Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Reds April 4

Going to post something every day on the Reds, even if it is only a couple of lines.  Today I'll go with some likes and dislikes going into Opening Day.


I like Opening Day, who doesnt?  It's a top five sports day of the year for me.  In no particular order they are March Madness Thursday, Masters Sunday, Opening Day, Week 1 Sunday in NFL, and the NBA Draft.

I like Chapman not being in the starting rotation.

I like Homer Bailey being in the rotation.  I think he breaks out this year.  I'm looking for a 15 win season out of him.

I like the Francisco trade.  I liked Francisco, but it was time to move on I think and they did it without waiting too long.

I like the Votto signing.  Well actually I love the Votto signing.  Some people aren't on board, but why?  Because it's too much money?  Who cares, it's not my money.  Look, the Reds are a small market, you can have a couple big contracts on small markets.  The way you stay competitive is to keep building through the farm system.  If a guy becomes awesome and you can't pay him, then the next farm stud comes up and replaces him, just keep going that way.  This Votto deal won't hold the Reds back, stop the negativity with it.

I like Bruce to have a huge this year.  Stubbs to also improve.  I think Heisey and Ludwick struggle all year, and it'll be the hot button topic again.  Mesoraco will be average, but that's ok as long as he and Hanigan stay healthy.


I dislike Chapman being in the pen.  I think he needs to be in the rotation in Louisville.  He would just get better, and then when the inevitable injury occurs he can step in and join the rotation.  If he stays in the pen for too long they won't be able to send him back to the rotation, it's not good for his arm.  Then again, who cares about his arm, get your six years out of him, who cares if he blows it out after that.

I dislike seeing us with zero power bat off the bench.  No lefty with any kind of pop.  People will complain about Ludwick starting, but at least then we have Heisey off the bench.  In the late innings, who can pinch hit and scare an opponent with their power?  Uhhh, no one.

I dislike the injury bug.  Madson, Masset, Bray, hope that is the end of it for at least a few months.

I dislike the Arroyo hate.  Dude averaged 16 wins a year for three years before last years debacle.  Let's give him a chance to bounce back before we just say he is the antichrist, he deserves it.

I dislike the Phillips to Votto comparison.  They can still sign Brandon, just not for the years he wants.  I think Brandon will play his ass off.  Half for the Reds, and half for his next contract.  Either way, that benefits the Reds.

That'll do for tonight.  Enjoy the game everyone, the marathon begins in less than 18 hours.

Oh, and a quick prediction.  Reds 88-74.  They get the wild card.  Win the playoff game.  Face the Diamondbacks in the first round.  They win that 3-1.  Go on to face the Phillies.  Get swept.  Overall, successful year.  Cueto finishes in the top 5 in the Cy Young voting.  Votto finishes in the top 3 of MVP voting.  Jay Bruce hits over 40 homers.  Drew Stubbs drives in over 80 RBI's.  Marshall gets over 35 saves. 

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