Sunday, September 11, 2011

Sunday NFL Thoughts....

Some quick hit thoughts on the first Sunday of the NFL.  Didn't go to the bar or anything so didn't really watch a lot of the games.  No need to be there since the Broncos don't play until Monday night.  Just some thoughts on scores, stats, analysts predictions, and injuries...

Huge win by the Bengals, not too many people saw that coming.  It's a good win and I like it, but let's not start with the I told you so ok Bengals fans?  It's still just one win, there won't be a whole lot more of those this year.  But enjoy it, screw the Browns.

Colts, wow.  I think a lot of them knew this would be bad, but no one could have thought it would have gone that bad.  The Texans didn't score in the second half for christs sake.  That could have been a straight massacre.

Eagles pass defense is going to be pretty sick.  Bradford couldn't do much.  Vick should just not speak, err, I mean Twitter, or whatever.  He says the dumbest shit.  He said something about how it always feels good to go out and play lights out.  Dude, you were something like 14 for 32.  That's lights out?  Calm down bud.  Tough game for the Rams.  Stephen Jackson got hurt, Bradford got hurt, Amendola is out for two months.  Bad all around.

Jags beat the Titans.  No one really cares.  Only I care a little because Speese started Kenny Britt who had a huge day.

Cardinals pull one out against the Panthers.  I picked the Cards in my survivor league.  Talk about survival, holy shit that was stressful.  My heart was beating out of my chest.  57 people lost already in week one out of 242, still 33 more are pending on tonight's game and Monday's games.  Cam Newton, welcome to the league.  Good game, but don't expect every team to just have blown coverage all game.  Some of those plays by the Cards D were just brutal.

I'm going to come up with a new saying.  "I want my teams to win, but even more, I want the Steelers to suck."  They sure sucked today, awesome.  They'll bounce back and still have a good year but it was nice to see them take an asswhipping and shut all their annoying fans up.

Chargers pull another game out of their ass.  God I hate them.  McNabb 39 yards?  I didn't watch the game, but I don't see how those stats could be skewed to mean anything but awful. 

Chiefs are going to be this years team that doesn't live up to their hype or previous season.  They pulled a lot of games out last year and it's not going to go that way this year.  My buddy, a Bills fan, texted me in the third quarter and said, put the bench in, this one is over.  Funny, Bills fans dont' get to say that, so go for it, live it up.

Falcons, a sexy super bowl pick, played like shit. Bears, a sexy they are going to suck pick, played great.  These analysts sure aren't hitting it on the head right now.  But I'm not going to say anything, you can't judge a whole season on one week, athough a lot of people are going to try to do that.

I think the Giants are going to struggle this year.  I just have zero faith in Eli, and I feel like I'm probably not the only one.  Redskins played opportunistic, definitely didn't play great, but they made some plays and had an easy win.  Grossman is a good QB if he has time.  Shanahan will keep him on the move and probably get the most out of him.

Lions with a very nice road win in Tampa.  Both of these teams are going to win their fair share of games this year.  Didn't really see any highlights or anything on this game so I really don't have much to say.  I just know that a road win like that for the Lions will really help them this year because they are going to be right on the cusp of a playoff season.

Seahawks and niners.  Who gives a shit?

Quick Broncos preview....

I really think the Broncos are going to be good this year.  Playoff team?  No, I don't think they'll win the division and a wild card is so hard to get in the AFC that I just don't see it happening.  Their defense is going to be super improved with Miller and Dumervil off the edges, DJ in the middle, Bailey is going to be playing the slot this year.  And you still have Dawkins back there as the team leader.  The offense will move the ball since they are starting a winning NFL quarterback and not a GQ model who runs gimmick plays.  Brandon Lloyd, Eric Decker, Matthew Willis, and Eddie Royal are all going to produce this year.  Other than the defensive line, the biggest improvement I think will be in the running game.  Moreno is healthier than he has ever been and McGahee is super motivated to have a big year.  Broncos haven't had a powerback in forever, Willis fits that mold.  I also love Matt Prater.  He missed a 67 yarder in the preseason that would have been good from 75.  I think they beat the Raiders tomorrow 31-13.

Hope everyone enjoyed their opening weekend, I did......because the cable man showed up and we got some things done with the house.  What is happening to me? 

Til next time....Go Broncos.



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  1. Curt, it took me living here in Cincy to realize just how much of a bandwagon town this is. I'm hardly exagerating when i say 90% of the people in this city completly wrote off this team and all it will take is a win against your broncos next week and they will all be out wearing their Dalton Jerseys and watching their "AFC North Contenders". I'm sorry but the fans here are shitty. Example there are no more Beacats fans from 2009 outside of the few diehards and alumni.