Saturday, September 10, 2011

Streak for the Cash Update....

Ok, so after a dreadful Monday which saw me lose six straight, I have rallied the troops. One sitting at a 16-17 record we have ripped off 12 out of 15 and sit at a nice 28-20. The leader is only at 32 so they are definitely within striking distance. Currently I am in 50th place so only 49 people in the world are ahead. Big weekend coming up. Long way to go though, not even a third of the way done with the month. If only I could figure out soccer, I'm a combined 0 and 5 in soccer picks.

I look forward to blogging a lot starting next week. We moved into a new house and the cable man is finally making an appearance Sunday morning. My wife goes to bed around 10 so I'llbe in the man cave watching sports and bligging, cant wait. Hey, you have to have things to look forward to in life right?

Til next time....


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