Thursday, April 26, 2012

Reds Game #2

Went to our second game of the year tonight.  2 out of 25 is where we stand.  Reds are now 1-1 in games we've attended.  And by we, I mean my wife and I.  We also brought my UC attending Brother In Law.  I've been to a lot of Reds games in my life, but it's hard to top the experience that we had tonight.  Here are some things that happened and some things that we saw during tonights experience.

First off, we had a parking pass.  We parked under the stadium, turned the corner, walked up some steps and we were right at the gate.  If parking passes weren't so expensive, that would be the only way I would park for the rest of my life. 

So since we had some time, we walked across the street to the Holy Grail and had a quick beer.  Only 4 bucks for a 16 ounce bottle.  That's a steal compared to what you have to pay in the stadium.

I had an extra ticket since we got a free one at Redsfest.  I didn't need it so I walked by the ticket office and saw some young ladies in line.  I told them they could have my free ticket and I think I made their day, ok, probably not but maybe.

Oh and did I mention we had free tickets right behind the dugout about 20 rows up?

So we get in the game and find our seats, then of course, it starts raining.  We are about two or three rows from being under the overhang, so of course we are getting drenched.  Everyone starts moving up and sitting under the overhang, we just stay and get soaked.  Well, eventually, about the end of the third inning, pretty much everyone is up there.  So we say, screw it, we are already wet, let's just move closer.  So we walk all the way to the third row, sit there for an inning, then we move to the first row.    From the fourth inning on, we sat in the first row right by the Reds on deck circle.  Talk about seeing the game from a different angle. Here are some things that happened while we were sitting there.

Votto fouled a ball off and it rolled to Phillips who was on deck.  He turned and threw the ball to my wife, she was pumped. 

Then in the eighth inning the ball boy got a ball and handed it to Dusty.  He looked right at me and fired me the ball, so that was cool. 

After the game, when the players were exiting into the clubhouse, Votto took off his hat and threw it in the crowd, some lady got it, but that was pretty cool.

Then Brian yelled, BILLY!!!  Hatcher smiled and threw him a ball.  So we all ended up with a ball, and we weren't even the obnoxious fans that ask for a ball everytime one comes near which made it even cooler.

And even funnier was during the seventh inning I got four text messages in a row.  One said, TV.  The next said, nice seats.  The next said, dude, just saw you on tv.  The last said, Dude, I just got escorted out of the Rays game.  So apparently we were on tv during the Willie Harris at bat (if that's what you call it).  The last tweet was from my buddy Jeff who didn't get to watch the whole Rays game in Tampa, ha.

So ya, great experience tonight, can't complain at all.  I just know that no matter where we sit from now on, the seats are going to suck.

Quick thoughts on the actual game...

Bronson looked good, he got out of a few jams, something he hasn't done in the past.

Stubbs is dialed in, an amazing turnaround from week one.

Rolen crushed that ball and it made it about five rows deep to left field, ouch.

Willie Harris just doesn't even look like a ballplayer.

Bruce clearly guesses on every pitch, and right now he is guessing incorrectly.

Chapmans pitches came in just a little bit faster than Arroyo and Zito's, ha.

Ludwick left early from third when he scored the tying run.

Pablo Sandoval hit one out of the stadium.  Like, gone, to the road.

Four of five.  Back to .500.  Like I said last night, I think this is going to be one of those great homestands.  Of to a good start.


Cincinnati Reds' Scott Rolen hits a four-run home run in the seventh inning of a baseball game against the San Francisco Giants, Wednesday, April 25, 2012, in Cincinnati. (AP Photo/Ernest Coleman)

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