Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Reds April 10

Boy, lots of things happening with the Reds this year. Mostly off the field however. Soon we will see how it all works out on the field. You may be thinking, what do you mean soon? The season has already started. True, it has, but we cant judge players and team decisions after four games. Well, you can, but you are just wasting your time. Bailey had one bad inning but he is already labeled a 2012 bust. Im pretty sure Chapman would have thrown a perfect game last night, at least that is the vibe I get from "fans". Can we all just wait two weeks to judge players? Dont they deserve that? In this day and age, apparently not.

Big game tonight. I know it is super early but these kind of games always have the chance to jumpstart a team or send a team in a tailspin. With a 10 game roady coming up, I think these next two games are big fir the team morale.

The Phillips contract is great news. The amount of guys locked up now is pretty sweet. Cueto, Latos, Chapman, Leake, Marshall, Votto, Bruce, Heisey, Mesoraco, Phillips, all thru at least 2014. Who knows if it will all workout but you certainly cant say the Reds arent trying. I do however wonder what Phillips asked for from the start. Did he want 8 years? Did he want 15 million a year? I cant imagine he got what he wanted but six years has to feel great for him. Im glad they git it done so we ALL can mobe on from this. I just hope his hamstring is still on the bone after last night, or Jocketty might try to smudge that signature.


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