurrier is hot right now, and he changed his QB, he knows QB's.

Hmmm, Landry Jones?   LaMichael James?  Andrew Luck?  Bauserman?  BJ Daniels?  Taylor Martinez?  Denard Robinson?  That's about the only stars I can think of off the top of my head.  I think I'll go with Taylor Martinez.  Stupid pick?  Yes, but you have to go out on a limb sometimes right?  A longshot is Case Keenum, back for his sixth year, about to shatter the all time passing yards record. Good for him.

A couple picks on this weekends games....

Akron at OSU (-31.5)
OSU to cover, crackron is bad and Fickell will have this defense killing people.

UCLA at Houston (-2.5)
Case Keenum. Case closed.

USF at Notre Dame (-10.5)
USF to cover.  I think they might win this game actually.  Go Bulls, ha.

Fresno State at Cal (-10)
Go Bears, keep my dream alive for one week.

Boise State at Georgia (+3)
Wow, underdog against a mid major team at home.  Ouch.  But Boise deserves it, they earned it.  They lost too may skill players though to be tough this year.  Although, so did Georgia.  Boise to cover.

Oregon vs. LSU (+3.5)
Oregon in a close one, won't cover.

6 for 6, mark it down.

Til next time.....


Go Noles
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