Sunday, April 8, 2012

Reds April 8

Nice series.  Almost started the season on a down note but Bruce came to the rescue.  Just some thoughts on a few players...

Im ok with Latos first start.  I watched it from center field and you can tell he has really good stuff.  He just fell behind batters too much and had to bring strikes and got hurt.  He was trying to be too fine instead of just relying on his stuff being too hard to hit.  He'll come around, it's just one start.

Bruce has the homerun stroke going.  It's only three games, but barring injury, I would be surprised if he didn't get to 40 jacks this year.

Votto is struggling with the offspeed pitch, it won't last, just something I noticed.

Phillips has to be the slowest "fast" guy I've ever seen.  He just can't beat anything out.

Cozart will cool off once everyone has a book on him, but right now the dude just keeps hitting mistakes.  You hit mistakes in the majors and you'll be a .300 hitter. 

Rolen looks old, but that good kind of old that makes you look like a wiley veteran.  The only bad thing about that is that I just really can't see it lasting. 

Our bench is weak.  Other than Heisey or Ludwick, who is going to come up with a big hit in the clutch?  I know Cairo has the ability, but other than that?  It's still far away, but that will be the big need at the trade deadline.

I like how Jocketty seems to do a great job of keeping things quiet.  No one heard anything about the Latos trade until it was announced.  No one knew about Votto's extension until it was pretty much complete.  I just like the way he does business.  The only problem is that when you don't hear anything, you read peoples comments saying, DO SOMETHING, WHY ISN'T HE DOING ANYTHING???  Believe me, he's always doing something.  He just doesn't need you to know.

2-1, half a game out.  Huge series with the Cardinals starting Monday.  Every game counts for the same amount.  Just because this is an earlier series doesn't mean it's not important.  I'm hoping Bailey comes out and shuts them down.  He has had good success against them in the past, so I think he gets it done.

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